Friday, May 8, 2009

"Updated Focus of Our Discussion"

Dearly beloved people, I say unto you all Peace!

With your indulgence I would like to change the focus of this discussion from leadership to community building. This would include but is not limited to a discussion of leadership. Our discussion must focus all of those pertinent matters Imam W. Deen Mohammed established as most essential.

To begin it is important to say that leadership for the most part has failed this community. They were completely unprepared to go forward after the Imam's passing. There are many reasons for this but most importantly none of those that are claiming leadership now had an open, frank discussion with the Imam on the subject. They did not have any questions to ask him about the time after him. They were cowardly in their approach to this subject and now we, this community, are headless.

This blog has succeeded in establishing a spirit for progress. This must be maintained. Also, the contributors to this blog have emphatically thrown off and made the argument to remain free of a 'preacher' class as leaders. The principle of an 'educated' or 'learned' class that remain in the classroom of Imam W. Deen Mohammed must replace the preachers immediately.

Imam Mohammed's unselfishness, innocence and pure intent are lost on these persons needing our support and calling themselves our Imams. Not one of them is regarded by our country's establishment or the responsible leadership in the world as worth any attention. We do not deserve their frivolity and pettiness, or their political mutual admiration network.

We need and intend with this blog to build a national and international group of followers and students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed that will lead this community into its future.

We will not remain in this pitiful state.

We declare ourselves Muslims in the best tradition of Muhammed the Prophet. We further explain and introduce ourselves as being led and established upon that path by our leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed and from the line of Muslim African American leadership and tradition. This is who we are and who we will be. We stand upon our faith in G'd and revealed knowledge and declare ourselves the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

dr. Delaney W. Karriem


  1. Peace to All.
    This is in response to Bro Karriem's blog may 8th 2009. We have to be very careful with the language we use. Saying we, this community is headless to me is another way of saying after Imam Mohammed taught us for over 33 years and before a year following his physical abscence to describe his community as being HEADLESS that to me says he was not successful in his mission. We all agree that Imam Mohammed was inspired by Allah. Would Allah allow his servants community to be headless after he calls him back? Saying we as a community is HEADLESS reasonated more in my soul than in my mind. I am sure if we all reflect on what Imam Mohammed did while he was here with us, saying we are headless I am convinced would not sit well in our consciences. May Allah bless us all to remain conscious and vigilant in all our thoughts and actions. Vic Mateen.


  3. Marshelle SultanahMay 9, 2009 at 10:47 AM

    The idea of the community being headless is no reflection on Imam Mohammed's great efforts and mission. To me, it is a comment on the lack of leadership that our community is and has suffered under individuals more concerned with their own interests and egos. This is what sits in my conscience. I can not imagine that such individuals would fail in the duties entrusted to them by the people. When Imam Mohammed was here with them, they failed to support his mission. Now that he has left the physical world, they are even more adamant in their disobedience, so, please, let us not mistake dr. Delaney's comment as a slight to our beloved teacher Imam Mohammed. Everything that dr. Delaney has discussed about Imam Mohammed, may Paradise greet him, has been with the utmost respect and consciousness towards the Imam's mission. Indeed, the very conception and implementation of this blog is a testament to that. Our argument is with those who have hopes and plans that are divisive and unnatural for the people. We are committed to preserving and progressing the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. As Salaam Alaikum.

  4. Marshelle SultanahMay 9, 2009 at 10:52 AM

    Concerning our idea of creating an online archive of Imam Mohammed's work, does anyone have a suggestion on how we should begin? We know that it must be done and that there are great blessings for all of us in the commission, planning, and application of this project. Just think of the benefits the community, no, the world will gain from the Imam's knowledge, so, dear brothers and sisters, where and how do we begin? As Salaam Alaikum.

  5. ASA

    Personally I think you both Vic Mateen and Salimah did not read dr. Delaney's statement fully but, with something stuck in your mind of a preconceived idea about who dr. Delaney is or what he and this blog is about.

    From what I read the term headless was not made concerning Imam Mohammed but those that call themselves our leaders. They are ineffective; therefore, by virtue of reasoning, if we see them as our leaders now that Imam Mohammed is not here, we are headless. They are not capable of leading us. (Headless)

    But what is more important is that you do not see the whole picture of the statement. Our emphasis now is on community building, so for you to tell someone to find a Jumaat to join to do some work says two things... that you are not seeing yourself in the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed correctly and that you haven't noticed that we are here doing a great work here and are being very affective with this work.

    Ali K.

    Upper Darby, PA

  6. Marshelle SultanahMay 9, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Sister Salimah states "those of us who supported his leadership have moved on and expounded upon what we learned from him." Moved on to what? After thirty-three years of leadership, is it that easy to move on? I wonder what you moved on to? What viable community exists with this significant history that could possibly appeal to us? I have seen only the Community of Imam Mohammed that can accommodate our needs. That is why we come to this blog to develop that life that was Imam Mohammed's life work. Perhaps I am looking to closely, but I note that you did not even call the Imam by name. This great man who lead a community you say you supported was our leader for thirty-three years, yet you have moved on even from addressing him with the respect of the title he held all that time? He is the Mujeddid, most deserving to be called by name.

    Yes, Allah is as close to the believer as his or her own jugular vein, but Allah gave us leadership to develop our humanity. When you say those who supported the leadership of Imam Mohammed have moved on, you are speaking for yourself. We are here working to fulfill the mission of Imam Mohammed. We will not stop until it is met. As Salaam Alaikum.

  7. Peace to all. I have heard Imam Mohammed say on several occasions what the community should do in regards to the Imams who were not following his leadership. He urged followers to not support those Imams. He urged believers to get togeher with those of like minds and get busy etc. Just a few dedicated and sincere believers could get this job done. Allah has said to us in the Holy Quran he would not change the condition of a people until they change what is bothering their souls, until they change or address what is affecting their psychological make up. The people that have been listening to what Imam Mohammed said are not victims of these Imams. I heard Imam Mohammed say once himself he cant do anything with these Imams as long as you meaning the community support them. I find myself more motivated and have clearer vision now than in the past. May Allah continue to bless us all with much success. Vic Mateen

  8. To say that the people who have listened to Imam Mohammed are not victims of these Imams is simply not true. To pretend that the community of Imam Mohammed has not been harmed by their ignorant motivations, is to say that we should not be concerned with our enemies.

    I will readily concede that they do not have the power to completely stagnate the progress of the students of Imam Mohammed, but we must not underestimate the power they DO have. They have power to confuse and distract the masses of our community, and in essence, suck the energy out of the body.

    It is the job of those who are not confused by their schemes to provide clarity and leadership. We are not in that position YET because of the damage that has been done. And so, at this point, our community is headless.

    If any noteworthy figure (national or international) wanted to invite the "leader" of Muslim African-Americans, he or she would be at a loss now that Imam Mohammed has passed away.

    In crisis management, the initial task for a leader is to admit that there IS a crisis. We do not shy away from this task, nor the task of developing and executing plans to address our current situation.

  9. Peace To You All!

    We are setting up a conference call for those interested in discussing the ideas presented here, so that we can have some of our concerns answered and so that we can began the process of moving forward in building a tangible community existence. Our first conference call will be this week coming In-sha-Allah. I will be keeping you abreast of the details as we make the necessary arrangements.

    As a start a live chat box has been added at the bottom of this blog so those that visit the site can chat with one another real time about comments and pose questions to one another about their concerns for the community and seek understanding of our purpose and the language of Imam Mohammed.

    Please take advantage of this tool. Let us post our most serious thoughts to the blog and continue to focus the vision of our community.

    Thank You

    Your Friend and Brother,


  10. This was posted by a brother to some of the forums that associated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed. It is an Interview concerning leadership after his passing, and what should be done. This is documented and recorded as authentic we should concider these words as we move into our new focus for our discussion.

    Muslim Journal
    How the Next Leader will be Chosen?
    By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

    QUESTION: It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that we Muslims should live everyday as though it is our last.

    WDM: Now that's the end of the quote that they give here. However, this is just half of the quote. Prophet Muhammad says also, live everyday as though you're going to live forever and as though you're going to die on that same day. He says live the day as though you're going to live on and on, and live the day as though you're going to die that day — that will be the last day — that's the full quote from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    QUESTION (Cont. from above): With all due respect to our current leader. Imam W. Deen Muhammad, I would like to inquire about how the next leader will be chosen? I assumed that leadership would be kept within the blood line of Elijah Muhammad as in the tradition of a royal family of Saudi Arabia; or would it be decided in a political manner with voting? I believe an assurance to this would eliminate dissension in the future. —Chicago, Illinois

    WDM: Let's look to the order of a Muslim society as to how leaders come into positions of leadership.
    Prophet Muhammad says we never accept, for a position of leadership, the person seeking it. If we never accept the person to leadership who is seeking that position then that eliminates anyone coming up saying: "I would like to be the Imam over this masjid." We're not to accept him.
    How then are we going to choose an Imam of the masjid? How are we going to get an Imam for this masjid?
    Prophet Muhammad has said that the people should choose their leader — and he gave us the rules. Choose the leader based on his character and on his ability. Not just his character, but, when it comes to sacrificing one or the other, we are to choose the one with good character and turn down the one with the good ability that doesn't have good character.
    We should choose people on the basis of experience, training and knowledge; how to do the job, and on character.
    That's the ideal person we want, one who has both good character and know-how.
    Again, I have to repeat this. When it comes to choosing between good character and know-how, we choose the one with good character and pray that God will bless him with experience, knowledge as he goes.
    Now the Islamic society is democratic. If anything should happen to a leader, the-people — the majority of the good people not just anybody — it's not like this society where anybody or everybody participates in the selection of a leader or the nominating of a leader that's in public life.
    In Islamic life, that's not the case. The persons whom we respect, who vote or select or nominate a leader are those persons who have good character and they are known in their community to be honorable people.
    It is the honorable membership, the decent, honorable membership who have lived true to their religion — they don't just say they're Muslims, their life reflects their religion. Those are the persons whose votes we are to respect. And, if the majority of those persons get together and select a leader, we are to respect that leader.
    If something should happen to me: if I should be hospitalized or something; or should have to leave the country for a long time or even be locked up or die — who knows? I hope none of these things will happen soon. I do hope to die one day. I don't want to live forever.
    But if any of these things should happen, then the Muslims are to remember the democratic order of Al-Islam. They are to get together and the majority of them select the new person. They should be people who practice the religion, not just people who say they are Muslims, but people known to be honorable. And when the majority of honorable people select a leader, we are to accept him, if he is Muslim.

  11. Peace,
    It has been a while since i have commented here. I am in agreement with the positive and supportive ideas given in this discussion. The knowledge base that is demonstrated consistantly by some of the regular contributors is encouraging. I am inspired by dr. Karriem's new focus. Thank you! I support your vision and direction.


  12. I really appreciate the comments posted from the Muhammad speaks. I feel that this is really what is needed. On the cd from the 30 year Hajj Reunion (CD E96) our Mujeddid Imam W. Deen Mohammed says “That what he has given us should last us until the earth no longer supports human life”. So there is no need to move on to anything else. What Imam W. Deen Mohammed has left us is a logic that we should ever put down.

    During the question and answer session of the address at Drew University (March 1999), a woman stood up and said that she didn’t see Imam W. Deen Mohammed as just a leader for Muslims. She said that she saw him as a leader for humanity! The audience accepted that and applauded! Leadership is selective not exclusive. God choose him because of his respect, love and concern for humanity!

    Our Mujeddid was always in the public. He focused on giving his message to the healthy population and not the unhealthy. He also believed the best way for us the influence the unhealthy public was for the healthy public to establish a model community. What was interesting to me was that at the Imams meeting last month, no one said “What does Imam W. Deen Mohammed say about this?” If we follow the logic and represent what our leader has taught us wouldn’t that make us the leaders???? A large majority of Muslims who recognize Imam W. Deen Mohammed as the leader are looking for leadership. But if you think about it leadership is really looking for us!

    Peace to you all.

  13. In the interest of dr. Karriem's concern to update the focus of the discussion from leadership discussion to community building and with respect for the persons here who have mentioned my name, my family who love me, the outstanding citizens of our association of believers who have supported the work that I did on behalf of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, those decent persons who I have disappointed and/or hurt, and especially to all who continue to embrace the Imam as our leader for the past, now, and for all times, I, Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed ask that you accept my words and sentiments expressed here for what they are worth.

    Over many months I have read the discussion with a serious mind. I do not nor have ever desired any attention from this discussion. I have benefitted as have many of you and plan to continue to learn from it. I have nothing but admiration for the effort and the architects of it. If it were for nothing more than to join the supporters of our late leader together into any good endeavor, big or small, it would be worth my and others' time and attention.

    In brief I would like to apologize to any and all that have been concerned about actions attributed to me, some true some not true, and all that have been negatively impacted by anything I have done. I have hesitated to say anything here for concern that the focus would be taken away from the nature of this discussion which I personally think is indispensable. However, my conscience and my respect would not allow me any peace because of those who have been injured by my actions and those who have supported my work in the past. My deepest regret and best regards are extended to you, and my prayers for all of your success.

    May Allah reward you and grant the choicest of blessings upon "the most beautiful people on the earth."

    Your brother,
    E. Abdulmalik Mohammed

  14. Peace,

    Community matters are a life line for now and the future. It was highly important during the life time of Prophet Mohammed(saws) to have an Islamic Community established. The first was in the city of Medina. Imam W. Deen Mohammed worked to continue that tradition here in America among the Muslim African Americans and so did his father. One of the first things that the Prophet did was to put like minded people together, so that they could work together.
    So, at this time i am coming from this focus. Imam Mohammed spoke and wrote in what amounts to volumes of books. I think it is imperative that their be a group of believers who will gather and correlate all of his works into written book/manuscript form. Let these books be published under a specflic direction. The proceeds going directly into the building and establishment of schools under the Community of W.D. Mohammed and following his guidelines for correct education. Imam Mohammed stressed business life and education life in our community. His language must be preserved for now and future generations.

    Recently i traveled to NYC, to chinatown. Businesses everywhere all chinese, speaking chinese making the american dollar. I went to Miami. A part of miami is all spanish speaking. The advertisements were in spanish, everything. Even the bus driver spoke spanish and could not fully undertand english when i asked about directions. I thought i was in another country. Everyone was selling something in spanish. Some of the same things but they were in business side by side. I went to a few more cities and found some of the same situations. Cities have jewish, vietnamese, ethopian, indian, african, etc shopping areas/districts. I was hard pressed to find an african american or muslim african american shopping area or district. We are american and distinct. we too have something to contribute to this unique and beautiful country of ours in the way of business. And how important is correct education especially in these times. So we need those educators and business people who understand their profession and understand the language of W. D. Mohammed to prepare to gather together to help establish community.

    E. Abdulmalik Mohammed and only a few others that i have heard truly understand and take to heart the language and educational message of W. D. Mohammed. They and some others are the few who are at this time able to provide leadership, vision and direction
    to the process needed to advance our community efforts.

    We need the proper language, the correct educational life, the ethical business life and the ethical leadership life for now and for the children and generations of the future.


  15. Marshelle SultanahMay 13, 2009 at 2:48 AM

    As Salaam Alaikum.
    Imam Abdulmalik, you are our brother; we welcome you to the blog. Your input is very much needed in this conversation we are having about community building and leadership. We understand well the relationship you had with Imam Mohammed, may Allah grant him Paradise. The perspective you hold as his personal assistant is unmatched. You were the Imam's personal student for many years, speaking on his behalf. You understand his mission very well. Your input is most welcome here.

    Kautharmn, you have said it all. I concur with you wholeheartedly.

  16. “We have with us my assistant who has done more that any other person working with me to promote the correct image of Islam. He’s also a former student of Drew University and was one of the players on the basketball team here (Drew University) and he’s here Abdulmalik Mohammed”.

    Our Mujeddid Imam W. Deen Mohammed at Drew University March 22, 1999

  17. Marshelle SultanahMay 16, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    I was thinking about this...

    In addition to the concept of the online library of Imam Mohammed's work, I think it is also important that we consider the possibility of authoring a book about Imam Mohammed's life to present for students and the public to know him as we do. I know we have writers, researchers, and editors amongst us. We could do this. Also, we have the educational mission Imam Mohammed was working towards. As we are discussing community building, what will we do to fully establish our schools? How will we build them to the standards of excellence required of them? We have many talented educators, administrators, and other interested parties to accomplish this. I know we must take things in due measure; this does not stop me from imagining the possibilities.

    We have much to do.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. In his book "Only the Paranoid Survive," former CEO of Intel, Andrew Grove, explained the concept of a strategic inflection point. Simply put, it is a moment where a given entity is faced with monumental change in the underlying dynamics upon which it operates. The nature of this change is so forceful that the entity must essentially revolutionize its mode and method of operation in order to survive.

    The Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is faced with such change. The dynamics of influence are shifting, both within our community and in the global community, which we must now more actively engage. In order to navigate these rapidly evolving circumstances, the traditional model of large-scale and heavily centralized efforts must be abandoned. This strategy and its logic are the bastards of primitive church practices and a business model more conducive to the industrial age. This is the information age. Adapt to it or die.

    In order to more effectively benefit from this transformation, I believe we must cultivate five vital sources of strength:

    1. INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE – Stop waiting for a “savior,” “Imam,” or “leader” to address the issues. You are qualified if you recognize that something needs to be done. Seek the counsel and cooperation of others, but don’t make too much of a stir. Do it quietly.

    2. COMMUNICATION – No group of people can succeed in any effort without being in regular communication across a broad range of media. I do not simply mean calling brother “so and so” in Ohio, or dropping an email to sister “so and so” in Atlanta. Maximize use of all forms of communication afforded to us through technology.

    3. LEADERSHIP AWARENESS – This will only happen if our strength of communication has been properly honed and developed. We have leaders in various fields. You can’t support a leader if you’re not aware of her/him and you won’t be aware her/him if you are not in communication with others. Of course, not everyone will be visible or high profile. However, there are some, who by the nature of their energy and talents will require the acknowledgement and support of the entire body in order to attain success.

    4. AUTONOMY – No more bosses, regional Imams, national councils or “governing” bodies. There are those who work together and those who would do well to stay out of the way. We have to be courageous enough to act without fear of having “checked with the right persons.” It goes without saying that such initiative is not a license for thoughtless action. It guarantees only the freedom to exercise and act upon your best intentions and intelligence. This is closely related to individual initiative, but let me draw an important distinction: autonomy can be applied to an individual, group, or groups whereas individual initiative applies only to the individual. This strength is a protection against ineffective and ultimately oppressive bureaucracy.

    5. INNOVATION – I stress this because I work in a creative or artistic field. The mistake I see made so many times is the “slapping on” technique employed by many of our creative persons. They simply do what others do and “slap on” Islamic terminology or an Arabic word and call it “Islamic rap” or “Islamic films.” We reject such labels as useless and pointless. Any creative expression is, by its very nature, in tune with the obedient path of creation. It is the corrupting influence of uncontrolled passions that take these forms of expression outside of their original nature.

    Our success in this day and age requires that we work closely in SMALL groups, in DIFFERENT spheres of influence, with QUIET and COORDINATED efforts. If you don’t believe this, study the corporate world. The most successful entities are those who fit the description of “lean and mean.” While we do not wish to be mean, our desire is to be lean and clean of the oppressive burden of dead thinking. Modern technology affords us new and more efficient ways to learn about and assist each other. We must FAMILIARIZE ourselves with these tools and the seemingly limitless possibilities of their application.

    In closing, I would like to relate part of the story of Joseph. Joseph’s father advised his sons to enter the city through different gates. Most fail to recognize the practical application of this wisdom. Our situation in America is such that we are a relatively new community; our life has not been fully established. By concentrating the efforts of our people in the internal operations of the Mosque, the pseudo-preachers sought to have us enter the city (American public consciousness) through one door. Or, in other words, present ourselves to this New World with only one thing to offer: the religious and spiritual narcotics of a bygone age. This would have made our community a target for political and social labeling which, in turn, would have led to our presence being disregarded by the serious minds of the world.

    Let us do away with the remnants of this old thinking, both collectively and within our individual selves. By working in SMALL, autonomous groups, focused on those matters which Imam W. Deen Mohammed pointed to as being of great importance, we will be able to enter the city less conspicuously, build resources over time, and demonstrate value as custodians of leadership.

  20. Marshelle SahultanMay 23, 2009 at 11:22 AM

    The idea of working in small groups is important. We know what happens when we have large committees--usually very little to nothing. Working in small groups makes everyone in that group more responsible and productive. This construction gives greater emphasis to the subject at hand. I am urging the Community of Imam Mohammed to be productive and consistent. We can not stop now, remember. This blog is our current vehicle to address the issues relevant to our community. We must use and support it. We have to be committed to our future. We have been discussing some very important business here. Let us continue to do so to lead to action. I hope to hear from you soon. As Salaam Alaikum.

  21. Marshelle SultanahMay 23, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    A slip of the fingers. . . I am Marshelle Sultanah. . .

    The idea of working in small groups is important. We know what happens when we have large committees--usually very little to nothing. Working in small groups makes everyone in that group more responsible and productive. This construction gives greater emphasis to the subject at hand. I am urging the Community of Imam Mohammed to be productive and consistent. We can not stop now, remember. This blog is our current vehicle to address the issues relevant to our community. We must use and support it. We have to be committed to our future. We have been discussing some very important business here. Let us continue to do so to lead to action. I hope to hear from you soon. As Salaam Alaikum.

  22. Allan said As-salaam Alaikum:
    Every day when I awake, I check this blog to see if enrtries have been posted. And when there is none; I feel sad, I'm mostly disappointed with myself. I realize something is not right, and I look to myself. What is causing this lapse? Could it be courage, inconsistent, or commtitment for the lack of. Well whatever it may be I feel compelled to speak. I hope this statement don't sound to much like a cliche. I can't help but speak for all concerned. We did not chose this, it choose us. We accept this as our G'D given duty to see it through to it's fullfillment so help us G'D. Please respond! I have much to share, for the sake of this entry I'll post this plea.

  23. As-Salaam-Alaikum,
    I have not posted to this blog for a considerable time, however I have sought to keep abreast of the comments made here by the regular contributors. I am heartened by the present focus of addressing the need for establishing community life-- a matter of great significance to our Mujeddid, Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    The creation and development of this much needed (model) community life will be the direct and legitimate by-product of the establishment of wholesale and retail businesses that must exceed any number of the commercial and service enterprises that have typified many past and current African-American Muslim establishments.

    In accordance with the hadith that instructs: "Whatever a Muslim attempts to do he seeks to perfect it", we should not accept being satisfied with providing OR RECEIVING inferior products or services. We must redress our shortcomings with respect to how we regard and conduct business. An education model on successful business practices is therefore needed.

    The creation of exemplary business enterprises will go far in garnering for our community the recognition and respect that Imam W. Deen Mohammed envisioned for us and for what our own souls hunger.

  24. As-Salaam-Alaikum.
    I have not posted to this blog for a considerable time, however, I have sought to keep abreast of the comments made by the regular contributors. I am heartened by the current focus on the establishment of community--a matter of immeasurable significance to our Mujeddid, Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    The development and growth of (model) community life will be the natural and legitimate by-product of the establishment of exemplary commercial and service enterprises that must exceed any number of past and current African-American Muslim businesses.

    In keeping with the hadith: "Whatever a Muslim attempts he seeks to perfect it", we cannot be satisfied with providing or RECEIVING inferior services or products. This is where an education model for successful business practices is needed.

  25. Marshelle SultanahMay 26, 2009 at 7:12 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    I hope this entry finds you all at peace. Brother Allan, share your thoughts. Whatever you have to offer that is good, the believers are ready to accept it. You are right; we must be consistent to move this cause forward.

    Business is a key to our success. I remember reading a previous entry from our brother visiting Miami where all of the different groups had established their community life via their business life. We know that Imam Mohammed made this focus paramount in his instruction to us, may Allah grant him Paradise. We do have to establish this life for ourselves in clean and wholesome ways. What we offer the people must be clean and acceptable for our own consumption. As Muslims, we cannot offer to others what we can not accept for ourselves. I have to point out the many businesses in our African American communities that do not respect the dignity of our people. We have all seen the stores where we are offered inferior and outdated items at exorbitant prices, where our people are treated like potential criminals and followed, and those stores that offer products that are harmful to our physical, mental, and spiritual beings. We see them, and they are offensive to us. If we offer respectable businesses built on the principles of Al-Islam, we will do very well with all people. My mother always told me as a teen to never spend my money where I was not treated with respect. I follow that even now as a young woman. I know that if we follow the model that Imam Mohammed has shown us, the one that Rahila speaks about, we can change the nature and tone of business. This business will respect the nature of the human being and be most worthy of our support.

  26. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:
    No man thinks more highly of the architect of this blog and focus than I. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful. Particulary entertaining as I do; opinions of a character similar to the group. Should I speak forth my sentiments freely without reserve? I dare not; when brought into question "life in community". Reason should hold the light of day! Brought forth from among the brightest in our community, and repected by all concerned. In light of the task, in proportion to it's magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibilty which we hold to G'D and our country. As one great liberator said in bringing America to her freedom; "Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heavens, which I revere above all earthly kings".

    This blog and it's inception is a mercy of G'D! And other mediums they too are mercies from G'D. When those in the community view this blog they reconize it as special. They are in support of it, they are learning from it, and they use the imformation from it, that I'm certain. So let's marshal all of us as one united body. Let's go at it as in a race to all that is good.
    I want to conclude this, but I can't until I give thanks to the wonderful sister Sultanah and her great support for this blog, I Thank You.

    Those who are present here should convey these things to those who are absent. Possiblity those who are absent may remember and observe these things more carefully than those present.

    Abu Bakr mild mannered man said I will go to war with you if you refuse to give Zakat.
    The rich help the poor, and that was in the time of the prophet.

    The flame of fire that leaps over the sentiment of the hearts and put us into hellfire. Greed ,passion, and lust in the body that burn out the good sentiment in the body. Misuse and abuse going to extremes. The selfish things in the hearts makes them rivals instead of helpers. Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  27. Allan,

    Respect for something indicates that you have the proper level of appreciation for it. That appreciation will manifest itself in outward physical action, otherwise the respect is false. So, what accomplishments do you have to your credit which will demonstrate the validity of your claim that: “No man thinks more highly of the architect of this blog and focus than I.”

    If your respect for this Architect is so high, in what ways have you modeled yourself after him or her in terms of accomplishing goals for our purpose?

    You whine and complain when there is a “lapse” in between entrees. You say that when you wake in the morning, the blog is the first thing you check. May I suggest that you change your morning routine and avoid the blog until you are well into your day and ONLY after you have made significant strides in accomplishing the goals Imam W. Deen Mohammed set for us.

    If you want to speak freely, do so. Come out and say whatever it is you have on your mind and stop hiding behind a poorly constructed fa├žade of victimhood.

    Your entries, for the most part consist of brags, complaints, misspellings and false compliments to others as a way of stroking their ego in front of others. There is a specific logic behind each of these tactics. You offer very little in the way of advice, insight, and constructive commentary. The Architect and I are well acquainted with the mode of thinking you follow. And we don’t like it.

  28. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Brother Ibrahim I will not go tic for tack with you but you need to check yourself. I will say this though in defense of your remarks made towards me, you cannot be further from the truth. If Iv'e offended you in someway with my comments or with my style I find that regretful. Now I can say some things about your response to what I have contributed, especially when you assert that I'm being false. I believe that I'm a good communicator and there is nothing deceitful about me. I am well known in my community for that as a fact. By the way I am a new yorker from brooklyn presently residing in the bronx. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. now that's enough for now, who are you? Please I dont want to get personal, I just want you to know I have nothing to hide and neither should you. Now we may not agree with one another and it's obvious we don't. But let's be respectful of another. I think you should look more careful at what I present with the eye of the positive instead of the negative view. And I'm not that convinced that Dr. Delaney himself is in agreement with you.

  29. Allan Said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Chpt 14 Ibrahim

    "O our Lord! I have made Some of my offspring to dwell In a valley without cultivation, By the Sacred House; In order, O our Lord, that they May establish regular Prayer: So fill the hearts of some Among men with love towards them, And feed them with Fruits: So that they may give thanks.

    This is for the broader view; and standpoint. We'll express what's in our hearts freely! Knowing what we say will be put to scrutiny, that just comes with territory, and it is certainly necessary. What is it that we should learn from this? I say welcolme it; why? because it's been around and it does'nt look like it's going anywhere. So why not cherish it and make the best of it. G'D give us something! un-knowingly! we ask G'D for something else. As to say we know better than G'D. What does it cost us; for someone to express their thoughts similar to ours? I sense possibly happening what we were been cautiond against. Let's not make the mistake of not doing what we've recently condemend others for, who we say were charged with up holding the foundamental rights of our citizenry. And failed in not meeting it's responsibility. Today I've been aiming at as a point of reference for this occasion; tolerance and kindness toward one another. They are key for us now and always will be. I don't say these things for myself only. I speak out because I am sincere, and I want what is best for all of us. And remember let's continue to voice our criticism and dissent, for that will make for a better society, in which we all can benefit.

    "O our Lord! truly Thou Dost know what we conceal And what we reveal: For nothing whatever is hidden from Allah, whether on earth Or in Heaven."

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  30. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    We the citizens of the world community; those of us bearing fortunes. Being a force, to intiate the inherent potential of every single person on the globe. G'D willed it, and under (His control) created it. The inherent life in the soul of every creature, to serve G'D purpose for it's life. All life will resist naturally anything that will hinder it from expanding. We know our life began in confinement; and we also know that the life is not satisfied with remaining confined, so in turn freedom is sought. The man that is put in charge, In order for him to achieve the pinnacle of honor, he must realize this as his purpose! To be free! "Ristricted by G'D only, for optimum freedom" Man is charged with managing the hold creation for himself as a participant. G'D created man to be free to explore, discover his life as G'D made it. So G'D invites man to partake in the continuation of His plan, for the life of man himself; How are we to see ourselves given such an invitation? We look to the one who invites us to clear perception; to see with certain vision; "G'D view" individually; collectively; as one whole. We all bearing the responsibiity equally in our own plain. Not depending on one, or some individuals only. In this spirit we stand before the lord of the worlds, accepting all that He has given us to successed. Having the whole life in one's possession, not leaving it for someone else to decide for it.

    I personally want to apologize to the readers who link to this blog expecting another post. In which I think is few and to far apart. I make no excuse, except that I will try to be more frequent in stating initiatives that I think is important for us to give our attention to.
    I use the term initiative, because many people in our public who are listening have language simiiar to each other. However when refering to the language from the students of Imam WD Mohammed, it may seem rather new, and that to me is the difference. The way the knowledge is given, and in the spirit to which it is given. In most cases many have the imformation, but it does'nt always help the people make connectiions for their life as a whole. It seem so confusing to them, until they hear it from someone with clear understanding. For some they experience freedom for the first time in areas of their life: where they knew it was possible! For them to think with confidence! and use thier mind, trusting that it will serve them, to produce a better life for themselves. How did they know it was possible? They saw someone else having the experience, and all they can do was mimic it. Life in a nutshell has been a major problem and still is. To some life still makes no sense. I'm asking you; those of you who can, to come forward. Make your contribution. I firmly believe this blog is suited for the purpose: of helping correct this matter; amongst other things.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  31. Greetings All,

    During this past week the President of the United States of America, our President focused the world's attention on what he defined as "A New Beginning". For the first time in my lifetime I witnessed our country directly address the Islamic world with an unparalled level of statesmanship that can best be characterized as an invitation for Muslims to embrace their own heritage of Islamic excellence as a prescription for addressing their own plight as well as improve relations with America.

    We thank Allah for this time we are living in and we thank him for allowing an Imam from amongst us to help cultivate an environment that respects and appreciates leadership capable of speaking with a universal voice.

    I respectfully advise the contributors of this blog and those who are simply observing to be mindful of distractions from the topic at hand. The world needs our contribution now!

    In addition to sharing your thoughts with regard to the discussion topics on this blog we all should be asessing how our local communities are positioning themselves to address the issues of importance discussed on this blog including: The preservation of Imam W Deen Mohammed's guidance in our worship and religious education, Adequate and qualified representation, and a clearly defined plan for increasing material establishment to support our immediate and future needs. Please re-evaluate how your financial contributions are being invested locally and nationally. If you are disatisfied with the progress in any of these areas hold your fellow members and leaders accountable and work to change the conditions yourself! Remember the Boogie Man only controls the dream world, don't feel threatened or hopeless, just stay awake!


  32. Marshelle SultanahJune 7, 2009 at 12:05 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    Catalyst, what you have spoken is true and correct. We are living in a very unique time. The world is waiting to see how the Community of Imam Mohammed will emerge. We must be true to the direction Imam Mohammed was leading us towards. Our success will inspire the world because we know the influence our community had and has on the world. Imam Mohammed has many students, inside and outside our community.

    May Allah continue to bless and guide us towards all that is good.

  33. ASA,

    In the building of the Islamic Society under the authority of Muhammed the Prophet the way the world of man recognizes time was made New i.e. From A.D. to A.H. With what we have, what will be our mark on the systems that mark the advancement of the destiny of human history?

    Adam P. Ford

  34. Our future is in our hands. I am inspired by those that are consistant with the focus of this blog both as regular posters of their thoughts and as workers unseen in the publics of our community.

    The focus that dr. Delaney W. Karriem has put before us is so powerful that it transends the spoken and written word, it focuses true and physical work efforts that takes us away from in front of the computer screen.

    Personally I will, until a new focus is put before us, use this Blog as a tool to update the public on my personal progress in fulfilling the task at hand which is building conherent community life.

    I pray that those that are working on the online library make themselves known and keep us up to date on its progress. If there is a number to call or if there is a persons to contact in order to be involved with that project, I am asking those that are the Amirs of that project to inform us.

    I see a great future for us, as we all work in our places.

    C. A Numan

  35. Peace To You All!

    We thank you all for the support that the idea of an Online library has received. We are thankful for the recognition of the importance of this blog that was given by our friend and brother Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed. That is very significant.

    We look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

    Those interested in working of the Online Library please feel free to contact dr. Delaney or post your interest to work on the Online Library here. We look forward to working with you on this project as it is very important to the group and development of not only our community but the history of mankind.


  36. Allan Said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Building community and what it means to me. The time has come for this brotherhood to look and see who we really are. History can and will repeat if we continue as we are. Our present situation can either bring us together as a community, or force us further apart. To have the best amongst us, the few, we need the many. Yes that's right all of us, as many as we can get. I say this because; in the world community we are few. We need to put down our differences, our infighting and come together in unity. Our leaders fought long and hard for this day. They would be seriouosly dissapointed in us if we were to continue down this road. The Imam said that he loved us all! He just didn't loves us the way we were. Earl Abdul Malik on this blog stated; correct me if I'm wrong that we are the most beautiful people on the earth. That statement has great implication in regard to what is being stated here. He was only echoing the Imams sentiments I just wish that brother Earl would elaborate like only he could. I know if he did it would make the difference. Let me say this; Earl loved his work and this community, and it's time we love him back.
    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  37. We must not allow that others offer us a perception of our own life that is not in line with what our leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed placed before us. Our life extends beyond the tribal lines of our History in Africa to stand us up here as a New People with a New Mind a New Voice and a New Focus for the Life of Human existence.

    Those that align themselves with perpetrators of leadership and perpetrators of the Faith of Al-Islam; they that would have you believe that they can tell you in what direction your life should go while completely denying your Birth here as a New People but would link you to a past life that is not your own are not fit for your trust and should be removed by your establishing your best life, based on what has brought you to this New Day.

    Yes, as someone has said recently we are in a time of New Beginnings, and we cannot start by allowing those that seek to marginalize our life to put us under structures that will go to further impede our community development. Is it not enough that the 150+ preacher imams have thrown at us a useless and off base discussion that seems to tie up even some of our best minds into trying to defend their position with hits and misses in the practice and presentation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed?

    Now we have some of those same Wizards standing alongside the forces that would, if they had the power to, write us out of history all together in order to see themselves in our position of having the leading voice and vision for the Islamic world.

    They have shown themselves cowardly when it comes to a true engagement with the public of our community and have even had the gall to say that our discourse here does not ring of the language of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. But they themselves engage in unethical business practices all while invoking the name of our leader. How shameful on us that we allow these persons to remain amongst, us calling them our leaders.

    We have good and qualified persons that are now, at this moment working to secure over future, working alongside the person that we can identify for our people as the Completion of Hajj, truly leading the circumambulation of the Kaabah. I say that not in the literal sense but the allegorical sense, in that our focus here is still guiding those in places of perceived power.

    How else do you explain the language that is used to address not only the Arabs but the Muslim World? Did not Imam W. Deen Mohammed's leadership place us at the forefront of the Muslim World? So, who was being addressed? Who was being charged with the role of advancing the human life as leaders of the Muslim World?

    We have a great task ahead of us and we cannot be marginalized out of our place in history. "We Can Not Stop Now!"

    Mr. Smith

  38. dr. Delaney W. KarriemJune 13, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    I say unto you all, Peace!

    Mr. Smith, I congratulate you. My sentiments exactly!

    It must be appreciated that the world before Imam W. Deen Mohammed and the world after him are much different.

    We honor our President and his words to the Islamic world but we, this community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, must recognize that our President was not speaking to a Muslim world that impressed him. He was speaking to a vision of Islam impressed upon him by our late leader.

    The world, and most especially these United States of America knew not Islam until our late leader took his place as the then leader of the Nation of Islam in 1975.

    Do not be mislead or mistaken, no leadership in this world representing or claiming to represent Islam in these times would have an honorable forum or respected presence were it not for our late leader and his people.

    We are not the followers of our President, though his words are honorable, true, and correct. We are the followers of our late leader who was the teacher of great ones and common ones, whether they admit it or not.

    None of our leading or prevailing Imams are in a position to advise our President because not one of them have the status or credibility of Imam Mohammed's leadership. But in our young people is that status and credibility. They are revealing themselves as G'd intends, and their leader reveals himself as G'd intends.

    We are all and shall be witnesses.

  39. Marshelle SultanahJune 13, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    It is almost incredulous that some of us are still waiting and looking for intervention and guidance from our local wizards. Are you serious? Imam Mohammed has given us the keys. He did not disguise or hide them in secret language. In fact, it was he who helped us understand our way of life by helping us to understand our humanity. Imam Mohammed helped us develop the lives we currently lead. He helped us to recognize that we could embrace and even exceed the American dream. Do you remember the photograph of him holding the small American flag? What was his purpose? He was very clear to those who had the substance to let their vision take flight. Why are you still looking at a group of dead horses asking them to get up and lead you home? They will not. They have only the life you give them. They can not lead you as they have no sense of direction, not even their natural common sense will kick in as it has become lost to them. Isn't that why Imam Mohammed distanced his leadership from them? Their interest is not in your interest. It is one-sided, leaning with their burdensome weight like the Tower of Pisa.

    They suggest that Imam Mohammed's language is not present here. The language of Imam Mohammed is the language of the people he loved to represent. Who is here but the people?
    Interesting that they would make this comment in light of their failure to comply with his plans while he was with us. Why would their words carry weight with you now? Don't be foolish, dear people, you recognize what the participants on the blog have been saying. You see the poor advisement, weak leadership, and lack of vision that plague them. Have you ever seen a blind person leading one who can see? Typically, one with sight and/or insight leads the person whose vision is impaired. Who should take the lead in the Community of Imam Mohammed? It's you. Isn't that what Imam Mohammed was directing us towards? It's you, dear brother and sister.

  40. What lost the moral authority in the world for the Muslims was the pursuit of power and name recognition, the idea of pooling all of the resources and its prestige under one banner denying all other expressions of life as illegitimate.

    Now there is a movement stemming from that old mind, which wants that we acknowledge them as our parental figure, when they themselves have no hope of establishing a true and viable life without what we have as logic and leadership.

    The advancement of our material life is the pursuit, not of materialism, but the improvement and structuring of quality life for ourselves and future generations. What others fear is that we take hold of the truest concept of wealth and be in position to offer resourcefulness not only with our ideas but with our material holdings. They work hard to keep us out of the market place and many of the unethical business men try and make a living off of their own people’s desperation much like the drug dealing scum that infect many of our neighborhoods.

    We have only hurt ourselves by not fully supporting and embracing our late leader’s strategy for wealth building for our community.

    Stand up and make yourself known to the world that you are the leader that Allah has chosen for this time!

    We are a New People in this Earth and Have a unique way of looking at the world. When civilized nations and societies can no longer advance their life, G-d sends a new perception into the world so that the process of advancing the life can begin anew.

    We represent that New Hope.

    Mr. Smith

  41. Peace To You All!

    As I see it the most important activity that we can participate in at this time is the preservation of our late leader's legacy.

    Through building and presenting to the world an avenue of access to our leader we are guaranteeing that our leader’s life continues for generations to come.

    The idea of the Online Library has been accepted by many as a clear and productive way to preserve our late leader’s legacy and our own history.

    I encourage anyone interested in working on this project to post their interest here and let us go to work.


  42. ASA

    Concerning the Online Library, I believe that there are many angles that persons can come from to provide as you say access to our Leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed. I believe that if those that have an interest in Music or the Visual Arts produce a living record of how Imam Mohammed influenced and directed their Field it would be of great benefit.

    If those that are into Politics were to produce a website or library of our leader and how his actions, thoughts and logic influenced that world it would be an effective tool for those looking at becoming politicians. This for all the fields, It only takes a few to work on it per field of interest.

    No one has to be over you in this, no one has to guide your good intentions for producing quality work for the public. Take the idea and produce from it.

    That is what I believe has hindered us in the past, following our late leader. We sit waiting for someone to tell us that we have permission from the boss to do what we know can benefit the collective. We cannot let that spirit creep into us here as a voice for our community's best interests.

    The vision is set before us, if our actions are in line with that vision than our good conscious will guide us as to whether or not what we want to do for the public of our community is healthy or unhealthy.

    We must be able to stand on our own best judgments and work together with the best intentions and sincerest of actions committed to our objective for our life.

    I say that if you have the ability to create a website preserving the legacy of Imam Mohammed than do so, No matter how many people separately or together. The public will decide by virtue of its quality and true benefit, whose is the best to represent the life of our leader.

    Look at all the websites that claim to represent the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik Shabazz) and other great leaders. No one is stopping you from performing at your best, no matter what it may be.

    Produce, because what we produce today is the light for our future.

    Adam P. Ford

  43. In truth, by acknowledging the 150+ preacher imams and their lunacy, we give more power to their ridiculous actions than they deserve.

    I have come to watch the happenings of the 150+ old ones as a tragic movie having more sympathy for the poor fellows than malice in my heart for them.

    The movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" comes to mind when looking at them. Also, the analogy that Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave of a vet back from war imagining that he is directing traffic with fake badges, No one taking him seriously, but he, out in the middle of the street waving his hands and dancing in circles for all to see, thinking himself a true authority in the world, a sad sight for those looking at him with clarity, and an amusing sight for others.

    The issue is that there are those that are taking this madness seriously, still looking at them as sane soldiers doing the work of their commanding officer. Most of them were dishonorably discharged or went AWAL.

    Let there be no doubt that the voice of our community is ringing true from this Blog. Leadership in its best form is being shaped here.

    Have no fear of these pretenders.

    Mr. Smith

  44. ASA

    Sorry for posting outside of the tread. I don't know how that happened. But here is my post from earlier that I believe Mr. Smith has addressed. Thank You.

    Ali K.


    Please tell me that these people aren't really serious about a decision to name our community anything other than what it is "The Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed" which is not a title but a purpose.

    I cannot stand for such a blatant disrespect of our Leader and our own selves. I ask all those that see this blog to stand against these tier bosses and refuse them at every turn. They are not our leaders.

    Now is the time for clear and qualified leadership to stand forth. We have that here.

    Ali K.

  45. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Someone help me with this as to taking a positon to this or not! It's been stated taking a position would be reaching beyond anyones concern except those who are directly involved! To say the least premature; not properly informed: However disclosure of information have been made by the father-in-law of Imam WD Mohammed; in which many find alarming, without question, and in their estimation warrants an informed response. Now the question are we to turn a blind eye and become death and dumb upon sound reasoning?

    Was Imam WD Mohammed a wealthy man they say!
    And if he was how so. One way to understand what real wealth is. We only have to look at Imam Mohammed himself as an example! A resourse and means to anyone who believed in G'D and held himself accountable to G'D as he himself did; They in themselves became resourceful. And if we live that way in this space and time, the wealth imparted to us by him will be realized for us here in this life in full right into eternity.
    That wealth is to know to understand ones existence in reality. This existing life: our life as we know it; it doesn't get any better than this, and you better well know that as a fact. This is the life understand that! And you shall be free! The earth and everything in it is ours. If we accept this for our understanding not empeded by anyone. The wealth of this world is yours as much as it is anyone else. This is reality and we can prove it and we will, just give us some time and you too will know. We just have to accept our own reality if nothing else be grateful to G'D Almighty for all that He has already given us; and we mean everything. And you shall be rich instantly as quick as the blinking of a eye! Believe! we know what were talking about based on this fact everthing else is a promise that must come true. The Imam knew that and he claimed it for himself and all of us, having complete appreciation for the gifts of G'D. With that kind of devoted spirit in his association you cannot and will not be ordinary that's for sure.
    Complete love and appreciation for G'D gifts and in return G'D rewarding all of us through our Imam and that is his legacy sharing with us what G'D gave him treasures; property lost to ourselves. And that is what he means to us retoring us back to life amongst other things and the greatest of all he did it freely not asking from us in return anything except our obedience to G'D. And if that is not wealth then I dont know what is.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  46. As-Salaam Alaikum.

    Brothers & Sisters I am a Student of Imam W.D.Mohammed. and the Imam have chosen many names for us. One is The Mosques Cares because we are a caring community,the other one is New Africa. We are the community in association with the Mosques Cares, the community of WD Mohammad.

    I agree with this believer who sent this message out to the members of this discussion forum. I think we should stay within the circle of the guide lines that Imam WD Mohammad left for us, that is our protection that G-d left for us through him.

    Imam Omar Shakir Montgomery, Al

  47. It is very interesting the activities that are going on these days in regards to remembering our Late Leader. Again, I am seeing these things as distractions from us doing the real work that we are charged with doing.

    What is the true responsibility of the following of Imam W. Deen Mohammed? Is it not to make the world aware of itself in light of how to make progress for itself with the proper tools of free thinking and structured logic?

    Do these people think that we are so slow that we are not aware of their efforts to pacify us into giving them charge of the voice of reason for the Muslim world? Where were the invitations to our late leader while he was living? Where was the recognition of his great worth to the world while he was alive?

    Now that he is passed on from this physical realm, do you think that you can throw a party in honor of a guest that you know can't be represented correctly at this present moment?

    You try to show up those that are ineffective as though they are the qualified ones. We see your tricks, your schemes and plans.

    We are here and soon you will know the truth of it.

    Our true face is in our ability to see clearly and explain accurately. Our work is the work of our late leader, there is no escaping that reality. Our work is the Work of Muhammed the Prophet; we ARE building Model Community life for all to see.

    Call your meetings, have your grand parties, all of this does nothing to identify with true leadership in the world. Because you don't under what leadership is, it will continue to elude you.

    I pray for you and for your pardon with G-d. You will have no help unless it is from G-d's will. As long as you stand with the mind of the devil you will not receive that help.

    We seek not to dominate but to enlighten and free the world from oppression.

    We invite you all to join the following of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, because it is his leadership that is leading the world. Follow it and be successful.

    What is your response?

    Mr. Smith

  48. Marshelle SultanahJune 20, 2009 at 10:52 PM

    Not so far from here, our brothers and sisters are fighting, literally, for their right to choose their leader and establish their community. Ultimately, the final word must be approved by the people. Let us pray that they will be successful in their wish to be free from old and broken ways. I think we understand them well. As Salaam Alaikum.

  49. Marshelle SultanahJune 21, 2009 at 12:02 AM

    It started off as a minor drip that while irritating to those exposed to it, did not do much harm, so it was kept in mind and tolerated, but no action was taken to correct it. Soon that drip became a steady leak that affected more people because it was allowed to go unchecked by the keepers of the house. Still, no major effort was given to addressing the drip that had now become a steady leak. Someone put a bowl beneath it to catch the droppings, but of course, there was always the danger that it would overflow if someone forgot to check it. One day, the unspeakable happened. That one little drip erupted into a major structural issue for the keepers of the house. They recognized that they should have done more to address the problem when it first presented itself. Acknowledging that there was no time for reflecting on the past, the keepers of the house took a good long look at the disruption and the damage it had done. They realized that they were given the manual to fix it by a very talented teacher. They remembered his words and understood the approach they must take to save the house for the people who would depend upon it now and well into the future. Upon closer inspection, the keepers of the house recognized that they could control the leak with the amount of pressure they put on its pipes. They shared with the people that they controlled the flow of the water; they gave life to the leak. If they were just more conscious of their consumption, they could slow the leak down enough to allow the keepers of the house to correct it once and for all. When the people realized they controlled the ebb and flow of the leak and that they gave it authority when they should not, they too remembered that great architect who taught them to always do what was best for the people. They recalled that they too were the keepers of the house and had a responsibility to preserve that structure from all detriment for the sake of a future so bright and promising it was sure to be emulated. Dear brothers and sisters, you must protect the Community of Imam Mohammed. You are the keepers of this house. As Salaam Alaikum.

  50. dr. Delaney W. KarriemJune 21, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    I say unto you all, PEACE!

    Is it not clear early beloved people that those who called themselves the foremost of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's followers (the prevailing Imams)are no more and no less than hypocrites of the first order.

    To attempt and impose an 'official' naming of our association of believers and to further ordain persons with titles (Shaykh) and language that was rejected by Imam Mohammed himself is an outrage!

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed did not refer to himself as 'shaykh' nor did he allow anyone to refer to him with this term. The term is a Qur'anic term denoting leadership and superiority or preference because of knowledge or age or some other honorable attribute. Terms to describe leadership were chosen extremely carefully by our Imam.

    HE CHOSE "Imam" as the term. Basic and fundamental as it may seem to those who have rejected it, the term actually is the only legitimate term o describe inherent ability to lead in the Qur'an. It refers to the common persons nature-based enlightenment, not an elite or preferential class of leaders.

    More telling than any evidence prior to this the so-called leaders of our association have permanently disqualified themselves as representatives of the Community Of Imam W. deen Mohammed. The moral connection to them is now severed. They have introduced language to raise themselves above the people. Our association was never to belong to the errant traditions in Islam after the Prophet. Our Imam fixed our feet firmly at the center of Muhammed the Prophet's tradition by emphasizing through the language he chose for our leadership that our role was to restore human worth and build upon that restoration. That is our legacy and our mission as defined by our leader. That work is always our work. The magnification of man's common soul and common worth.

    O People! Do you not see?

    Sincere men and women, young men and women who are loyal to Imam W. Deen Mohammed reject these individuals and their designs.

    "Be mindful, for the power of reason elevates you" - (fa thakir, in-nafaati thikrah) -Qur'an (translation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed)

  51. ASA

    Those that I talk to frequently about this matter and this blog, that are either so-called leaders in our association ask me, why didn't you attend the meeting or why did not dr. Delany W. Karriem show up? I say to them I can only answer for myself and that is I was not invited.

    They say, well anyone could go... I say, NO that's not true the common people were not invited and dr. Delaney, I and a host of other contributors to this blog represent that voice. If the public of our community were invited you would have heard our voice there and there would have been a gravely different result than what came from their Pow Wow session.

    Every time I visit this website the first thing that I normally do is look at how many people have visited the page since last I was here. It seems to me that this website is visited by at least 100 persons a day, more or less. That is to say that the people are interested in what is being said here even if they don't post their own thoughts on the issues.

    Those brothers that meet do not have the support of the people. If they present their decision to the public as if what they have come up with is the measure of what this community will govern itself by, they are liars and thieves and should be treated as such.

    I say, that if The Masjid that I attend says through its representative body that they are with this "crime syndicate" I will get up and leave. I urge you all to leave off bad leadership and be moved by the best in your nature to establish what is better.

    Ali K.
    Upper Darby, PA

  52. As Salaamu alaikum dear beloved brothers and sisters. I have a very seriouse question for us on bloge. WHO IS DR.DELANEY W. KARRIEM????? Thats the question we all should be asking ourselves if we truly call ourselves students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa). I beleieve some one is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by trying to pull on our heart strings and tell us they were a sincere , close and studious student of Imam Mohammed. I was born in this community in 1971. my parents joined the Nation of Islam in The Wilderness of North America in 1959 in Harlem, N.Y at Temple # 7 so for the most part I have seen and heard of a lot of people and names in our communityv but I and I'm sure I speak for others when I say this have never heard of this man who goes by the alias DR. DELANEY W.KARRIEM ( a mixture of names Imam Mohammed (raa) went by and the first name Master Farad Muhammad gave to our first leader The Honorable Elijah Muhammad). We dear believers are being played( excuse my Harlem slang). I will conclude by saying this, if Our Imam (W.Deen Mohammed) sits someone down and does not lift that person back up to be used again before he dies then we should " follow logic to it's conclusion" and do the same. We should not select a person who is subtly( hardly noticeable) trying to position himself through these bloggs as our next leader. I want to end as I began we should all ask ourselves WHO IS DR. DELANEY W. KARRIEM ???? " Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing". Dearly beloved people, I say unto you peace.

  53. Marshelle SultanahJune 26, 2009 at 12:12 AM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    This question came up in this blog previously. If you look back at the archives from 2008, you can read the response from those contributing to that discussion.

  54. As salaamu alaikum. dear sister could you or any other member inform me in a few words who Dr. Delaney W. Karrem is? I would appreciate it very much As salaamu alaikum.

  55. ASA

    dr. Delaney W. Karriem represents the voice of our community concerns. I am dr. Delaney W. Karriem, Marshelle Sultanah is dr. Delaney W. Karriem, Ibrahim, is dr. Delaney W. Karriem You are dr. Delaney W. Karriem. dr. Delaney W. Karriem is a name. What is being said and the importance of it is more important than who he truly is.

    If you knew for sure, would the words that he said change the reality that what he has said has come to pass.

    Are you someone vying for some position as leader that you concern yourself with seeing phantoms in others? In what way has dr. Delaney W. Karriem or the person that you subtly point to tried to put themselves in some leadership role.

    I was they would, it would be a better situation than what we are seeing.

    To answer your question dr. Delaney W. Karriem is the Best in YOU!

    Ali K.

  56. ASA

    What made the Bean Pie a popular treat in America and a household name in most African American homes? It was the fact that individuals took the recipe and made it their own, without having to ask the Boss if they could do so. WE saw the Bean Pie and the Carrot Cake as something uniquely ours as a people.

    They opened bakeries and sold their pies and cakes as private label vendors again without the need for an okay from the BOSS. There are some that perfected the manufacturing of the Bean Pie to the degree that it has made them millions if not hundreds of thousands of dollars at least.

    Way is this important?

    The idea, the concept, the recipe for success came from the National Leadership and was focused and produced on the local level so that nationally and internationally the public was made aware of our vision.

    Is this not what is suppose to be happening for us at this time. Is there not suppose to be a National Vision? Yes, Imam W. Deen Mohammed's language and logic is or LEADER, When he was alive he said that Imam W. Deen Mohammed was Wallace's Imam or LEADER.

    It was Wallace that gave VOICE to the LEADERSHIP of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Allah qualified Wallace to be the VOICE for that LEADERSHIP’S vision.

    WE are now in need of someone that understands that concept and is qualified by ALLAH to be the voice of the LEADER.

    I have not seen or heard anything coming from these local leaders that tells me that they have been so qualified to represent the LEADERSHIP of Imam W. Deen Mohammed; to be the VOICE for us that Brother Wallace was, focusing our vision on the path ahead.

    The News today is telling us that a new day is before us all, that the old Standards are gone. It says that it is time for us now to produce new Standards, Standards that do not deface themselves over time and will be symbols of our great hope in the world.

    WE have that with us here.

    Adam P. Ford


  58. You say that you will reveal who dr. Delaney is if he does not come clean. Why don't you start by revealing who you are as anonymous doesn't. If you are going to tell the truth, do so following the principles of Al-Islam. The Believers require proof and witnesses to what you speak. The Prophet(pbuh) stated that sometimes suspicion is a sin. Apparently, you have come to try to disrupt the positive conversation we are having about the progress of our community. No one hear has tried to assume control of the community. Would you undermine the members of the community who come here for courage and inspiration to promote your twisted cause? Furthermore, Imam Abdul Malik has come here to apologize for any perception or action that has been attributed to him or if he has done harm. As Muslims, when someone asks for forgiveness, we don't continue to throw in his or her face the wrong he or she may have done. What are you thinking? You are not. To sign your name and present yourself as mocking someone who stepped forward to give the people a voice is just in poor taste. Don't treat us like we are stupid, and you have to explain things to us. We are motivated by the contributions of the believers who speak out here. Don't patronize us by presenting us as being stupid; that's the problem we are having now with our Imams, some of them. Which are you?
    If you are such a devote student of our noble teacher, what works have you done to give the people a voice? You are behaving badly. Remember yourself. As Salaam Alaikum, the greeting of peace that should have no place in your sarcasm or mockery. Disgraceful.

  59. I would gladly lift Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed up as our leader over these 150+ preacher imams, these old ones, that seem to have no direction for themselves much less for our community.

    I would lift him up with my eyes wide open to the faults that are attributed to him. I know this, Moses was accused of and by all accounts was guilty of killing a man, but G-d chose him as the leader for his people.

    I also know that the person that the people call on, if they are sincere in their hearts will change in their behavior when called upon to do a great task.

    By your description of this matter you have accused all that come here and contribute, and that includes you, of Fraud.

    It seems interesting to me that YOU are seeing this BLOG as having the power to set in place a leader for our community, if that is the truth than I say that's a wonderful thing.

    It has obviously influenced you and those that are in your circle to feel as though you must now expose something in order to stop its influence in the life of the people. Try as you might the die has been cast and there is no stopping this movement in the soul of the people.

    I call on the PEOPLE to Charge Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed with the role of Leadership. I accept him as the VOICE of leadership as; Adam put it, for our community.

    What say you all?

    Mr. Smith

  60. What is interesting to me is that the majority of the posts on this Blog site are not from dr. Delaney, but from the people that visit the site.

    Why is there an aggressive spirit against dr. Delaney when it is the people that are speaking out. I see that you are not truly aware of what you are saying or maybe you are. Maybe you are telling the people that what we have to say means nothing in regards to our community?

    I don't need to know who you are, I see your spirit and you are hurt. Maybe you have been denied some role in your local masjid or your program was not successful or you just enjoy biting the back out of a fellow believer. I see you.

    I know who you are.

    Do you know who I am?

    C. A. Numan

  61. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    This subject will not go away in the minds of well meaning people, and this is why!
    Bother Abdul Malik was a fierce and courageous competitor in his field. If he was Dr. Delaney; by now he would have said so, hence recently notifying us that he is not. This says a lot about his admires. They who presented to the viewers language potentialy pointing to him; by language similiar to his own, by way of dr. Delaney as being a medium. This is a real concern from well meaning persons that take up the issue.

    This is what E. Abdul Malik Mohammed recently stated on this blog! His first and only comments were to this effect that he is not dr. Delaney the person presented here on this blog, and he said it respectively not to offend and we're mentioning it in that same spirit. Some may take him at his word some may not.
    He also stated he has not nor have at any time any involvement or intrest concerning this blog toward himself. He stated though he was aware of it he wouldn't post because he didn't want attention to himself, taken from the focus of the discussion in which he thinks is vital.

    So much about what is said here about the archetype; for which brother Abdul Malik had become. We must admit, many thought and still to this day think brother Earl is dr. Delaney. For those who still believe that. Consider this; If Abdul Malik would anounce at any time that he had any involvement with this blog being architect of it, or by any other means, with his knowledge of it, wouldn't be in his best intrest, if he was trying to become our leader. An anoncement of such would eliminate him having any chance of being a real leader. It would destroy any credibility he has left with his innocence. Such action would be equivalent to entering anothers home through the back door without the permission of the owner and that would not be in keeping to Al- Islam. One mistake in ones life does not qualify one as a idiot, and our brother is far from that. In fact he is briliant in his own right. His own works testify to that. In his youth what he achieved for Al-Islam most don't get the opportunity in a lifetime. So we don't see him stoping that low in which he know is not appropiate.

    The architects of this blog share in the responsibility in making it prefectly clear who dr. Delaney is and who he is not. In the light of what has already been shared obligates all of us to be clear with respect to all inquisitors.
    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  62. Marshelle SultanahJune 26, 2009 at 8:03 PM

    Your problem is that you have a problem. Any sign of conflict draws you towards it. Now you want to detract from this blog by posing a question that is truly neither here nor there. You want to make this about personalities because your thing is to drop names. dr. Delaney is the person who gave the everyday believer a role and a place in the development of the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. I have heard nothing from him that suggests that he is evil, plotting, or determined to undermine this community. In fact, this individual was one of the architects to consider that the people should be able to address their concerns, questions, and thoughts about issues that are most paramount to our future. Is your mind so small and shallow that you have overlooked that to focus on a topic that is completely irrelevant in the scheme of things? I don't care who he is or who she is because for all you know, maybe I am dr. Delaney. Uh oh, Does this transform the words that are true and correct that have been spoken? Does your soul not ring out at the truth that has been put forth on this blog because you just have to know? Small issues, issues that will not move us forward while we are focusing on them instead of the big picture have no place in this discourse. I am interested in how best to move this community forward. What about you?
    Brother Allan, stop wavering. We need you to be firm and be clear. Previously, you have directed your comments at certain persons, accusing them and then glorifying them the next moment. You are better than involving yourself in gossip and innuendo. Don't make that your contribution to this very important conversation. We have too much to do to get tangled in that.
    How does this move us forward? It doesn't. I would encourage you to go back and read all of the comments since this blog's inception. I challenge you to find fault in the comments made by dr. Delaney. I challenge you to reveal and unveil this overzealous conspiracy theory that some individuals say is brewing. You will find yourself that you have nothing to say. Tell us how many times dr. Delaney says he is Imam Abdulmalik. Tell us how many times Imam Abdulmalik calls for us to support his leadership. You will be left holding an empty bag, which is what you have now trying to push the people into it. The truth is we are sick of you and your low down dirty ways. All you want to do is come between good people. Well, Allah puts it best, "You plan, and I plan, but surely Allah is the best of planners." As Salaam Alaikum.

    By the way, what is your take on the plan to take the Community of Imam Mohammed back to the Dark Ages? You were silent on that issue which is the discussion on the lips of all of the believers. If I took a scale and placed that issue on one side and your concern about the identity of dr. Delaney on the other, which would hold the greatest weight?

  63. ASA,

    This is a prime example at how Shaitan works through the computer! Here's a group of relatively intellectual muslims who are wasting valuable time debating nonsense of a non-existing dr. Delaney. Who cares? Faith and deeds will carry you far. All of these so-called Internet Imams have no effect of many of us who are fully aware of Imam Mohammed tecings that we read for ourselves. What a joke! Did dr. Delaney go to Jumah today? If so, what Masjid? Would he dare try and give a Khutbah? OK...don't take none of this forum nonsense as something that's really existing. This is a mask site and only a hidden mask community would listen!!!! Beware!!!

  64. Anonymous is a mask.

  65. As salaam alaikum bealevers. Let us all gather our heads and keep our eyes and ears open to any who want to put themselves over us as the communities leader. Leadership is chosen by the community but be alert to anyone including myself who subtly tries to position him or herself as the leader. We must have shurah . I'm not just talking about members on this blog I'm talking about the community at large. Hopefully at a future convention we will decide this and that person will be more of a convener not our "leader" persay. As our leader and now our president has encouraged we the people need more transparency in our community and government. No more mysterious leaders our community has been through enough stuggles. dr. delaney W. Karriem should reveal himself to all of us and just move forward with the best of our discussions . We are a forgiving community so no one should feel this need to hide. This website and all the others in our association are very helpful to our communities growth , so let us move forward in openness and transparency so that Allah can truly bless us to move our community forward. As salaamu alaikum.

  66. dr. Delaney W. KarriemJune 27, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    I say unto you all, Peace!

    This blog was established for the purpose clearly stated and contributed to.

    At no time has anyone's entry been tampered with or edited in any way. Any person's right to speak freely, openly, and truthfully is upheld here without fear of being mistreated or dishonored in any way.

    Intentions to disrupt or redirect the discussion here will not be successful. However, the nature of the discussion invites all who have something to contribute, positive or negative.

    There is no reason for anyone to fear to speak on whatever they feel is pertinent. They and their thoughts will be welcome and respected here. There is no pressure or requirement to sign your name to your posts. What is important is the contribution made and the spirit of it.

    The only thing that will be checked (never edited or censored) is disrespect of the Qur'an, the Prophet, our leader's work or the innocence of his people.

    Whatever someone has to say, please say. No one here fears discussion.

  67. Peace To You All!

    As dr. Delaney has said no post have been tampered with. There are three Blog topics on the site and they all have comment sections.

    We, when posting our comments, should be aware of where we are posting comments as they are not all linked together. The conversation is at this moment happening under the title "Updated Focus for our Discussion"

    So if you post a comment under a different Blog Topic be aware of which topic heading that you are posting. I take it on myself to forward out via "The Model Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed" yahoo group all new posted comments to this blog as I receive them to my inbox.

    If you are a person that receives my forwarded emails be aware of the title line next to the name on the comment. That, if click on, will take you to the section of the blog that that comment is posted. e.g. "Updated Focus for our Discussion" "Statement 1..." Statement 2..."

    Before you make accusations, please be aware of these facts.

    Thank you,


  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. ASA

    What a talent he was and to think he rose to such fame and prominence in the world as an African American. We salute his work, his courage, his passion and all of his sincere efforts made to make this world a more beautiful place through his words.

    The news that he embraced the faith and the religious tradition of Al-Islam is significant in the eyes of the world. Were even in his passing will call people to investigate the truth of Al-Islam for themselves will do more for Al-Islam than most of the scholars of the world can hope to image.

    We all admired his kindness and, spirit for success. In many ways our brother represented the spirit of the African American people in their aspirations and through their transformations.

    We honor the spirit of goodness in our brother in Faith... "WE CANNOT STOP NOW!" Michael "Mikaeel" Jackson

    Adam P. Ford

  70. There was a time in our community when we lived in the unknown. The X in our last name symbolized the unknown. We were trying to find answers to questions like, what is the weight of the earth??(Unknown) The Honorable Elijah Muhammed was caring us but we didn’t know were we were going.
    Our Mujeddid Imam W. Deen Mohammed pulled us from the darkness of the unknown to the light. We are no longer a people unaware of whom we were, who we are, were we are going and who we are going to be.
    So really I could give a damn about whom dr. Delaney W. Karriem is! It is totally irrelevant! What I do know is that what he has pointed to is absolutely correct. That makes him a protector and defender of this community. The website was established to give a voice to supporters of our leader so that we will never lose a connection to him and his message. So what scheme are we guilty of????
    Do we know who Mustafa El-Amin is? Do we know who Vernon Fareed is? Do we know who Faheem Shuaibe is? I think we do. And look at all of there schemes that they have pulled over the years. They are guilty of everything from trying to compete with our leader directly to withdrawing there support privately.
    What was our leader guilty of?? He wasn’t guilty of any scheme except trying to free us all. So dear people don’t be surprised by these silly accusations that we are somehow involved in some kind of scheme!! The only things they can reveal is there own fear, weaknesses and failures!

  71. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Chpt 7 (The Heights)

    O ye Children of Adam Let not Satan seduce you In the same manner as He got your parents out Of the Garden, stripping them Of their rainment, to expose Their shame: for he And his tribe watch you From a position where ye Cannot see them: We made The Evil Ones freinds (Only) to those without Faith.

    Hold to forgiveness Command what is right But turn away from the ignorant.

    If a suggestion from satan Assails thy (mind), Seek refuge with Allah; For He heareth and knoweth (All things).

    Those who fear Allah, When a thought of evil From Satan assaults them, Bring Allah to remembrance, When lo! they see (aright)!

    But their brethren (the evil ones) Plunge them deeper into error, And never relax (their efforts).

    If thou bring them not A revealation, they say: "Why hast thou not Got it together?" Say: "I but follow What is revealed to me From my Lord: This is (nothing but) Lights from your Lord, And Guidance, and Mercy, For any who have faith."

    When the Qur'an is read, Listen to it with attention. And hold your peace: That ye may receive Mercy.

    And do thou (O reader!) Bring thy Lord to remembrance In thy (very) soul, With humility and in reverence, Without loudness in words, In the mornings and evenings; And be not thou Of those who are unheedful.

    Those who are near To thy Lord, disdain not To do Him worship: They celebrate His praises, And bow down before Him.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  72. Allan, do you think that we don't see your tricks, your subliminal messages that you are sending out?

    You are not G-d, though you would like that we accept what you say as if it is coming from Allah.

    Allan when glimpsed is seen as Allah in the mind's eye. This is one of your tricks that you play on the weak minded among us. Hiding in plain sight, know that we see you and your friends that come here to disrupt this discussion and avenue for the people.

    We will protect the rights of the people to have their say in the matter of how they want to be lead. To have a role in the decisions of how our community is presented to the world.

    We know the tricks of infiltrators and we see you.

    You have received noticed by Ibrahim in the past, now you are receiving it from me.

    Mr. Smith

  73. Marshelle SultanahJune 30, 2009 at 10:08 PM

    The verse that was quoted has much to teach us especially when it is quoted in some context. In the case that it was presented, there is none stated, but as Mr. Smith pointed out, there is motivation for its posting. We had and continue to have the best teacher in Imam Mohammed, Allah grant him Paradise. We understand your direction, and you are not dealing with ignorant people who can not see through these paper thin attempts to display the ill will you have for this effort and a certain individual in particular. Because it is so personal for you, it is so obvious when you try to distract.

    Imam Mohammed gave us instruction and context when he quoted from the Qu'ran. Perhaps, you should take a closer look at that sura and stop allowing yourself to be used as a tool to thwart good efforts and deeds. Imam Mohammed taught us not to just quote from the Qu'ran but to practice living it in our daily lives. Ours is a living document as demonstrated by the believers. My point, a people who recognize the strength of this faith have no patience for undercover actions. We welcome your honest and clear commentary. Everyone is welcome here. But as you can see, we will not allow you or anyone else to toy with us. The Community of Imam Mohammed will defend the right of the people to determine what is best for them.

  74. ASA

    What happened to the BIG REVEAL? This Joker has nothing to put before the people, but waste.

    Let us continue with our discussion in earnest and let all know that what we have here will stand any test. Let us not be pulled into such small minded attempts to discredit what we are doing here. To undermine the great influence of our voices here and its effect on the people, both those that lead, those that follow and those that set the stage.

    Ali K.
    Upper Darby, PA

  75. How we deal with these matters will be studied by those that design social order for years to come. Our success in this matter will assist them in forming logic for the future. We will see from them new movies and new songs that subtly describe our trial.

    They already have movies in the works and have even put a firm out about our President in which he is portrayed as a small mouse with big ears.

    We see in our community, tall tales and amazing conspiracies both secret and open by the desperate Ones. Yet, they have the nerve to point to this blog and say, who are you?

    To say that, because a person won't tell you their name over the internet, you should be suspicious of some covert operation from agencies in our government or some other secret order. That type of thinking and speech is a sign of self guilt and fear that you will be exposed as the frauds that you are.

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed never feared those things; he exposed them to us to make us aware, not to foster fear. To tell us that those things are tools and he showed us how to use their weapons against them, if they show themselves as our enemy.

    At this time in history, are we to assume that those in those places fear us, that they would try to harm our efforts to make progress for ourselves, especially now that we can clearly see and hear our leader’s language in the Capital Building.

    I would think that you would see from those agencies an opening of avenues for us to make headway for the success of our leader’s voice in society. Wouldn't you?

    Why are you suspicious of those that are innocent in their approach in offering the people of our community a way of expressing their thoughts on how they have been and are to be lead?

    Do you have no trust in the common human soul? Are you the only one equipped with the right ideas of how the human soul and society is to advance?

    We ask that you stop your efforts to disrupt the forward movement of the people's life.

    Don't sell the memories of our leader to us for a cheap profit. This is disgraceful, distasteful and hurtful to the soul of the people.

    Remember all, the world and its leaders are looking to us for leadership, let us offer up our best, this so that they can see the newness of the human soul shining from our social group as G-d intends.

    C. A. Numan

  76. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    My birth name is spelled Allan on my birth certificate: I believe my mother or father named me; I'm not sure. They're desist and have been since I was five years old. So I have no way of knowing who named me. My grandmother my father's mother raised me from eight year's old until she passed away. So in short I'm 55yr's old now and I've come to love Allan and have no trouble with him. My grandmother took me to church with her on sunday and all through the week taught me to be upright. She would have me say my grace before taken in my meals, and make my prayers at night before retiring. So I know good in well who G'D is and who he is not. I'm going to say this for the last time I'm not deceitful, a bad person, or any of those other bad things attributed to me, by those who don't no me.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  77. Marshelle SultanahJuly 6, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    Independence Day is a national celebration of the founding of our country. We understand well the need for the people to determine the best leadership and government for themselves. They determined that they could not accept the leadership model that was placed before them. It did not respect the nature and potential that Allah has given to all of us. They separated themselves from that poor model of leadership. Their interests were always what was best for the people? We call them The Founding Fathers because they stepped out on their faith to assert and demand what was best for the people. We have all benefitted from their courage. Today, we assert the rights of the people to determine the leadership that is best for the people. The people must make this decision not a group of individuals who have not been authorized by the people. It is your right to decide your fate. The people are interested in preserving the legacy and following the pattern Imam Mohammed established for us. This path is the foundation for our success; it should not be abandoned for something that is not wholesome and natural for us. We are the foundation, brothers and sisters. We must insist that the Community of Imam Mohammed continue the work of the Mujeddid. He has helped us understand the relationship we should have with our Creator and his creation. He has helped us understand our way of life and our history and future in the world. We must not accept that his legacy be left off so that those who did not support him and some of whom competed with him can do their "thing". Their "thing" is not in the best interest of the community. Have you seen them giving one another titles that Imam Mohammed did not give to himself? Imagine that! If they were with Imam Mohammed they would not have done such a thing and certainly would not have accepted to be called a title that the Mujeddid did not use to refer to himself nor anyone in our association. Think about it, what are they suggesting about Imam Mohammed by this single act, let alone the other schemes they have going? People are looking for schemes on this blog while "the scheme" is unfolding before them.
    Remember your teacher.

  78. ASA

    I have spoken to many persons concerning the dialog that is coming from the contributors of this Blog. For the most part it is positive, but there are those that while appreciating the conversation are put off by what they call "Imam Bashing"

    I tell them that I don't see it that way. In my mind I recall how our late leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed, knowing the task ahead and how the people viewed The Honorable Elijah Mohammed, began to wean the people off of the Old Language and dispel the myths of the Old Temple of Islam. At some points in that process he talked in a way that to the public seems to bad mouth or "Bash" his father or at least his father's teachings.

    This is apparent in how persons from our community disliked what he said and left, thinking that he was turning against his father. I am sure that the readers of this Blog know what I am referring to.

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed told us that he couldn't do anything about those local leaders because the people still supported them. Now, if your Leader is telling you that these local leaders are no good for you and you are still supporting them, than there is an issue that needs to be addressed in how you are seeing these local leaders.

    The spirit of this Blog, in my view and estimation, is addressing that issue. That is one of the wonderful things that it is offering to the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    It offers to the people an open forum to speak out against tyranny and oppression, to help free the innocent form these tier bosses that they have been used to calling "Imams" so that they can see their own inherent potential and to begin to produce as our late leader taught us to produce.

    That is the Independence that we seek.

    Adam P. Ford

  79. Marshelle SultanahJuly 6, 2009 at 7:00 PM

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that you can tell a thing is wrong if it troubles your heart; even after you have sought advice about that thing, if it still troubles you, that thing is wrong. This plan that is being presented about the future of The Community of Imam Mohammed is wrong. You need only seek your heart to know that. You should be uneasy with it. It will take the community away from the direction that Imam Mohammed was leading us.

    The Prophet (PBUH) also said that when a Muslim sees a thing wrong, he can do three things about it. He may say, "I hate that thing," in his heart, and that is the weakest of faith. He may speak out against that thing, or he may remove it with his hand, and that is the best of faith. We have a responsibility to correct a thing when we know it to be in error. What should put people off is what some of these Imams are doing to the Community of Imam Mohammed. They are wrong, and not a day should go by without that being said loud and clear. We do not fear their retribution or disdain, rather we fear Allah and his displeasure. Allah gave us a leader who gave everything to see the community he loved and believed in prosper. He told us many times with his own lips what most of these Imams were about. Do not deny hearing his words now. In many of your own communities, the truth of his words were and are displayed regularly. So, don't be turned off by the truth. Be driven to correct it. Have the courage to stand firm to the truth. Allah sees all that we do and all that we don't. Allah says that He will test us. It is not enough to simply say I believe. We say we are students and supporters of Imam W. D. Mohammed. This is a test--prove it. Do not allow your attachment to what has become the norm to overshadow the truth. Do not fear. Allah is with those who uphold the truth. Who is upholding the truth now? Imam Mohammed carried that torch for many years. Along the way, he shared that flame with us. Now, we must carry it. As Salaam Alaikum.

  80. I thought that this was an appropriate post in light of the last two comments on the blog.

    Ali K.


    As Salaam Alaikum Brother Imam. How does one deal with Imams who come together and form cliques in order to rule over the people in your name? One told us that the community doesn't tell the Imam what to do, the Imam tells the community what to do.

    Imam WD Mohammed:

    I've seen their cliques, I know you are telling the truth and they keep most of the people out of the clique. Well that's the way it looks, that's their position, most of them. We have the exception we have some very fine Imams too. I would come to them but since they have no respect for me and the proof that they have no respect for me is that they have cliques. I won't come from what I formulated as words but from Muhammad the Prophet pbuh. In Bukhari the most popular collection of his saying he said "Ad denun naseha," translated "Religion is sincerity."

    He was asked sincerity in what circumstances or sincerity meaning what or how?

    He said the Imam is obligated to be sincere to his constituents and the constituents are obligated to be sincere with their Imam. That is why you have it translated also as "Religion is good advice."

    The understanding here is that you are to be sincere when advising your followers and your following is to be sincere when advising you.

    So they have the right to talk back to you brother Imam and give you advice according to this report of how our Prophet guided his following to see sincerity and obligation of the leader to his people or to his following and the obligation of the following to their leaders.

    And isn't it on record that the shining, bright companions of our Prophet who followed him in leadership? Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman all of these great leaders, they accepted criticism publicly directed at them where the public was hearing it.

    I don't know what they are going on, it should be the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet. If they're going on the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, a woman would put you out of your position he had women in position.

    The Hon. Elijah Muhammad had women established in position who would give you a phone call and tell you to sit down or I will send the fruit out there on you. I don't know where you are coming from.

    WD Mohammed is a follower of Prophet Muhammad

    If you're coming from Imam W. Deen Mohammed you're coming from a follower of the way of Muhammad the Prophet, who uses the Quran first and highest and follows Prophet Muhammad. If Muhammad said the congregation has the right to advise you that is what Imam Mohammed supports.

    You make yourself a fool and you cut off your own growth when you refuse to respect your congregation. Some of them, they can't get out of the mindset that they were in as lieutenants, captains in the old order in the Nation of Islam.


  81. continued...

    So they don't see you as equals, they don't see you as brothers and sisters, they see you as people that they are responsible for to keep you in check. What checks does he have? He is limited up here (mentally) he didn't get too much education.

    What is he going to use to check you with is threats, an ugly face, mean looks and a little a squad of physical men ready to have fun hitting you upside the head, kicking you and throwing you out, that is a shame.

    I can understand senior citizens, old people. They are not supposed to deal with anything like that, you young brothers are supposed to go and deal with a situation like that.

    If you have a congregation of senior citizens, they are not expected to rise up and challenge them, they are fragile and they just want to be left alone. Their own nature tells them that they are not the ones to go up there and check that man. Some young brothers are supposed to do that, and if you don't it, they tolerate it, they sit there.

    They say "I don't have enough time to worry about this group, I come here because I know I'm a Muslim and I'm supposed to come here and I'll just come here until I die. And I hope Allah will free us from this man here and give us a better leader one day."

    Allah says the believers cry to be free from this hard ruler, right? In the Qur'an Allah blessed them with some help, young strong group came in there and took care of business.

    You might ask, "Is he telling us to do that?" No, I am not telling you that, I'm warning your leaders that may happen. I am not telling anybody to do that, but I know the risk is there brother. Some young brother is going to look at you one day and they are going to come up there and take you out and they won't be taking you out to tea.

    That is a shame but look, you go to market to shop for vegetables, I don't care how good the store is, sometimes something just doesn't look too good, so what do you do? You pass over it. You take only that which you like.

    That is how you should select your leaders and that is how the congregation should be by their leader and that is how you are. You're intelligent, wise, some of our senior citizens are very wise. As long as he is talking straight they stay alert, as soon as he starts that other stuff (they nod off).

    What is the instruction from our Prophet Muhammad? He said, "We're obligated to resist wrong , if you can't resist it with your hands, then with your mouth. If you can't resist it with your mouth then with your heart. Don't let them get your heart, don't let them convert you to their wrong doings. If my heart isn't with you (nod off).


  82. continued...

    When I first became your leader they tried, they thought they could get me to be their servant, to be afraid of them and do whatever they wanted. I got threats but I stood up to them.

    I didn't get upset, I didn't get wild, I didn't start hollering, fussing, complaining, I was quiet, I said nothing. But my quietness communicated louder than my physical reaction would have saying it is hopeless buddy, you are not going to handle this. This servant belongs to G-d you can't make him go your way. And they let me alone.

    Allah protected me.

    So it is not for you senior citizens to take care of a strong brute who is standing over you, it is for you young men to stand up and demand of him respect of our congregation or leave here. And believe me if they go to court the law will be on their side.

    My advice to you, those who are not following the way of Muhammad the Prophet, who don't follow what I give you of the Qur'an, the life of Muhammad and the good understanding of it, they are not worth you spending an ounce of energy on, not worth you spending one second on. You should just get up and leave and never come back.

    As soon as he starts that just walk out, leave him with his clique. We'll sure make you do our bidding, we'll turn you into a female," you think you can do that? You cannot harm me in the least unless my G-d wants that done to me. If my G-d wants that done to me it will be best little pleasant whipping I ever had.

  83. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    G'D guides the sincere followers after their leader passes.

    Perception: That is what we have in focus now for this discussion. But not perception from the english dictionary or any other dictionary. Not perception from my thinking or your thinking; (no!) perception as it is used in the context of revelation. When you get yourself focused right then you can follow and understand better. Have patience and believe Allah (swt) will guide you! After I'm gone. Guide you! the way He has guided me. It is open to everybody but you have to be sincere. You have to not want it (selfishly); to show people you know something. You have to not want it just for yourself, but want it for all people who will receive it. And remember those who need it most; and take it to them first.

    Allah (swt) is with us and He is going to be with us whether I'm here or not. And I see signs that he is with many of us, both males and females. He is going to stay with us. (Think not)! What are we going to do when Imam W. Deen Mohammed is not with us anymore? The same thing we did when the Honorable Elijah muhammed was not with us any more. Allah (swt) is going to show us the one we are to support.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  84. ASA

    I have been really trying to process all that happened over the 4th of July weekend here so that I can share my thoughts about what is happening in our community.

    I have never seen such blatant disregard for the true memory of our leader as I witnessed last week. What I saw was a feat of true wizardry.

    This person came to discuss business suits and the last 12 months of our leader’s life and his working relationship with him.

    He made every effort to link his own personal work with the business initiatives of our Leader. With every breath he shamelessly promoted himself as having been in direct contact with our leader for the last 12 months of his life. As if that gave him some sort of advantage over others that was not in his physical presence. Also, as if there weren't others that was just as close to our leader as he for the last 12 months of his life.

    What amazed me even more is how skillful he was in manipulating the feelings of the people with his talks on the Four Rivers or Urges and how for the most part the people did not realize that he was using that knowledge to engage their minds with his agenda of selling them on the idea of buying suits from him.

    This is not leadership this is a hustle game. The same goes for this other fellow selling us on his childhood memories of our leader and at the same time making profit from an incomplete book.

    What are they offering us in terms of leadership? These individuals are giving us more of the same that they have been giving us for years, riding off the namesake of our leader. We cannot allow this to continue.

    It is a shame on us that these hustlers are allowed in our Masajid and in our community calling themselves leaders.

    You tell me what can THEY offer the leaders of the world that are looking to us for our unique perception of the world and our leadership? NOTHING!

    Ali K.
    Upper Darby, PA

  85. Marshelle SultanahJuly 10, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    We all have that person who knew us as a child. Whenever we see them, especially when there are others around, an audience, that person always wants to talk about what we did as a child or some other story about our childhood. After a while, I begin to wonder, personally, if this person has not recognized that I have grown up. Do they not notice that I am no longer a child? Now, their behavior may be completely innocent, but I still wonder why they can only focus on a brief moment of a life and leave off the greatest part. It's interesting, Brother Ali K. that you mentioned this person who has spent a great deal of time talking about the Imam as a child as I recently read something in the MJ about this. But Imam Mohammed grew up. He helped us to grow up too and wants our community to develop. He is the Mujeddid; I wonder how much commentary this person presents about that. One never really hears about that; the commentary is generally about the Imam as a child. Sounds shaky to me. ASA.

  86. Ali K. you make a good point concerning leadership and what they can offer. Sitting in Jumu'ah today I sat wondering how what this Imam is saying affects the vision for the whole community.

    Is what he is saying important enough to influence the direction for Al-Islam in the world?

    Is what he saying constructed in a manner that speaks to the issues of how the world views Al-Islam and how Al-Islam is to move the life of ALL people forward?

    Can what he says be made into a model of logic for any person, area, or group to use to make progress for their life?

    The answer to these questions and a few others were, NO! What he and from what I have heard from the other old ones, has been nothing but dangerous shards of light thrown at the believers in a show of magic display. There is no structure to what they say, no vision for our collective future.

    They act as if they have no connection with a longer interest, other than their own limited sight for their own personal agendas. This is not a sprint this is a life long journey and it will continue even after we all are gone.

    Shall we leave it to those that would marginalize us off the face of the earth, to give the world The Islamic Perspective? Shall we say to the world here is the inferior product, the thing that has run productive life into the ground, here is what you should look to for direction for the progress of human life.

    What are you looking at as a model of what to say when you speak to the public, you old ones you pretenders to leadership? What is your guide to how you should address and focus what are important issues?

    You have look to things other than the Qur'an and the Life of Muhammed and his Siraat and how our late leader taught us to see these things.
    You have chosen the inferior products of others that have borrowed from these great works.

    We are here to focus the vision of our community, to bring out of it the leader and the leadership that it deserves.

    Why have you not heard your Leaders Voice? Imam Mohammed is here and G-d is with us!

    Mr. Smith

  87. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 28.15, 33; Moses killed a man

    "And he entered the City at a time when its people were not watching: and he found there two men fighting one of his own religion and the other foes. Now the man of his own religion appealed to him against his foes and Moses struck him with his fist and made an end of him. He said: "This is a work of Evil {Satan}: for he is an enemy that manifestly mileads!"

    33. He {Moses said: "O my Lord! I have slain a man among them and I fear lest they slay me.

    Bring them closer to the mission of addressing the need to advance humanity to go and they had such burden and was so difficult to deal with that their own leaders were drawn into that interest.

    See that Moses that killed this Egyptian was not the Moses that had gone up the Mt. Sinai this is the Moses who was told by some of his people that you are to be our deliverer G'D hadn't told him that it was his people that told him that, you are to be our deliverer to get him out of pharaoh's house to fight for their cause so he was the man that struck the egyptian and killed him.

    Muhammad the prophet before G'D called him, he went into the mountain too, the mountain of the light, before G'D called Muhammad, he had not done anything to make any citizen in the land where he lived suspect that he haad any spot or blemish, they saw him wihtout spot or blemish. He had not killed anybody over anything, His interest in his people was not nationalistic he had not nationlist interest in his people he mourned the condition of his peoople before Allah(swt) called him before he went up in the mountain; He saw their condition as being pitiful and he was searching for certain way to bring assistsnce to them to take them out of their condition.

    Muhammad was looking at Jahiliyyah ignorant age Arabia, but Muammad had traveled outside of Arabia as a business man working for lady Khadijah doin trade he had benn to Syria, to other places, gone outside of Saudia Arabia and he had met people from different lands in trade, Muhammad was not ignorant of what the world looked like at that time, he knew what the world looked like at that time.

    Q. 18.6; See you grieve

    "Thou wouldst only perchance fret thyself to death following after them in grief if they believe not in this Message.

    So Muhammad was weeping not as some Arabs will tell you he wasn't weeping the condition of the bad state of the Arabs, he was weeping the bad social, community state of humanity at that time and his interest was not I repeat in bringing Arabs to have a great nation, his interest was in bringing his fellow citizens to have a great human life. That was his intrest just to have a great human life, so he was not about killing any man he was about saving mankind and that's why G'D chose him, and didn't have to undo him to do him like he was to undo Moses to do Moses

    By WDM

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. ASA

    It occurs to me that these 150+, as they have been described, have not heard nor have they truly seen our late leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed. That being the case how can they show us through their individual or collective actions the correct picture of his leadership?

    Had they seen Imam Mohammed they would not be behaving in the manner in which we are seeing. They would be focused on true leadership and true dignity for us as a community and as a people.

    My question for the blog is, who is there that can show us the true picture of our leader? Who has seen Imam Mohammed in his true picture? We already know it in our hearts, our minds and in our souls those that truly saw our leader.

    Imam Mohammed chose the one that saw him clearly and told us both publicly and privately that this one was the one that truly saw him and could speak for him at any given time, the only one that could.

    Just as when Ali K. pointed out to us the individuals that disturbed his spirit, we knew exactly who he was referring to without having to hear their names. We know their behavior we know their attitudes and we know them. All I needed to hear was a certain action that was being done and in my mind and heart I know that I know who Ali was referencing.

    We know in our hearts who is the right one to lead and the best that we can put before us to help us focus our vision for our collective future. We know, yet we sit wondering what will be the next antic of those that can't see.

    Why not stand with courage behind what is being said here? Why not use your best judgment and your best nature to move this community forward with the best vision for our future. The people have the say as to who will lead us or how we will be lead.

    The choice is ours; let us make the right decision.

    Adam P. Ford

  90. Adam P. Ford...surely you jest in believing that the students of Imam Mohammed is waiting for a leader? Maybe you should continue to wait on this website/forum/blog to be lead. Our region know that Imam Mohammed teaches are within us and we are making progress with deeds visible among the local communities. We are doing dawah, studying tasfirs and meeting among one another as well as building assets to continue Imam Mohammed's legacy. So my brother Adam P. Ford, you should continue to wait for your leader and be lead by your internet Imam. I hope he/she makes himself known soon. Let us know!!! PEACE!!!

  91. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Re do Moses

    Q. 20.17; Moses rod

    17. And what is that in thy right hand O Moses?

    18. He said "it is my rod: on it I lean; with it I beat down fodder for my flocks; and in it I find other uses."

    Q. 20.12; Moses take off shoes

    "Verily I am thy Lord! Therefore (in My presence) put offthy shoes: thou art in the sacred valley Tuwa.

    Exod 3.5; Moses take off shoes

    And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

    What is that you have in your hand Moses?, that ain't gonna work here unless I can change it, Moses take off your shoes his shoes was not acceptable where he was standing shoes weren't acceptable and his staff that he leaned upon used to beat the brush to get through the thicket was not acceptable not as it was.

    Muhammad acceptable

    Q. 74.1-3; Oh you in mantle rise warn

    1. O thou wrapped up (in a mantle)!

    2. Arise and deliver thy warning!

    3 And thy Lord do thou magnify!

    But Muhammad didn't have anything that was not acceptable Oh you and your mantle arise and warn, didn't say oh you and your mantle what are you wearing there? The only problem you have you need what I got and dont't worry were gonna enrich you to the point you have no more wants, praise be to Allah (swt).

    Q. 94.1; We're expand your breast

    "Have We not expanded thee thy breast?

    Q.73.5-6; Weighty Word

    5. "Soon shall We send down to thee a weighty Message

    6. Truly the rising by night is most potent for governing (the soul) and most suitable for (framing) the Word (of prayer and praise).

    It's nothing wrong with your heart but we're going to expand your breast for a weighty word, that's G'D talking, if you don't see a direction when I'm talking I'm missing you or your missing me.

    It wouldn't have happened until the right time see the world navigation was developing the Arabs were already navigators others had been navigators on the high seas, the world is comming together they were looking for routes to India which would and did bring them to connect the two sides as the world and see the whole world as one; have routes to all people around the globe all that was developing at the time of Muhammad.

    Q. 2.30; Khalifah in earth

    "Behold thy Lord said to the angles: "I will create a vicegerent on earth" They said "Wilt thou place therein one who will make mischief therin an shed blood? Whilst we do celebrate and glorify Thy holy (name)?" He said: "I know what ye know not."

    Great Persians fleets and others on the high seas so G'D saw at the right time G'D selected a man without spot or blemish, He selected him, selected a pure vessel to pour His Spirit and His Word into. How do we know that? G'D says to angles I'm making a khlifah in the earth and they had some questions some very serious concerns, this is going to make bloodshed. G'D says nevertheless I know what you know not wait until I have put My Spirit, wait until I have given him my Spirit, men ruhi, you think He's talking about Adam?


    But Adam got the first but didn't get the second and the whole humanity had to wait for Muhammad to get the second oh no brother Imam there you go again you should check your sources, references, I do. Prophet Adam, was created by G'D and not suppose to be any world existing before then so if he had the wrong spirit where did he get it from?

    Q. 15.29; I breath of My spirit

    But G'D said to the angles you don't see this creatures worth as I see it, I see his worth because because you don't have knowledge I have, wait until I have breath into him My own spirit.

    So what spirit did Adam have when G'D created him? Human spirit, he had the spirit of the humanity that G'D wanted in all of us He created Adam with that, but that's not enough that we have the human spirit in its excellence that G'D wanted for the human that's not enough, that can only take us so far; this world is too big a challenge for the human creation without help from Divine agent


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  92. Peace To You All!

    Our obligation here is to offer the people the access to freely speak their mind and secure for the people the right to be heard. I personally, am not here to offer the people bondage, bondage that Imam W. Deen Mohammed freed us from.

    What has been offered here is the right of both the individual and the people to develop their own potential as leaders for the sake of this community. What will emerge of its own is what the community's spirit and soul will call forth. We need not put before the people's eyes anyone that we see; G-d will manifest his plan to us through us.

    That is the mistake of these local leaders; they think that they can force the hand of G-d and offer themselves to us as our saviors. We here are not that foolish. We follow the light and were it leads us. WE open the doors so that others can make the progress that this community deserves.

    We are not looking for a new leader, our leader is with us.


  93. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 2.36-38; Adam slipped repented

    36. Then did Satan make them slip from the (garden) and get them out of the state (of felicity) in which they had been. We said: "Get ye down all (ye people) with enemity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling place and your means of livelihood for a time."

    37. Then learnt Adam from his lord words of inspiration and his Lord turned toward him; for He is Oft-Returning Most Merciful.

    38. We said: "Get ye down all from here; and if as is sure there comes to you guidance from Me" whosoever follows My guidance on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.

    So they had to wait until they get the spirit from G'D now the word came to Adam after Adam got into trouble without the extra assistance from G'D he gets in trouble with the deceiver, the enemy or mankind and he loses his life that G'D had given him and G'D says he meets with a word from His Lord and he repents, get back on the right track.

    But after Adam came more mistakes after getting on the right track and mankind making mistakes over and over until the last prophet no more.

    Q. 32.9; Spirit to every living thing

    "But He fashioned him in due proportion and breathed into him something of His spirit. And He gave you (the faculties of) hearing and sight and feeling and understanding: little thanks do ye give!

    Q.40.15; Spirit to every living thing

    "Raised high above ranks (or degrees) (He is) the Lord of the Thronne (of authority): by His command doth He send the spirit (of inspiration) to any of His servants He pleases that it may warn (men) of the Day of Mutual Meeting.

    This Muhammad must be an exceptional prophet he's not an ordinary prophet, was Prophet Muhammad the only one to get this spirit from G'D? No. He was not G'D said He has given His Spirit to every living creature something of His Spirit, not just Prophets and Messengers. Every living creature something of His Spirit.

    Q. 17.85; Spirit you know but little

    "They ask thee concerning the Spirit (of inspiration). Say: "The Spirit (cometh) by command of my Lord: of knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you (O men!)

    What is this special spirit that Muhammad gets that makes Muhammad so successful as a prophet that there's no need for any other prophet to come behind him, what is this special spirit that he gets? Obviously G'D spirit is one and a mystery cause G'D says of the ruh yor know but little talking to humanity, we know but little. What is this special portion of His Spirit that he give to Muhammad that makes him so successful

    Now we want to see connection for Muhammad | Christ Jesus, Prophet Muhammad said in the end they shall see us together in the end of the world and Muhammad obligated Muslims to believe in Christ Jesus not just to believe in Prophet Jesus, not just messenger Jesus believe in Christ Jesus.

    Q. 4.171; Jesus Word, Spirit from G'D

    "O people of the Book! commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of Allah(swt) aught but truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) an Apostle of Allah(swt) and His Word which He bestowed on Mary and a Spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah(swt) and His apostles."

    What is the connection? Jesus we know identified more with the Ruh of G'D than any other Prophet, messengers none more strongly identified with the Spirit of G'D His Ruh than Jesus.

    Q. 3.59; Jesus Adam from dust

    "This similitude of Jesus before Allah(swt) is as that of Adam: He created him from dust then said to him: "Be" and he was.

    Matt. 1.1-17; Jesus genealogy

    Jesus is connected back with Adam the first man to understand his existence the Genisis takes us back to Adam the first man so the logic supporting the existence of Jesus in human form among us goes back to the existence of the first man Adam, the genealogy of Christ or of man going back from Christ Jesus to Adam, Adam's creation in genesis


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  94. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Jesus is like Adam that's what we're told in Qur'an, Adam was created by G'D not by the world and Adam was created in perfect condition he had not defects as a human being mold model that G'D wanted for humans and he was safe in the mold, model life until he was deceived out of it, then that's when the trouble came, he was deceived out of it.

    jesus traced back to him he's again creation like Adam, he is perfect in the human mold and model life that G'D wanted for humanity but if the angels could have looked at the world again and saw instead of Adam the beginning of the world with Jesus Christ I'm sure the angels would have looked at Jesus Christ and they would have said the same thing G'D what will You create other than something that will cause bloodshed, confusion? And G'D would have had to tell them all over again or for the first time with Jesus I know what you don't know. Here is the world being regenerated with another man called Jesus and this man is given the perfect human form that G'D gave Adam and he's perfect in his human life, mold, form but is he sufficient and he's a Word from G'D and Spirit.

    Q. 34.28; Prophet is enough

    "We have not sent thee but as a universal {Messenger} to men giving them glad tidings and warning them {against sin} but most men understand not.

    I know of no other Prophet than Muhammad that scripture G'D says he is sufficient enough for all humanity.


    You're saying the other prophets are deficient? Not as deficient as a reflection on them but defecient with reference to G'D progression of the Word, G'D Work is progressional.

    G'D put first man to carry us here, next man there, next, next until we come to the destiny or destination, then no more men to be sent. Not deficient as human beings they were all perfect for the job G'D created them for, but created them for stages in a progression.


    John 16.7; Expedient I go away

    "Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you;
    but if I depart, I will send him unto you."

    Here come Jesus now according to the Gospel he is a man that he himself saw as being insufficient to accomplsh what has to be accomplished in the state he was in when he was on this earth for that reason he said I have to go away the comforter will not come unto you.

    So here's one stage in the development of the liberator that's good up to a point to go from that point into the next progression this one has to drop off like a leaf from a tree until the season come for the tree to bloom again. When the season come for the tree to bloom again he will appear again himself that one that dropped of will appear again and he will be the comforter.

    He will not just be the Spirit froom G'D but He will be the the Spirit of truth so Jesus the spirit of G'D prophesied the coming of the spirit of truth Oh Jesus was the spirit of truth up to a point beyond that point he could not take the world at that time in his state then.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  95. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Please forgive me this typing thing is relatively new to me, not formally educated I make many errors in spelling etc. as you've witnessed. I'm working hard to improve my skill level, and correct these errors again I apoligize for it. So please bear with me if you will. Like your selves I'm busy with other responsibiltes and at the same time contributing to this Blog.

    I left out in part a statement in the last entry which makes the statement incomplete that is

    John 16.7; Expedient I go away

    "nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart,I will send him unto you."

  96. ASA

    There are those on every forum that are instigators and those that are educators. We here can easily spot the instigators and those that are interested only in their own small corner of the world, whether it’s this cyber realm or the real world.

    They are quick to jump to conclusions and promote their spin on what is being said out of the context in which it is being said. They add to or take away from the main points with something of their own desires or insecurities.

    The truth is this, This Blog is a great influence in the life of our community, whether people admit it or don't. It is a positive apparatus that offers clarity to what we are seeing in our community and it offers through its participants objective solutions to what is bothering our soul as a community and as a people.

    If this were not the case then no one would reply to the things that are said. They would pass over them without regard. When I say no one would reply, I mean on this forum, on other forums and in the public. They would not be affected by the subject matter one way or the other.

    We are not looking for a savior, but our community deserves good and qualified leadership, on all levels.

    As I said in my last statement only those that truly saw our late leader can demonstrate for us the true picture of his leadership. I made reference to an example of that type, not to put over us, but as an example of what that leadership should look like. What our late leader approved of while he was with us.

    We all have something special to offer the world. That something special is what I believe our late leader approved of, if we would just tap into that and be motivated to stand up with courage and offer it we as a community will make great strides for the human condition.

    WE are the voice of Mohammed. What are we saying to the world?

    Adam P. Ford

  97. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Blood = spirit Flesh = doctrine

    Jesus identity

    What is jesus more importantly is he blood and flesh more importantly no according to the word of the gospel that he is supposed to have brought the blood is the Spirit of his Word, teachings and his flesh is the doctrine of the new testament.

    We're not looking at flesh and blood really we're looking at the teachings, the logic the reasoning in the gospel and looking at the spirit of humanity love for G'D and humanity and that is the Jesus.

    And he [Jesus the Word] did come back in Muhammad the prophet that's why he say you're gonna see us together in the end the Spirit of truth now the truth has come and falsehood perishes.

    Q. 21.18; Truth knock out falsehood brains

    "Nay We hurl the Truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain and behold falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe to you for the [false] things ye ascribe [to Us].

    And it was always doomed to be a perishing thing, lost world of Islam looking for Jesus to come out of the sky in mortal body with a great sword in his hand to slay pigs and break down crosses what madness.

    Almost got to the subject all or that was introduction.

    When you got a nervous people and you tell them this plank is solid and I want to walk from the edge of this cliff over to that cliff and the abyss is between the two, I put that plank up there and its solid you just can't tell them to get up there and walk if they're the nervous type. You go to first tell them where you got that plank what kind of wood its made of and you already inspected the other side over there and you got to give them all that information in order to get them to walk from one point to another


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  98. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    John 14.17; Truth shall lead int all truth

    Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you."

    When the spirit of truth has come the truth shall lead you into all truths this is universality its the march of the spirit and message of universality that's what G'D Will is G'D Way for humanity, It is the spirit and march to universality that all men are one flesh all people are one people, all matter is one scheme made by G'D.


    The destiny of man is in his own human makeup but G'D has to show him what he knows not G'D had to reveal to him his own creation so his destination is to go to the perfect order of his own life, that's his destination.

    Spiritual destination

    You may say brother Imam, are you saying that there's no spiritual destination? That is the spiritual destination and that is the spiritual journey to get to the destination to get to the journey in its completion and its perfection what G'D created every person for, that is the destinatoon
    and the journey to it is a spiritual journey.

    We will not get there without the help of G'D, without Revelation from G'D we will not get there without special spiritual being among human being in human form to receive G'D Guidance and take us there its a spiritual journey because the flesh be taken to that destination without the human spirit in it, its nothing but an animal the only thing dignifies this flesh is the human being inside of it take the human being outside of it becomes more despicable than many animals.

    But the spirit is the power and the spirit is the direction to take that flesh to its destination, the destination is going to be a new city a new Jerusalem a new communty of man on this earth and there are people who envy us that we have come upon this road that we are on the journey.


    They see us moving in a miraculous way people that left Elijah Muhammad and with his son W.D. Mohammed they're moving in a miraculous way. lets go and study them see what accounts for this miraculous journey they're making on this road let us go if we can and usurp their authority.

    If we don't after a while the world will see them and they may make us look small. So lets go and get of their circumstances by hook or crook so I told one bold enough to speak his devilish mind to me, let it slip out. I told him I said you like our spirit but you want our spirit to have no body. we're not going to accept that, G'D has blessed us with a spirit and has bessed us with the intelligence and the guidance to go find a body for it So at this point I have arrived to the subject.


  99. Very interesting that the honoring of our late leader by this So-Called Islamic Society organization did not warrant the use of the main Stage or the Main Staging area for their Convention.

    Here is a clear example of marginalization by those that see value in our role as the leading voice in the world for Al-Islam. They allow members from our community to put on a small workshop about the GREAT contribution that has been made by our Leader and say this is a Tribute to Imam W. Deen Mohammed. NO! This was no tribute.

    Why did they not make the tribute a main event for the program? Why was it confined to a small space off in a corner away from the main events? Why were there so few members from their organization present at this tribute? Did it not merit the presence and a presentation by that organizations president? The room was full of those that associated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed's leadership, we could have done that ourselves and in fact we did.

    Those that participated in the event should have demanded that the tribute be made a public event and not a workshop event, were only those that are interested come. It should have been made were, like it or not, you will be made aware of the great contributions that Imam W. Deen Mohammed made to the world and if they refused than the presenters from our community should have refused to do the program.

    But we see that there are some that are not truly aware of what they do by not having the MORAL COURAGE that they talk so highly about, that they put the community of Imam Mohammed in peril when they accept invitations from those that would not accept the open invitations by our Leader.

    We don't need them they need us. We don't need their recognition of our leader’s accomplishments. That is a show. A show because they know that they have no life in this society without his vision of Al-Islam.

    Now you hand it to them as they pat you on the back and give you a hug in the grief of YOUR loss. Saying here come and cry on OUR shoulder we are the leader now, here you can cry your tears on us. Go on weeping while we go on forward with the vision because your eyes are blurred from the tears. You sit down and rest for a while, we will do the job for you; you aren't strong enough in your grief.

    See we have your leaders best interest in mind we gave him a tribute. But after that we will move on our own agenda.

    This is their mind. Can't you see it?

    And because your preacher imams are debating about a name and the reigns of what they think is power, the public of our community is left without a productive vision, without true and inspire leadership.

    This will not do.

    Mr. Smith

  100. After watching President Barack Obama in Ghana and around the world these past few days, these thoughts came to my mind in connection with our community:

    President Obama offers a Vision for the world Leaders to examine. He does not seek to set himself over the local leaders or their people, he simply offers vision.

    He places before the people clear perspective, knowing his place in the scheme of the world's history.

    What an example of True Leadership.

    C. A. Numan

  101. Marshelle SultanahJuly 14, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum

    There is no community or organization that can offer us the vision and understanding that Imam Mohammed did/does. The greatest and most lasting tribute that we can make to him is to fulfill the mission that he started and fully establish the Community of Imam Mohammed. Let those who will quibble and dispute about what they will call themselves and how they will divide the community. We know who we are and what we have to do to move this mission along. We know who we trust and who we should not and why we should not trust them. We are of the following of Imam Mohammed who was fully grounded in the teachings of Al-Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). No one and nothing can separate us from him. That is the tribute that generations will reflect upon and be inspired to seek the best in thmselves to lead and demand the right and proper action no matter who dislikes it or won't support it. My Imam is Imam Mohammed, and my loyalty to him is incorruptible. This history, our history as Muslims in America is best told by those who lived it--by us. Our story does not stop here. We are responsible for how it will be remembered as well as how it will be told. Let us write a plot that will inspire humanity for the ages. Do not give in to weak and selfish ploys to steal your great future as leaders of the free world. Imam Mohammed's footprints will be etched in our minds and hearts forever. We will continue his tracks.

  102. Marshelle SultanahJuly 14, 2009 at 9:11 PM

    Every time I come to this blog, the first thing I see is that image of Imam Mohammed. I smile every single time I see it, reflecting on how blessed we were to have had him amongst us; how blessed we were to have been taught by one inspired by Allah.

    Look at that image. His smile and eyes seem to be urging us along. He seems to be saying " Go ahead; you can do it. You must do it. Lead;
    G-d has prepared you for this."

    We have heard this call, and we obey.

  103. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:


    The prophets are big in their times yes Noah was big in his time, biggest man on earth in his time, Moses biggest man on earth in his time but in the day of Muhammad they become small, because Muhammad's day does not exalt Muhammad it exalts the Word of G'D praise be to Allah.


    Moses he had a very difficult time with his people they were really forced into the circumstances they were in they didn't all want to be with Moses circumstances forced them to be with Moses and I'm not comparing us now, there's a strong comparison.

    Jews didn't trust

    But I'm comparing Moses the Prophet and Muhammad the Prophet Moses had a difficult time with his people, they were suspicious of him, they didn't trust that this man knows what he's doing and why they didn't trust him? For more than one reason, the most important reason was that he was not produced by powers or influences that they knew and understood.

    Q. 28.29, 46; Moses Mountain

    "Now When Moses had fulfilled the term and was travelling with his family he perceived a fire in the direction of Mount Tur. He said to his family: "Tarry ye; I perceive a fire; I hope to bring you from there some information or a burning firebrand that ye may warm ourselves."

    46. Nor wast thou at the side of [the Mountain of] Tur when when We called [to Moses] Yet [art thou sent] as a Mercy from thy Lord to give warning to a people to whom no warner had come before thee: in order that they may receive admontion.

    Exodus 193; Moses Mountain

    And Moses went up unto G'D, and the Lord called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of israel;

    So when he was away from them up in the mountain trying to get an audience with G'D he stayed so long they ran out of patience and they elected Moses brother Aaron to be the leader they made Aaron their leader in the absence of Moses and then gave suggestions to Aaron and Aaron followed their suggestion. And they start building the golden calf, false god, deity in absence of Moses.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  104. 'Wa 'Alaikum As Salaam wa Ragmatullah...the tribute to Imam Warithudeen Mohammd at the Annual ISNA Conventionw as not small, it was promoted on ISNA's main Convention website as a featured event prior to the Convention and it was the msot well attended session during that track as evidenced by the Video....Imam mohammed's leadership legecy is not reflected well in this well known strategy internal motivation of ibliss documented by Allah in Al-Qur'aan that is use consitently on this firum and others by those claing association with Imam Mohammed...nemely Ibliss's strategy of tearing something or someone down to build themself up...Allah describes this as istakbara... (formed of the root kbr which is also the root of Akbar)which in the tenth form of the verb istakbara means to seek to be bigger or more important. This consistant slander on this blog that attempts to tear everthing else doen as if it and its members are the only ones truly supporting and living the legecy of Imam Warithudeen Mohammed is without foundation (Surah 13 Ahay 1-3) and is desrespectful to the life and legecy of imam Warithudeen Mohammed

  105. I understand your loyalties dear brother, yet I doubt seriously that the President of or any member of that organization would have put Mrs. Valeria Gerred in a small conference room in order to convey the greetings of Our President Barack Obama.

    Nor did they put Rick Warren in a conference room neither small nor large; they put before the people what they deemed important.

    If you look at any video from that convention and you can by going to YouTube, you can see clearly the capacity of the Main Stage area as compared to the conference rooms in which they held their workshop on the contributions of our leader.

    The Director that attended the workshop/tribute was one dealing solely with interfaith dialog. Is that what they think of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, that he was just significant in the area of interfaith dialog?

    Their actions tell you a lot about their thinking and the actions of those that saw a need to Moderate and sit on a panel for their show, says even more about them. We don't need that you tell us that a cornerstone of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's character and teachings was his Moral Courage, if you as a student or even closer are not showing what you say he taught you.

    What we say here is not meant to tear down anyone, quit the opposite; we intend that our sincere advice helps those that are in position to make a difference and those that have it in them to make a change for the betterment of our community.

    What is disrespectful to the life and legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed are these acts done in these public arenas that go contrary to our leaders direction and vision that he set before the people by those claiming close ties and the role of leadership for our community.
    It is embarrassing and hurtful.

    Again, this will not do.

    Mr. Smith

  106. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 73.15; Man like Moses

    "We have sent to you [O men!] an apostle to Pharaoh.

    Acts 3.22; Man like Moses

    "For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your G'D raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you."

    Now here comes a man Muhammad a man like Moses, I wish you all would talk about somebody else like I do, here is Muhammad coming the last Prophet a man like Moses. How is he like Moses? Every Imam should know, Moses was put in a situation to be responsible for giving a new societal order to a people that had exodus from one society into a desert where there was no society so Moses had the job or mission of making a world for a people who had been put out of a world. They were put out of the world of Egypt into the desert and Moses was their leader and they had to trust him to guide them back to another societal order or another world order, is that clear.

    Here is Muhammad in the world of paganism, idol worship and he's given a mission by G'D to lead people out of the world of paganism into a new world order, is that clear?

    Into a new societal order, its not hinted in the Qur'an at this, its clearly addressed as Ummah, community, here's a man missioned to lead a people into a community. Form a community all over, form a community means form another societal order or another world order, that's what Islam is its a world order, a global order, international community. In that respect they are men alike in their mission Moses and Muhammad, but that's not all.

    Why argue with Moses

    Why did people argue with Mosed? He doesn't have credential like Aaron, he's not articulate like Aaron he does not have the tongue of the professional like Aaron. This Moses was not with us, didn't go to school with him, he was floated down the river as a baby and pharaoh took him in he had no education from us. Pharaoh made him a soldier and one to oversee the building construction, he's not trained in this language, what kind of man is this were following, claiming he's something but Allah[swt] always gives such men in their lonelist hours some persons that believe in them, Moses had them, Muhammad had them.

    His wife Khadijah she believed in him and behind him another and another its always, G'D always bless some few persons to believe in people like this in their most loneliest hour, praise be to Allah[swt].

    He [Muhammad] was a man like Moses in that he was not educated by the world, the world didn't teach him, he didn't get his education, knowledge from the world.


  107. Allan Said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Different than Moses

    Buhkari 2.504; 4.229;

    Saw people paradise

    How is he defferent from Moses? What account for his great success? He told his followers that G'D showed me the people in paradise and he saw the number of people in the following of Muhammad, Islam, bigger than the following of Moses, we know there's more to be said on hadiths about that.

    Bukhari 1:345; 4:429, 537

    Prophet 5 prayers

    And Moses was telling the Prophet to lighten the burden on the people in retrospect Moses saw that his mission put too much burden on the average person. So he offered some help so the Prophet ask G'D to lighten the burden

    Moses difficulty own people

    The point is there's a reason for Moses having all that difficulty he had with his people.

    Muhammad difficulty with idolatrous people

    And Muhammad not having all that difficulty, Muhammad's difficulty was with the idolatrous people the pagan idol worshipers, he didn't have a whole lot of difficulty with his own people. His own people gave him allegiance and fought so strongly with him that they welcomed death for the glory of the mission of Islam.

    They told the enemy, say you're ready to fight are you sure? Say let it be known that you're meeting a people in battle that love death more than you live life. That was something to shake a man's nerve I would have had some second thoughts if I was on the other side, I say maybe this aint the day for me to go fight, I would have been looking for a way to disappear from the ranks.


  108. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. Moses killed a man

    "And he entered the City at a time when its people were not watching: and he found there two men fighting one of his own religion and the other of his foes. Now the man of his own religion appealed to him against his foe and Moses struck him with his fist and made an end of him. He said: "This is a work of Evil [Satan]: for he is an enenmy that manifestly misleads!"

    Exod. 2.12;l Moses slew a man

    And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian,and hid him in the sand."

    Acts 7.24; Moses killed a man

    "And seeing one of them suffer wrong, he [Moses] defended him, and avenged him that was oppressed, and smote the Egyptian:"

    Moses killed a man and that seems to be the mark against Moses in Scripture, a mark stayed with him even after Muhammad, that he killed a man.

    King David had his general killed

    11 Sam 11.14-18;

    David general had killed

    And it came to pass in the morning, that David wrote a letter to Joab, and sent it by the hand or Uriah. [15] And he wrote in the letter, saying, Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retire ye from him, that valilant men were. [17] And the men of the city went out, and fought with Joab: and there fell some of the people of the servants of David; and Uriah the Hittie Died also. [18] Then Joab sent and told David all things concerning the war;"

    David killed many men, Solomon killed many men now why is this a special with Moses for killing one man? And this one man was the enemy of his people and was threatening the life of one of his own people, so what's the big deal, that Moses killed a man?

    Shouldn't you want to know? Its not what you see, looking at, You're looking at Moses killing an Egytian because that Egytian was threatening a Hebrew, that's what You're looking at and Moses acting in anger and killed that man. You have to understand that in light of the community aspirations or the national aspiration of the people called Hebrews or Jews or Israelites.

    Moses killed a man meaning Moses up to that point in his life was working for Jew or Hebrews or Israelites not for humanity so here's an attack upon the Egyptians killing that Egyptian was as though he killed humanity, his killing the Egyptian was killing human kind, listen...


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  109. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    I stand before my lord! humbily invoking; petitoning, and supplicating to my Lord for [His] Mercy! Forgiveness! and Freedom from the torment of fiery passions [Hellfire].

    Seeking His Grace and Pleasure and the will to Obey his Guidance asking and begging for His Protection from the accursed Satan.

    As decreed inscribed in me [Prayer] preferably exemplified by Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] The five Prayers.

    As I offer Prayer of what is obligatory and sunna. Turning my face in the direction of the Kabba my orientation being the Qibla with sincere devotion. I thank Almighy Allah {swt] for life.

    I thank you all with all the love and gratitude I'm feeling. Peace Be Unto You

  110. ASA

    It is clear to me that we have to fulfill our obligations as persons of Faith and as those who say that they follow Prophet Muhammed.

    What was the mark of success that Muhammed and those that followed him, during his life time, left to the world? I do believe that it was a Model Community to be examined and patterned after (Ummatul Islamiah). It was the blueprint and format for most of the new world social orders.

    If we are as we say we are students of our late leader than we owe a tremendous debt and obligation to his name to establish here on this continent a Model Community Life for all to see, following the clear and correct logic that our teacher has left with us.

    Marshelle Sultanah you are correct and I stand with you, we need not worry that those new to this country and to this situation that seeks to devolve human life known as American Society, are now standing up with clear objectives. They know as we know that it was/is the vision of our late leader that stood them up.

    It was their observation of how we managed our life here as Muslims and as African Americans that gave them the strength to come out of the closet of fear and embrace the life of America and claim their rights as American citizens.

    The last thing Imam Mohammed taught us is that we must deal with this fairly in what he called "Our Shared Freedom Space". They are free to do what they think is right with the knowledge that they have and we are free to do with the knowledge, what we know is best for all humanity.

    Can we truly say that we understand what some title the Tafsir of Imam Mohammed if we are unable to translate it for ourselves and bring into existence the fruit of his labor?

    We must do more than just read and reread or listen to his lectures. We must understand what he said and why, and in what context he was focusing our vision for the direction of our community at the time that he was addressing those high concepts.

    We must become more than just listeners, the Paradise that G-d Promises us is for his WORKERS.

    Adam P. Ford

  111. Is everyone aware of the unscrupulous actions taken by the Imams at their last meeting held in Louisville, KY in June? There was a proposal presented by shaitan himself, in the personage of Imam Plemon El Amin from Atlanta, GA, whereby he suggested 2 names for the title of "shiekhs" in our community? The 2 names submitted by this Imam and ratified by the other cronie Imam's were: Darnell Karim out of Chicago, and Ibrahim Pasha, Plemon's assistant Imam in Atlanta, Ga. While certainly we know of Darnell Karim contributions to our community and his life long committment, but Imam Ibrahim Pasha's loyalty and contributions are very questionable. He is no more than a country preacher who is paid every time he speaks, and he never contributes anything back into this community. The question we should be asking is, if we needed a Shiekh, don't you think our dearly beloved late leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed would have named someone. The only person the Imam ever gave the title of Shiekh to was the late James Shabazz out of Chicago, Illinois who earned it based on his age, good work, loyalty, and character. Apparently it was the arch-shaitan himself, Imam Plemon El Amin from Atlanta, who suggested that his assistant be named Shiekh. And they have the audacity to want to rename us when Imam Mohammed separated from them! They do not represent our leader now, nor did they in the past. Imam Mohammed publicly divorced these weak leaders. This is the day of transparency. If you are fooled in this day brother and sister, it is because you choose to be blind. Will the true believer and student of Imam W. Deen Mohammed please STAND UP! We must stay vigilant and stand together. These spineless so-called Imams are out to destroy the good works of our leader but they will not be successful. They seek to set themselves up to take us backwards while pretending to know the Imam better than we did. Just because you had the opportunity to be in his face constantly does not mean you knew him or understand him. These Imams only deceive themselves and their followers, for surely the light that has shined in America from this humble man for over 30 years is so piercing that nothing will put it out. Imam Mohammed is alive and well and is speaking even as I type this post. Leadership is in the resourceful people. Not these weak, mis-guided so-called Imams. When a believer see a wrong they are compelled to address it and correct it. I would like to hear from the "Good Dr." on this, Dr. Delaney whom I appreciate and respect. Thank you for your time. Let there arise out of you a band of believers inviting all to what is right and forbiding what is wrong. The believers will eventually win through. But we must take a stand and fight the shaitan whenever he raises his ugly head through these spineless so-called Imams! These same Imams were called on the carpet many times by our late leader, so beware of them. They were corrupt then and even more so now, since our leader has returned to Allah but what they fell to realize is "WE ARE ALL IMAM W.DEEN MOHAMMED AND WE FEAR NO MAN" ALLAHUAKBAR! Do they really think we will accept any direction coming from them? They all need to resign and allow the youth to step up to lead, the real students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed who truly understand and understood what his mission was and is.

  112. Our Mujeddid Imam W. Deen Mohammed never used the term sheik. Our leader wasn’t comfortable with the term pioneer! He has said publicly that “there were people who were responsible for keeping his brothers and sisters alive”. The word sheik in Arabic is very similar to the word “elite” or “elitist”. Elitist means “the belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority”.

    This is why our leader didn’t use this term. The term really doesn’t fit in Islam! Do you see now why this term is used in the Arab world?? They have societies of commons, lord’s, and king’s! Can you see why they want to introduce this term to us???? Before long just about all of them will have a title.

    Those individuals calling themselves imams are totally unprepared to lead us. It is clear that they are trying to establish a different agenda than that taught to us by our Mujeddid. We would be best served by them and they would best serve us by studying the example and tradition of excellence exemplified by our Mujeddid Imam W. Deen Muhammed. At those meetings our Mujeddid is mentioned just for the show. But Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s logic and knowledge in religion is not discussed. His method and strategy for community development are all but ignored! The last 2 or 3 years our Mujeddid gave many public addresses titled “Researching our Faith and Supporting Business Life in our Community” why isn’t this being discussed???? Selling suits doesn’t fulfill this obligation.

  113. The bottom line for our community is that we are under established!!!! What kind of Islamic life do we want for our children???? How can we take what our leader has given us and see that our children and there children are influenced by this???? Instead of stroking egos this is what should be discussed. Those important issues are being discussed here. Some comments have been made accusing some of the contributors here of imam bashing. This comes directly from Faheem Shuaibe’s website. He has a CD he is selling called “Confessions of a Grateful Student: The Final Lesson in Language from My Teacher Imam W. Deen Mohammed”
    My questions is what final lesson??

  114. Marshelle SultanahJuly 20, 2009 at 12:23 PM

    This is what turns me off about these individuals like Shuaibe; they are still trying to compete with Imam Mohammed and use his name not to propel his mission and legacy forward, but to promote themselves. I begin to notice this particularly in the MJ. One would see a full page ad promoting a certain person's work, but I always thought that he and others like him were plagiarists*("the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work") because all they did was absorb knowledge from Imam Mohammed and regurgitate*("to give back or repeat, esp. something not fully understood or assimilated: to regurgitate the teacher's lectures on the exam") it onto a cd or tape. I always thought if they are presenting their logic as a mainstay, when are they promoting the logic and vision of Imam Mohammed? It turned me off then and even more so now because it is a selfish commentary. It is not intended for the benefit of the people or the promotion of the Imam's legacy. "The final lesson in language"? Should one be declaring that the language of Imam Mohammed is final and hence, dead? That is my reading of this title and as a student of language, I would never have put those words together, unless, of course, I fully intended the meaning they convey. Gratitude is forever, and when a person is grateful for the contributions of another, he or she is very careful about how to uphold the memory, work, and vision of that person he or she is grateful to. Does Faheem Shuaibe and others like him fit that description? Are they looking at the community of Imam Mohammed as Imam Mohammed did? Do they not only follow his logic about our progression, but are they following his methods and strategies? THAT cd or tape is worthy of listening to, but anything else is self-aggrandizing*("The act or practice of enhancing or exaggerating one's own importance, power, or reputation")and should be left alone.

    Before someone accuses me, I am for free enterprise and support one's right to speak freely. But I do not appreciate individuals selling their products as independent sources of knowledge when we recognize the true source of their logic. Your time would best be served pointing people toward the logic that informed you and following it yourself.

    If what I said hurts you, perhaps you are feeling the guilt that comes naturally from pursuing the wrong thing, and you should stop.


  115. Marshelle Sultanah and Bilalian, I love you both for speaking the truth; the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! It is about time we took a stand against these diabolical so-called Imams: Imam Plemon(the arch enemy)out of Atlanta; the West Coast phoney, blood sucking Imam Shuaibe who only promotes himself; and the tired, old country preaching, Pimp, Imam Ibrahim Pasha out of Atlanta. Your time is up! The 3 mentioned have demonstrated by their own actions of late, that they could care less about this community and our beloved late leader Imam Mohammed. This man made them who they are. He gave them over 30 years of teachings and wise leadership; taught them everything they know yet they remain sabotagers and leeches! They would have no cds' or dvd's to sell had IWDM not put his mind into them via his tafsir/teachings. He spent many years talking to their corrupted souls to no avail. And now after his death (physical only, he still lives) they seek to introduce foreign terms to us and think we will remain silent. Can you fool a Muslim? Not nowadays. I thank Allah for this day of TRANSPARENCY. Finally these wizards, yes I like the word wizard... which is what they are... their doom is at hand. They are finally being exposed. I LOVE THIS DAY! ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO ALLAH. IMAM MOHAMMED IS ALIVE AND WELL. AND HE IS STILL SPANKING THESE SO-IMAMS THROUGH HIS STUDENTS.

  116. I went to the webblite that Bilalian told us about and was struck by the arrogant natural of the topics there, mainly this one,

    "It's Time To Be Impressed With Each Other"


    It seems to me that they want people to be Impressed and Oppressed by them. Now you have these same persons joining in on the schemes of those that would take our life out of its context.

    What is their reasoning? If you are a grateful student than why are you selling the labor of our community for such a cheap cost? Is having a person look at you that appealing that you would set yourself up as a straw for the blood suckers to use to suck the life and benefits out of the public of our community.

    Your political contacts that you have that benefit you and your family for zoning houses and other projects that don't really go to help the public of your area but goes to enrich your family's pocket and to promote that you are something in the eyes of those that have been beating into thinking that they can't do what you are doing because they don't know the LANGUAGE. This is a shame on the community's image in the public.

    I have a question for all the forums on the internet that say they are associated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed's leadership. Were the instructions left by Imam W. Deen Mohammed through Yahya Abdullah some new injunction for our community?

    We are talking over these forums as if what was said was some new revelation. If the community is to remain as he LEFT it, than the community is the way it was while he was physically with us. We are making some big deal about Leadership Being Local. It was already local. What changed?

    No one is to be over another... It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Imam Mohammed himself refused to be over any local leader or that area’s people and their affairs. What has changed?

    There is to be no Organizational Structure... There has been no organizational structure in place for as long as I can remember... There are those that want to put the community under their mind and their structure in order to control the resources of this community for themselves, but they have been doing that for ages.

    Are our eyes just now coming open to these things because we are left to deal with these trouble makers ourselves. We can no longer hide behind Imam W. Deen Mohammed's whip that he put on them.

    Just as Mr. Numan suggested there is a need for Vision for our community, a need for focus and an Influence that will urge our productive life forward. As Mr. Ford suggested there is a need for those that understand their roles in society that will safe guard that life and our right to be productive and successful in this world. We need that you are armed with the knowledge of your own self worth so that we can continue this journey together.

    Mr. Smith

  117. Peace To You All!

    In a few short days we will be starting work on the Online Library for the Legacy of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. We are asking those that have access to files, articles, interviews, lectures or excerpts of lectures, photos, testimonials, and such information that would help to make the Library a more productive and helpful resource for all that find value in the Life and Teaching of Imam W. Deen Mohammed would be greatly appreciated.

    Please contact me at, If you already have mu number give me a call or ask for it in your email so that we can move forward.

    We have already secured a domain name and are ready to move forward.

    I hope to hear from those that are willing to work to make this effort a success for us all.


  118. Peace To You All!

    Shortly, you will see Ads on this webpage we are asking those that visit checkout the ads and use the customize search tool bar on this page for every click and search there is a dollar among associated with it.

    It costs you nothing to check out the ads on this webpage in order to help us raise the money that we will need to develop the Online Library. The monies received will go towards paying for the development, management and maintenance of the Online Library.

    So please feel free to check out the ads on this page after you have finished your study of the discussion and conversation that is currently going on. We are not selling anything only asking that you help us raise many by check out ads.

    Thank You,

    You Friend and Brother,


  119. Peace To You All!

    At this time I am asking that any who has intentions on contacting me concerning the Online Library with materials please hold on in this matter. As I have asked by WDM Publications not to solicit for the Intellectual properties of Imam W. Deen Mohammed to be used in the manner of publishing them to the public via an Online Library source.

    I am waiting to discuss this matter further with WDM Publications/ The Mosque Cares.

    Thank you all for your interest and I will keep the Blog updated as to the outcome of the discussion.

    Thank You

    Your Friend and Brother,

  120. What is setting us apart from any other voice from our group whether it be over the internet or in the Public, is our trust in the people and their ability to govern their affairs with the highest standard of Human Dignity.

    We thank the architect of this Blog where ever he might be, for having the vision to use the resources made available to empower the public of our community to be able to voice our concerns without fear.

    The birth of leadership is starting right here with our voices speaking to the concerns and conditions that we find ourselves facing. When I say right here, I mean right within you the reader and the contributors to an active and progressive life.

    Who should those in positions of authority listen to but you, your voice, your condition and your concerns, while addressing your aspirations for life. They must follow your LEAD, if they are to remain among us.

    Persons in positions of leadership have no work other than providing for and addressing the needs of the people. They must open a way for those needs and aspirations, so that the common one among us can feel free to establish a life of peace and security.

    Is what you are looking at as leaders in your local areas doing that for their publics? Are they offering vision for you and your family to the point that you can see a purpose for your family in the scheme of developing community?

    If not then you and those that are strong enough to stand with courage, must remove the block in the road to our success as a people.

    Be not afraid the Will of G-d is with US!

    Mr. Smith

  121. ASA,

    Very interesting the commentary given today by "The Minister", as I sat listening to him via webcast, I thought to myself at least he has the sense to call himself what he is. That term is enduring to those that have a church mind and church sentiments.

    I also thought, "What a way to wade in on the discussion of leadership."

    The great blessing that we have as students in the Community of Imam Mohammed is that we are not looking for the savior in any physical form and we are not looking to those that have been in position playing their harps pulling and plucking on our heartstrings for leadership.

    We appreciate all perspectives that generate thoughtful intercourse between the public masses and our unique history. But not all intercourse is lawful and not all intercourse is pure and wholesome.

    WE would like to thank those that have been steadfast in their roles and have never wavered in their commitment in safeguarding our social development no matter the cost to their personal being. We are aware of the tremendous cost that performing your duties have produced and you have weathered the storms of criticism and loss of life and loss of wealth and good health, we are aware.

    Our undying gratitude goes out to those that have been our Social Guardians for these many years and to the new generation that are standing up to continue this journey.

    For those that have been here in this movement and have done nothing, but be a weight on the community's development, you are not anchors like those men and women that I and others are grateful to, you are just weight. Dead Weight and it is time for us to throw you off and bury you. Imam Mohammed said once concerning racism he said "...It's just a dead dog now, but dead dogs still stink until you bury them...I want you all to help me bury them..."

    I say to you all the same concerning oppressive leadership in our community,

    "...It's just a dead dog now, but dead dogs still stink until you bury them...I want you all to help me bury them..."

    Adam P. Ford

  122. Steven Spielberg described Black leadership like this, He says that the black leaders have no vision of their own and have no plan to make their lives better, he says that we are the type that waits around for others to produce and our efforts go flying out the window.

    Master (Wendu) we get our chance? Master (Wendu) you think you will let us be free?

    I know we were looking at the Frogman with his big lips, but Wendu is the real insult to our people's leadership. But we insult ourselves with these acts and these facades of loyalty to our late leader’s vision. It almost makes you think that the moviemaker's description of us is correct.

    Why are we here? Why do we come to this Blog day after day sometimes two and three times a day what are we getting from this experience? Why is this blog so important to you, that you watch its movements and what is being said here?

    There is something important that is being done here that is out of your control. You try to put checks on it and some of the contributors may fear you and stop their efforts to please you, but there is no fear in me. What must be done, will be done.

    I do not ask you "Master Wendu" I get an opportunity to advance my life and the life of our community, I do not ask you "Master Wedu" I get the rights that make me a responsible citizen in our community. I will not ask you, "Master Wendu" you want me to start or stop my life to serve you and your small interests.

    I am a free man and I OBEY only ONE.

    C. A. Numan

  123. Marshelle SultanahJuly 27, 2009 at 3:16 AM

    Praise be to Allah, Brother Adam and C.A. Numan, what you have spoken has been true and correct. We have been called to lead and/or advise. The commitment we make today will prepare the future for our progeny tomorrow. We must be the example and demand truth and honor for the Community of Imam Mohammed. We invite you all to participate in this discussion. Let us hear your thoughts; they are welcome here. I ask my sisters to get involved. Your voice is needed, respected, and appreciated too. Imam Mohammed valued all of us. Let us work together to show the world the continuation of the legacy and mission of Imam Mohammed. As Salaam Alaikum.

  124. The world does not stand still in wait for us. It calls out in pain for a voice to speak on behalf of the human soul to bring balance to the conditions that confront it.

    The representatives of the world have their own private councils both in the religious world and secular. Our late leader gave them good counsel, and a balanced vision for the hopes of the common man.

    Who is there that will give them that counsel now? Who will instruct their minds and hearts to see correctly as life advances? While we look at our internal issues who is dealing with these issues, that has become our responsibility?

    They look here. But who is there that can be a physical representation of this voice that rings true from this source? This is the truth of it. The world sees our late leader and his teachings they CAN read study and listen with the most attentive ear and mind, but will not walk away with the clear direction that is needed for them to grow and make wise decisions for the publics of the world.

    They will do what others have done, what those weak plagiaristic leaders in our community have done. They will take what they think is POWER and useful insight and contort it to fit their schemes.

    This is a discussion about Leadership, we are not here to quote from the sayings of our leader and feel good that we can read and make some small connection with an out of place philosophy. We are here to say and do what is necessary to establish the vision that our Leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed pointed us to.

    We ask the tough questions and seek to resolve them with the right answers gotten too though discussion and action based on the outcome of our discussion.

    Where is the representative voice from our community in those places of council for world affairs? The world does not wait and by law of nature it will replace what is best with what is lesser if not presented with what is better.

    It will produce an artificial balance if the natural one doesn't flourish. There are many of those leaders that seek to replace our voice with their own.

    Mr. Smith

  125. Today is no small matter. Allah(swa)says, Allah's word is fulfilled in truth and justice.
    We must follow the religion true and straight. We don't add our on thing in it. And we must insist that others do not add their own thing in it. Imam Mohammed teaches us the the Holy Quran, the sunnah of the Prophet, the revelations and the excellence of the human being. How do some of the Imams think that they will harness our religion and the works of Imam Mohammed and add their own thing to it, then place themselves above the people and say they will lead to progress. When, Allah says, that He does not advance good upon falsehood. It takes good to advance good. To me it says that they do not really believe in the 30 years of devotion and sacrifice of Imam Mohammed. Those that follow the religion true and straight, who adhere to the words and works of W. D. Mohammed, who follow and try to live the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed(saws)they are the Community of W. D. Mohammed. Truth commands justice and justice commands truth. Leadership commands the people and the people command the leaders. One questions is, if as a people we have been given Islam and an insightful explanation of it by our beloved Imam and an understanding of the Holy Quran. How do those who call themselves our leaders right now walk about as if they are independent of this fact and act as if they are independent kings of knowledge?
    As believers we must look into our hearts and the knowledge that we have and base our actions on that. Our leaders are our representatives and the representatives of the wisdom of Imam Mohammed. I ask you as a fellow believer, do you have a school in your local community adhering to the guidance of Imam Mohammed? Does your local community own property for the advancement of the community in which you live? Does your community own the property in which you pray? Do you go home after prayer with some knowledge beneficial and understood by you given by the Imam there? Or do you come to prayer because you feel you ought to go? What comparatively true progress has your local community made? Is our Honorable Imam's wisdom even mentioned in the local talks? How has the influence of your local leadership benefited or taken away the progress needed for you and your children? And where are your children?
    Where are those that are forbiding wrong and enjoining good?
    Support the good, the true and the just.


  126. As'Salaamu'Alykum

    I thank Allah for you all! I have learned so much by reading the comments on this Blog and from referencing them in my conversations with others in our community.

    One thing that I would like to say here is that Imam Warithu Deen Mohammed commanded our respect. He was THE leader no matter where he was. When he came to town you knew it. When the Bond Bosses heard he was coming you knew it because they would begin to talk differently. They would become more approachable more friendly with their time with you. Their whole attitudes would change.

    If they were lucky enough to sit on the stage with Imam Warithu Deen Mohammed you could almost see them glowing with pride. I say and only a few days after he had gone it would be back to business as usual. I always wondered why.

    I would see young believers like myself enthusiastic about getting involved with Masjid Projects, but as soon as it was known that one or a few of us had some knowledge of and love for The Imam's Language, the projects seemed to faded into the ethers. There was no mention of it by the local imam or by the Masjid Board or the committees.

    It seems like to me that when ever someone has something productive to offer the community, we as a people look to destroy that person or group of people that started it. I have been simply reading these posts and comments and when I saw attacks on our dear brother dr. Delaney W. Karriem, I was totally disgusted. These same people will tell you how wrong it is to so-call bash Imams and how Un-Islamic that is will come and try and run away a bright light that is shining in our community. Why?

    No one has asked not once who this Adam P. Ford guy is or who Bilalian is, and they are saying the same thing that dr. Delaney W. Karriem is saying. I personally don't know anyone on this blog and yet I came here almost every day to study both the ongoing comments and older comments by these wonderfully intelligent believers.

    I hope to hear from dr. Delaney W. Karriem again and hope that the negative that has been spread against him has not caused him to not want to share his voice and focus with us. That would be a shame.

    Thank you for listening or reading... and by the way it was George Lucas that wrote Star Wars brother Numan, not Steven Spielberg.

    M. Madyun

  127. ASA

    I agree with our friend M. Madyun, I believe that we are in a time that our best and brightest should be heard. I really enjoyed the format of the blog that offered us insight into some of the contributor’s thoughts. I would like to see that once again.

    I think that with the most recent events that have happened both in our community and in the world, it would help us to put things into a more clear perspective. Since our brother Imam Earl AbdulMalik Mohammed has made it know that he is a reader of this blog and has shared his thoughts on how important this discussion is, I would like to hear from him on these issues.

    Brother Hashim is there any way that you can contact Him in order to Interview him on this blog? I believe that others would like to hear from him as well, concerning the state of the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    I also would like to see the effort of the Online Library established I believe that that effort should not be hindered and that it would be a great benefit to our community.

    Ali K.

  128. Marshelle SultanahJuly 29, 2009 at 2:42 AM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    It is always my pleasure to come here and hear from you. I enjoy the company that I keep. It is always encouraging and inspiring to be among like-minded people. M. Madyun, I understand well what you describe having been a victim of the wall of silence. As students of Imam Mohammed, we are always excited about the possibilities. We were sincere in our decisions to invest our time, effort, and energy into developing the community. Often, we were obscured from the sight and ears of the believers. We may have been given menial tasks that remind one of busy work, but our souls were never satisfied. We were puzzled at the behavior of the leadership because they said they supported and loved Imam Mohammed, but their actions did not match their words. This is the destruction that you refer to; though, I don't think that the believers sought to destroy us. I think the everyday believers wanted us to succeed and were rooting for us. They continue to root for us now. Others are awakening to what most of us have realized some time ago--there are pretenders amongst us. Imam Mohammed told us this. We will not stop until they desist in their backward mentality and self-serving behavior. They have demonstrated how committed they are to following the pattern of Imam Mohammed. We will fulfill the mission and protect the legacy of Imam Mohammed. We are here; welcome.

    I too continue to see the importance of an online library. Let us pray that any copyright issues can be resolved. I don't know what the legal rights are to public speeches, but if nothing else, it would be most useful to have access to the Imam's public speeches for all who seek true knowledge. Unless the Mosque Cares intends to do that, I don't readily see what their objections would be.

  129. Allan said As-Sslaam Alaikum:

    Yes we too would like to hear from our brother E. Abdul Malik Mohammed. Why? because It is he that stated when representing IWDM that he is to Imam Mohammed as Aaron was to Moses.

    He also stated however unlike Aaron he would not repeat his mistake.

    That comment never was refuted by the Imam. It stands as truth to this day.

    So it's believed maturity with deep reflection in time what's to come will manifest.

    Only G'D know with that we pray!

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  130. Peace To You All!

    Thank you for the question Ali K., as you pointed out, Imam AbdulMalik says that he reads these comments and I would believe if that is the case he is aware of your request and can inform us here or me privately via the email that I have posted, that he is interested.

    I would gladly do and interview with him or any other person that has been a great help and influence here on this blog such as Marshelle Sultanah, Bilalian and others.

    In addressing the Online Library, It is my understanding that WDM Publications/ The Mosque Cares may be investigating putting together an Online Library for our community. That is not clear to me at this time. I am still waiting to hear from them on this matter. If they are than I think that they have better resources than I to put the Library together. I have not been deterred by the request to stop soliciting for the Intellectual property of Imam Mohammed.

    I do however understand the complex nature of intellectual property laws, and the rights of the biological heirs to such things.

    I have not stopped my efforts to make sure that at least a website and domain name is secured and it has been. The history and testimonials of others are not the property of heirs and can be compiled and published. But we would like to have a complete presentation of our Leader and so we wait on the communication concerning lectures and transcripts. Video and Audio.

    Allah is blessing our efforts here and we will be successful.


  131. ASA,
    I have been reading the intelligent and wise comments on this blog. Though I don't comment much I am in agreement and stand with most of the regulars. It is clear to me that there is not a true leader or representative among the frenzied group of Imams. I believe there are a number of believers that see this also. So, it is clear. We deserve better. My question is, how will we gather those that acknowledge this, either intellectually or physically, to speak as one voice? Will there be a representative from the soberminded believers to speak at the convention? Or is there some other avenue that will solidify us as a band?


  132. The People have a right to choose their own leader following their idea of leadership.

    The voice of the people should call out with their lips what is pressing on their souls. We are in need of representation in the world and none of these plagiarists come close to presenting the correct ideas of our late leader. None of them have vision to present to the world just balance; none of them have the overall respect of the people.

    If there are persons that the world sees as qualified leaders that will help promote correct perception in the religion and guidance for the world, than let us put forth their names here. Let us call the people to this open place to discuss this issue.

    If we in this community have such persons that the world can respect as a qualified representative for the soul of humanity than let us put forth their names. Let's discuss this issue openly.

    We are not looking for a savior, a ruler, a King, or Khalif over us we are looking for leadership that represents the best of our human nature that we can identify with as having our best interest at heart and in mind.

    Is this question that much different than our identifying with President Obama? We see him as a qualified leader in the world and most of us have no problem saying just that. Had Imam W. Deen Mohammed not said anything about him than you would think my statement strange, but you know that our late leader approved of this type and said he was waiting for this type to appear on the scene.

    Mr. Smith

  133. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    The truth must be told a mans works is intertwined with destiny:

    We believe in our heart that E. Abdul Malik Mohammed in our view is without question the best qualified among us to lead and represent Al-Islam continuing in the best tradition of the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh].

    It was stated by him that he follows IWDM like the angels serve Allah.

    He also stated if he was sat down by the Imam for any reason he would gladly do so and wait for another opportunity.

    Finally he said no person influence or spirit will change him in followng IWDM.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  134. As-Salaamu-Alaikum,
    This is a bright, and wonderful time and I am indeed fortunate and priveleged to be living in it! The comments and posts presented here by the sincere student-followers of Imam W.D.Mohammed (May Allah reward him and grant him the Paradise) are thought provoking and encouraging.

    I eagerly look forward to the establishment of an on-line library in which The Mujeddid's teachings can be easily and readily accessed by ALL. You have my support.

  135. Marshelle SultanahJuly 30, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    It is indeed a beautiful time we live in. Can you feel the excitement and enlightenment in the air? We have been so blessed to have Imam Mohammed in our lives. He helped us so much. I say that repeatedly because the magnitude of his contribution is staggering to the mind. Have you ever thought about what our lives would be like without the commentary of Imam Mohammed? The comfort that we enjoy in this society is a direct result of the dawah and mission of Imam Mohammed. He was referred to as America's Imam. He touched everyone who heard him because we recognized the truth and compassion in his message. That's why we refuse to accept anything less than the standard of excellence he patterned for us. He was so special to us for this reason, but also because he was ours. He emerged from our community. Our people bred and raised him, and we held him up as our Imam, and he never ever disappointed us. I am so thankful to have lived in this time to choose him as my Imam. I am grateful to this community who has helped to form me. It is my pleasure to serve the Community of Imam Mohammed. If I can do anything to secure and promote the Imam's mission, I will do it. I am very happy to see the voice of the community--this blog-- blooming. We are doing very important and wholesome work here. Your intelligent dialogue is moving the spirit of the people. You see it in your individual communities. The people are talking about what is happening here. We are strengthening our resolve and are making it very clear that nothing and no one can separate us from the Mujeddid. Our loyalty to his legacy and pattern is incorruptible. We won't follow inept and weak leadership. We had an excellent leader for more than thirty years. Don't offer us a generic brand when we have had the top of the line.
    You know, it must trouble the detractors that the people are asking Imam AbdulMalik to add to this discussion of leadership. They want us to be opposed to him. I commend him for having the courage to redress any errors attributed to him. This is one of the qualities that we respect about him. We also acknowledge the benefit he may be to us due to his relationship as the Imam's National Representative. We know that most of our present Imams did not address the time after Imam Mohammed, but that does not mean that Imam AbdulMalik didn't. That's why I want to hear from him too.

  136. After I watched the “Black in America” series that aired on CNN, I am convinced that African-Americans as a whole are starting to realize that our historical circumstances have not cursed us but in reality have developed a very extraordinary people.

    African-Americans who have been heavily influenced by the church don’t have the language to express it. But they are definitely starting to sense it. They are starting to take the responsibility and the initiative to develop these gifts in our people and are using there own recourses to do it.

    African-American needs in our own community had been neglected for years. This occurred because African-Americans didn’t except that there was anything there worth investing in until now. It is also obvious to me the seeds were planted by our leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed. There is no one else in the universe who has spoken to the excellence in the human soul in this way except our leader.

    Our Mujeddid believed that in order to produce a community (garden) from the dry barren land with no sign of life (desert) we have to move among them with our ideas and interest and invest in the people. What is troubling is that we under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed have been aware of this for over 30 years or more. Many of the imams never accepted this logic. They believed that the Nation of Islam and its deceptive logic was what was needed to revive the black man.

    If you could travel to cities around the country and visit some of the places that say they follow our Mujeddid, you will see almost no community outreach at all. I think now more than ever African-Americans are waiting for us to build schools, community centers and Masajids so they can come and join us. This will take great sacrifice!! If we can accomplish this we will eradicate 400 years of inferior thinking. It just proves that our leader is extremely wise. He is way ahead of us.

    “Death and resurrection is as the death and resurrection of one soul. All you need is one person with enough influence and if you have them in your environment and you don’t have direction for you life that one person can bring the majority of the people down!! Just one! One image one example can bring the whole people down!! And Allah says by the same logic one standing up in the right character having the right life can lift the whole people up!! And that’s what we have in Obama. To me he’s much more than a candidate for the president of these United States. He is much more than that! He is new life in the spirit of Black America!”

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed
    30 Year Hajj Reunion Feb 23, 2008

  137. ASA

    I recently heard someone talk about Hollywood’s first movie Titled "The Birth of a Nation" and how the idea of "Black" America was presented in such a corrupt way by the Supremacist Mind.

    As I listened to this Caricature of "Black Leadership" speak, I thought to myself, Here is Hollywood in real life putting on an act and a show for us to marvel at, Strumming on his little stringed instrument and beating the drums.

    I found it very interesting, but saw no vision for our future. I saw him talking over the heads of must saying that he understands his role once again, but you waivered brother minister, you waivered.

    We have with us those that never wavered and will never turn their backs on their duty. Can any of you plagiaristic imams say the same? Most of you have (Aired) and then (Run), you could never have been nor could you be the Aaron that Imam Mohammed needed.

    When asked to stand with this effort and help the people, you prefer to write dissertations and ask for others to do the same as if you can grade their value in the world.

    I have my shovel in hand and am ready to fill the grave of these stinking dogs...

    Adam P. Ford

  138. As-Salaam Alaikum:

    I was researching information on this evening and came across the link to this blog. Many of the comments resonated with me, especially the ones that speak so warmly of Imam W.Deen Mohammed (may G-d be pleased with him) and the need for stronger community-minded development. Imam Mohammed had the skill to make logical connections between what many see as disparate, coincidental pieces of information and openly shared his wisdom with all who chose to learn. One of my favorite reads is "Islam's Climate for Business Success." I am forever grateful for his efforts as a leader. I look forward to seeing additional posts and determining how I may be able to help, where appropriate.

    Rasheedah Hasan

  139. I must have missed it, but when did M. Farrakhan speak? Perhaps there is a link I can go to to read the transcript? Where did it air? Thanks to this blog for keeping us informed. ASA.

  140. ASA

    Yes, M. Farrakhan spoke this past Sunday from 11am til about 3pm. You can find the article on their website.

    Title: The Crucifixion of Michael Jackson and All Responsible Black Leaders.

    For those that did not see the webcast it held several interest points, but as I said it offered nothing for our vision as a community and nothing in terms of true leadership.

    Adam P. Ford

  141. This must be said, and looked at very seriously. What did Imam W. Deen Mohammed our Mujeddid give to us? I say it was much more than a commentary of the Qur'an and a clear approach to understanding our Prophet Muhammed. It was much more than that.

    If you want commentary on the Qur'an all you need do is read the footnotes made by Abdullah Yusuf Ali or Marmaduke Pickthell or any number of those that have translated the Qur'an from one language to another.

    It was not commentary that made our late leader special. It was not his commentary alone that made him the leader. I know this is hard for some of you to hear and even understand but he said these things himself, this is not me saying these things, I am seeking to bring clarity to our sight so that we can more forward as a people.

    Well, get to it, what do you mean brother?

    The Mujeddied told us that what he was sharing with us was not new and was not something only that HE knew. He told us that the WISE in religion knew these things but they held this information back from the people.

    What made him special is, while having this great information he was able to give to us what other civilized people had that stood them up as having a place in the world at the table of designers of the future for human destiny.

    His strategy in instructing us taught the world great lessons of how to deal with their common people and showed them that those that they look at as common have great value if you would treat them with great respect and dignity.

    Respect that these people who were without an understanding of the rules of the world and how it operates can within a few years produce great leadership vision for the whole world once given the tools and blueprints and correct understanding that established your life.

    That thing that you put down, that thing that was beaten and bruised can stand up and show you the path that you neglected and lead you to greater progress for the world.

    It was not the commentary only that gave us the position of leader in the world, it was G-d's favor on that great strategy and plan and design for our lives that our late leader produced and demonstrated.

    Now you tell me who has that vision? Who can tell you these things that we are sharing with you? Who has the heart to stand before you and say that you are looking at the wrong thing as to what made our leader important to us and the world? You are looking at his words but you are not looking at what he did with them.

    None of these plagiarists can continue this process for us because they can't see what I am saying here. Allah has blinded them. Their hearts are closed to this understanding. We have special people here that we be the vanguard for this community whether they like it or not. We ask nothing from you we do what we do out of love for our life as a community; as a people.

    There is among those special, bright students of our late leader the representative that will continue the process that was described here. If all you want is words we have several books that we can sell you. We have plenty of tapes and lectures that you can listen to all day and night. But if you want that those lectures open your eyes to the strategy of creating life, then you must make a choice.

    You must call for the best that our community has to offer so that we can move our life forward in an unbroken line of progress. We are not headless; we have leadership of the best caliber.

    I say this to you as your friend and brother.

    Mr. Smith

  142. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    I said what we were doing was to prepare you not to be nervous as you walk the plank not to connection but to the best connection, there's nothing on the end of the plank but a drop. What we're talking about is walking a board walk or a plank from one elevation of land to another elevation of land that's separated by an abyss or a deep crevice that we don't want to fall into.

    Elevation Islamic logic

    So I would say the elevation that we're walking away from is an elevation of this world's logic and we want to go from the elevation of this world's logic to the elevation of Islamic logic. And it is frightening to one who doesn't know the solid support in Islamic logic.

    World logic = materialism

    What is the logic or the world? The logic of the world is materialist the world is united upon one logic, materialism that's the logic their united upon.

    World of Spirit

    Then you have the world of spirit that lives in the bodies of the world of materialism. So here we are in the world of materialism and we have the world of faith living in the world of materialism and we live in the bodies that they produce for us. They produced this building, the car, right?

    Seperate church state, faith, business

    That's the world of materialism and they separate the two, they don't only separate church and state they separate the faith community and the business community. So what we have for bodies our spirit our life is given to us by the business community. So we want to walk off away from this elevation, world of business or materialism and we want to go over to the platform or elevation of Islamic logic not this world's logic. This world's logic provides for spiritual logic provides accomodates spiritual logic; accomodate can be positive and negative. If I get hotel accomodations that's positive but if I have a wife that's gonna accomodate me tonight that's negative. Is that not right?

    She's gonna accommodate me tonight no, no this is a right I have girl this is something that's supposed to be ours it aint you accommodating me its us enjoying something together. This is supposed to be a situation of equality not a landlord and a place to stay. So aren't you tired of being accommodated? I am I want a better situation.

    So we want to go from this world's logic without destroying it, we're not gonna get on the other side and then invent some cannons and fire on the sturcture that we left and knock it down no; we're gonna stand upon our solid ground and salute the other side, that means respect from a disciplined person.

    But we're not gonna stand upon this world's logic, if we want go where Allah wants us to go with His Word The Qur'an and His Messenger the model human person Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] then we have to not stand upon this world's logic but stand upon Islamic logic and walk in this world, move in this world, two things in this world, build in this world, provide our own accommodations instead of having somebody accommodate us.

    Disembodied persons

    We have to accommodate ourselves and then work hard to accommodate others who are out of doors like we are, disembodied persons in a material world. That's what we are going to be talking about, how do we see this Islamic logic so that we can reach it where ever we are so that we can get it where ever we are, what is Islam?


    Thank You Peace Be Upon You

  143. That was excellent commentary Mr. Smith.

    Your friend and brother Bilalian.

  144. There is a term in the birthing room when the doctor sees that the baby is coming out that is simular to the world identifying with recognizing New Leader following in the line of the former leader; taking charge of the duty and responsibility of that former leader.

    There is no coincidence that these terms are the same. When to doctor sees the top of the head coming through, he or she says "We are Crowning"

    Like it has being said we are not looking for a king to be over us, but we do recognize that the birth of leadership is upon us.

    We are Crowning!

    Soon the Face of our community will be recognizable and we will be able to identify it by name.

    C. A. Numan

  145. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 3.193; We Heard one calling to faith

    "Our Lord! we have heard the call of one calling us to faith `Believe ye in the Lord and we have believed. Our Lord! forgive us our sins blot out from us our iniquities and take to thyself our souls in the company of the righteous.

    The prophet gave the answer its five, what is the message? G'D gave it He said and there are those who say they have heard a caller calling, saying not just calling to faith but saying believe in your Lord, not just a call to faith.

    What is the faith you're being called to? Faith in your Lord we know what faith is the principles of faith, the articles of faith they are developments out of a bigger issue, the issue bigger than believing in Angels, the Books of G'D the prophets the day of Judgement and the qadr of G'D the issue bigger than that `that is believing in your Lord, your Lord is first.

    If he had said believe in the angels I am a caller calling you to believe in the day of judgement, John the Baptist was a caller calling to believe in the day of judgemnt but how far did that take them?

    So here is a caller calling people saying believe in your Lord; this is not an english term term originally this is an Arabic term originally.


    What is the meaning of Lord in its original form or context, the Arabic Qur'an? Is Lord a person Jesus, Muhammad? No. Who is the lord Allah G'D of the heavens and the earth is the Lord. How do we know that Allah G'D is the Lord? Al hamdu lillahe rabbil ialameeen praise be to G'D Lord of all worlds.

    Q.39.4; Son? He would chosen whom He created

    "Had Allah wished to take to Himself a son He could have chosen whom He pleased out of those whoom He doth create: but Glory be to Him! [He is above such things.] He is Allah the One the irresistible.

    Your Lord is G'D not the son of G'D, G'D creation, no son, He creates sons, men created by G'D, servants, dependents but no biological sons G'D is not biology and this is Gospel to but its confused the language is so covered that you can't see it G'D has bessed me to lift the cover and I can see it.

    The Gospel

    Says G'D has no biological children, descendants and I'll take any preacher, Pope himself I'll test any man on this earth because I know what I'm talking about and I won't have to take to long to test them they'll recognize the truth quickly, those big fellows I mentioned they'll see it right away.

    So what is the meaning of your Lord? G'D as Lord is not only the Lord of man, G'D as Lord is Lord of everything in existence so what is the meaning of Lord? In the Qur'anic text many of the scholars have discussed the meaning of this term Rabb in the Qur'an has meaning that the One that's called and entitled to that name is the One Who takes a thing that still needs help to get it where it is to go and He takes that thing, being and cares for it watches over it protect it from a distance and also with the awareness of that thing sometimes, of what it is that's being done.

    Protects it and give it what it needs to assist it on where it has to go that's Rabb. So G'D is the Rabb of everything in existence He created this world but He also planned for this world's protection and for this world's growth into its completion. And the laws and influences etc that are operating to bring matteer to where Allah intend for it to go eventually Its been designed by G'D and G'D in so designing it that way is the Lord of that matter. Not just the Lord of man.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  146. It is important to note that this blog is not limited to just those that comment on it on a regular basis. There are people from all over the world, (to use an analogy from one of the other contributors) in the Birthing Room waiting nervously for what they and you know is happening.

    Some are extremely nervous and anxious about what they see as a great and bright day for our community. Others are frightened and hateful that such a wonderful thing is happening. They see this as a contender to some idea of power that they are trying to grab for themselves.

    I must inform them that there is no power to grab, no prize to be won, no title to be had. This is simply and beautifully the birth that our late leader referred to on many occasions. This is the Community of Imam Mohammed's Heir, A refreshing breeze after a scorching summer's day.

    This is a natural happening that requires that we rejoice at it and respond to its coming with serious purpose and focus. We are prepared to work hard to accommodate this new life, which by its birth will give us reason to get up in the morning and go to work to make this world a better place. It will motivate us to establish the life that we all desire and deserve.

    Just the news of the birth will inspire others to offer their assistance and give gifts of love to our work of preparing for the future. They know the importance of this work that we do here. They watch us from afar and look to the birthing room and they have heard the news... as our friend has said "We Are Crowning".

    Mr. Smith

  147. ASA,

    Do we follow Imam W. Deen Mohammed in what he has taught us or do we follow some other idea of what will establish us as a people? What Imam Mohammed gave us that will establish our life as a people is Al-Islam.

    If you are not aware of the principles of Al-Islam than you should not chime in on whether or not the idea of have a voice that guides the vision of the people is a legitimate structure in the design of the strategy of Prophet Muhammed that directly affects our lives.

    The ritual of Salat tells us that we all can lead ourselves and that we have a right and duty to do just that. Yet, in the same light it tells us that the group that follows the same logic when together should have their best stand before them and lead them in the ritual.

    The ritual is a SYMBOL, a SIGN. It is a sign and symbol of a disciplined life following logic. A logic that shows both the individual and the group the process of how civilization is to establish itself, how it rises, falls and comes back after its fall to establish a foundation based on structured logic.

    With that said, as we are followers of this religion, so we say, we should as a rule understand that we are to see this blueprint as a safeguard for the progress of our people and the human race. When we stand as Muslims following the blueprint left us by Muhammed the Prophet we can't perform our ritual congregational prayer without a leader standing before us leading, not with his voice or his words but with the words of G-d inspired through Muhammed.

    Can't we see that?

    Why is this argument so troubling to us? Why is this idea of having the best qualified to address us about what concerns us so troublesome to those that think they are somehow safe guarding the memory of Imam Mohammed when it seems obvious that they have no true understand of what our late leader was doing and no real knowledge of how to apply those things that they say they study.

    I am confused. Why, is it that we are not giving our support to those that can obviously help us to truly appreciate our Leader and we are giving so much of our precious time talking about these things that are place in our way to hinder our forward movement?

    I am also confused as to why we haven't heard from our Brother, Imam Earl AbdulMalik Mohammed on these issues. I think that his input would be of great value at this moment in our development. I also heard him say that he would not make the mistake of the Aaron of the Bible. What that meant I am not sure but I would definitely like to have an opportunity to ask him that question and a few others.

    I welcome you Brother AbdulMalik to speak openly here. In this place of safety, to offer your thoughts and ideas that may help us have a more clear prospective on how we are to progress as The Community of Imam Mohammed.

    Ali K.

  148. It was said at a meeting that I attended that Imam Mohammed told us that a Key to understanding Scripture was to, "Let the Known lead you to the Unknown."

    I think that that is wise and we should follow that line of thinking.

    C. A. Numan

  149. Peace To You All!

    As I have been posting these comments to The Model Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed forum and sending out these comments in emails I have been reading them and considering them very seriously. I believe that in this very serious time in which we find ourselves we are in need of vision and representation.

    I see that our community is falling into breaking itself to pieces and those that say they represent leadership falling down on the job. They were never our leaders, Imam Mohammed is our leader. So, I say again we need representation. Our voices must be heard our Identity as a community must be safeguarded in the public eye by the best of us.

    While we see fractures in our ranks allowing for the devil mind to invade, we have a spirit raising that is a unifying spirit. That spirit is the Leadership Voice of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. But how are we hearing it? How are we to recognize it again? We have fallen into bickering and idle talks around the water cooler as a friend of ours described it.

    So how are we to know this spirit of excellence that is the leading force in the world? How are we to see its direction for us in the world absent the physical body of our late leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed?

    Our grief is great for the loss of his physical presence, but look at how we are treating each other in his absence. Look at how hateful we have become toward each other how hurtful we have become. Look at how we fight over the transitory things that he left behind and how disrespectful of the strategy that he produced for us that was his Image in the Public, look at how you destroy it over titles and who meant the most to him. “How close I was to him before he passed away...” Look at how bombastic our discussions have become leading us nowhere. These things that you are doing are tearing down what he produced and are not advancing our life.

    Won't you stop for a moment and consider what you are doing? Won't you consider that our late leader gave us all roles to play and look at your unique position as he place you and how that function is suppose to work to advance us all together. Be disciplined with yourself with your life. When he spoke in public he gave each one of you value, if he spoke your new in public there was a reason if he did not speak your name, yet gave the public notice of you there was a reason and a strategic value for it.

    We all can't be you and you can't be what we are to this world stage. Right know we need representation and the majority of you have blown it. You have allowed your desire to be seen override your best judgment. You have allowed your emotions make you think that you were the ones to lead with your small vision. This is not the case.

    You can't. WE (The People) will not allow that you place your petty mind before the public and say you represent us; the following of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. That will not happen.

    WE have persons better qualified. I know that I may be hated by many of you all for what I am about to say but I don't care about your emotions; I care about us as a people.

    If Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed will accept this invitation to speak here, to re-introduce himself to us as the representative of our leader voice, I believe that this would be the best help that we can get. He would be the best representation that our community can have for advancing our identity in the world.

    I don't know what he will say. But I know that he has never stopped working for the advancement of our Leaders Voice in the world.
    We owe it to ourselves to have a listen to what he has to say about what is going on and what Imam W. Deen Mohammed would say about these things and how Imam Mohammed would address these situations and issues.

    Imam W. Deen Mohammed said in an Interview concerning the community, that Imam AbdulMalik Mohammed was his, that he was the only one that could speak for him in his absence.

    Well, absent the physical presences of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, I would like to hear from our brother and friend.


  150. Marshelle SultanahAugust 4, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    Brother Hashim, if your words do not ring out and reverberate throughout the souls of the believers, then they do not have souls. You have spoken the truth, dear brother, and I witness the validity of your words. There are those who will hate what you say because they know it too, but they think if they discredit Imam AbdulMalik, we will ignore that repeating thought that has saturated this blog from the beginning of its concept. They know it; that's why they worked hard to disparage him and undermine the Imam's love and the people's love for him. But it didn't work. We saw him for the soldier he was who would stand with the people from the beginning. We never forgot about his tireless efforts on our behalf. I can remember looking around at the believers who were listening to him give a speech once. There was pure love and admiration in the eyes of the people. He was real. He cared about how we felt and what we thought. He gave us open access to our beloved Imam Mohammed. He did not try to keep him for himself. It is him; we know it.

    I know there will be those who come on and condemn your words and mine. They will suggest that we are a part of a conspiracy to hoist Imam AbdulMalik as the leader of the Community of Imam Mohammed. They will say we are crazy and serve Shaitan. To them I say, truth stands clear from error. You have suggested your plan for this community, and it is unacceptable to the people. We seek what is best for us, and we do not need your approval or blessing. Allah gives blessings. We look to Him to guide us. The day you have dreaded is upon us. The people will choose their leaders based upon what Imam Mohammed taught us, and he was grounded in the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and well-versed in the Holy Qur’an. As we come with the purest and most sincere efforts and intentions, Allah will bless us to be successful.

  151. ASA,

    Imam Mohammed said one time, a few years back, that this is the day of standing, the day of meeting. Well, we a doing a part of that when we call for Al Islam in its best representation. We have been given the best to support our life and advance our life. We must continue to establish our community. We need to go to work. It seems so simple. Yet in simplicity there is great knowledge. Have you ever watched a building under construction. The cranes lift tremendous weights, the electricians lay miles of wires everything looks so simple. But it looks that way because of the knowledge and expertise needed to do the job. I recall one time I tried to make sushi, a california roll,the simpliest form i thought. By the time i finished trying to make this, after reading the cook book and watching the chef, i had rice everywhere, carrots on the floor and the poor seaweed was tattered. It looked so simple. I suppose some of these
    presumptous imams thought it was going to be so simple. That they could win the peoples minds and hearts over with their chatter. But, Imam Mohammed has left us with great knowledge and in some of us great expertise in obedience and leadership. We must have faith and we must have knowledge and we must have the work to put both of those living in our lives. Continue to stand Bro. Hashim, Adam and others continue to stand Sis. Sultanah and others the work is simple to those who truly know.


  152. As-Salaamu-Alaikum.
    I believe it is the desire of all sincere student-followers of Imam Mohammed to see his plans for our community's advancement be implemented, and bearing fruit. It is vitally important that we recognize that each of us is capable of performing works (small or large) that reflect and give life to his aspirations for us.Certainly, Imam Abdulmalik's trusted guidance and leadership would be invaluable to us as we move forward but we must also be willing take independent steps that dignify us as men and women and enable us to reflect our position as partners in a leadership rather than mere dependents of a leader.

  153. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 114;1-3;

    Although we are called to see G'D in our own world as our Lord say I seek refuge with the Lord of man, the king of man, the G'D of mankind. What does that signify? When man has been affected by his Lord in the way his Lord want him to be affected he's going to be in community life he's gonna need a ruling order and the ruling order is called kingdom because the last of the old scriptures Jews and Gospel promises man a kingdom.

    Thy kingdom come king suggest presence of a kingdom.

    What is lastly? We want this kingdom to be like that that is in heaven so this kingdom must be under G'D. Man is affected by his Rabb to develop as his Rabb intends for him to be developed into a civilized community order. After that he needs the Lord that will serve that order and he needs a rule for that order but he should see G'D always in his life and in his destiny.

    Kings divine

    So when he achieves community life he should be aware that it is his Lord the Creator of the heavens and the earth that has designed for him to come to this community life. When he has achieved government and set on the throne representing the public the citizens he should be aware his lord has been in all of his developments and his Lord has brought him to be king so he shouldn't make himself to be god like many kings did in past times like pharaoh but he should witness, worship G'D.

    Elah G'D

    Elahen nas means worship G'D where you direct your devotion when man has been formed as a community and then he has formed a law and order for that community and he sits on the throne representing authority then he should have that whole community and govt. and its head worship G'D that has been in all of his developments to bring him from dust to where he is.

    We have heard a caller calling to faith saying believe in your Lord and we have believed, see what intelligent men will believe in not seasonal men that will be here for 2 or 3 yrs. and they see another horizon and they leave here and go to another horizon I'm talking about men who make an allegiance for life when they put their hand in the hand of the leader its not only their hand its the hand of their loins their children and grandchildren to come their pledging their future to the leader for generations to come that's how they pledged the allegiance to Muhammad.

    They were saying as intelligent men of insight that we have heard a man saying come to faith and saying believe in the G'D that has evolved our matter from dead matter to become a social community of human beings that's our Creator Who is also our Evolver Lord, I can believe in that I want to believe that.


  154. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    G'D in more than in Mother

    That's as dear to me and more dear to me than believing in my mother who carried me in her stomach her womb and when I came out she stayed with me, fed me, cleaned me and helped me until I could go out of the house and get a job and make it for myself I can believe in her I can believe in that Lord in the same way.

    Because I was nothing and someone is telling me to believe in the one that took me from being nothing and cared for my destiny so much that He didn't even bother to introduce Himself to me said I don't want you to be bothered with that heavy responsibility to try to understand what I'm doing, I'm just gonna do it for him.

    Evolved you up into social civilized human community life through the power of your emotional life, your soul and your brain our intellect, He has done that for mankind. So believe in your Lord your Rabb not your lord or person but your Lord G'D. Now the prophet then is a leader of faith and leader of works.

    Brother Imams we then in the position of Imams we are supposed to be serving the office of Muhammad, he is the first Imam for us we suppose to be serving the office of the prophet so to know what our role is in that office we have to study the Word of G'D the Qur'an and Muhammad's life to know that.

    So aren't we callers to faith? If we're not we're not Imams, Imam doesn't mean rabbi, preacher, minister, Imam means a leader following the office of Muhammad the Prophet. G'D say he's a caller calling the people to believe in their Lord, G'D not flesh. Then you should look at yourself and say am I calling the people to faith and am I inviting them to believe in their Lord? Not their lord Jesus Christ, not me, not anybody else, not Imam WD Mohammed the lord, but I'm inviting them to believe in the Lord Creator of the heavens and the earth, G'D.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  155. Peace To You All!

    It is my firm belief that we must make a great effort to preserve the History and legacy of our leader through this Online Library and other sources as soon as possible.

    With the passing of Brother Eaustria Sabir and other pioneers in our community and those that posses materials and history of this community and its development it is imperative that we produce something for our future generations to be able to hold.

    We would like to hear from you, those that have history and your experiences. We would like to know about those special events that you experienced with our late leader that you know made a grand impact on the development of or future.

    We would like to know what was happening in the world at the time what and how our leader addressed the issues and the affects of the work that you did according to that leadership vision.


    Sis. Marshelle Sultanah, as you know there is no conspiracy, but there is a need for leadership and vision. I say this with no hesitation or mental reservation Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed is the best qualified to offer this community and the world the clear voice of our leader.

    As he was the best to represent our leader while he was physically with us he is no doubt the best now. I know that there are those that will say well why did our leader sit him down? Most of the detractors and agents will tell you that Imam Mohammed was angry with him or that he somehow disqualified himself.

    I ask you, when did you ever hear Imam Mohammed say that Imam AbdulMalik was no longer his Representative? When did you hear him say that he was dissatisfied with him and his work and that is the reason that he was sitting him down?

    To my knowledge we never were given a reason in public we just stopped seeing Imam AbdulMalik. This should beg the question, WHY?

    We should not assume that because we didn't see Imam Mohammed's representative in the public that Imam Mohammed was somehow displeased with him. Again, ask yourself have you ever heard Imam Mohammed speak ill of him or what he did or was doing for the community? Did you hear him say with your own ears that he dismissed Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed from his duties, that he sat him down?

    The title National Representative was taken out of public use, but Imam AbdulMalik was more than that title. What he did was more than what that title could hold.

    Now, why am I saying these things? Because they must be said to help others see the truth.


  156. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Human valuable

    Q.2.34; Angel bow Adam

    "And behold We said to the angels: "Bow down to Adam"; and they bowed down not so Iblis he refused and was haughty he was of those who reject Faith.

    Psalms 8.5; Little below angels

    "For thou hast made him a lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour."

    Who after creating them as matter enabled them to be born from a biological body of a female in biological image of a human person He came there and stood distance where you couldn't see Him, G'D and watched you to see that you developed where He wanted you to go and in every time you were in a crisis He sent a Word from Himself through a vessel fit to carry it, that's G'D; to get you where He want you to go, as a person of great worth, worth so much until G'D says made you are a little above the angels not in the form you're in now maybe, but in the form He wants you in at the destination.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  157. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Let me make this correction in my last entry/

    Psalms 8.5; Little below angels

    "For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour."

  158. Allan said As-salaam Alaikum:

    Allow us for a brief moment to interupt the stream of discusion by the Imam and consider this now embarking into Blessed Rammadan and then continue.

    Surah 3: Ali Imran

    102. O ye who believe!
    Fear Allah as He should be Feared, and die not Except in a state Of Al-Islam.

    103. And hold fast, All together, by the Rope Which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided Among yourselves; And remember with gratitude Allah favor on you; For ye were enemies And he joined your hearts In-Love, so that by His Grace, Ye became Bretheren; And ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, And He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah Make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided.

    104. Let there arise out of you A band of people Inviting to all that is good, Enjoining what is right, And forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.

    105. Be not like those Who are divided Amongst themselves And fall into disputations After receiving Clear signs: For them Is a dreadful Penalty-

    106. On the Day when Some faces will be (lit up With) white, and some faces Will be (in the gloom of) black: To those whose faces Will be black, (will be said): "Did ye reject Faith After accepting it? Taste then the Peanlty For rejecting Faith."

    107. But those whose faces Will be (lit with) white- They will be in (the light Of Day) Allah Mercy; therein To dwell (Forever).

    108. These are the Signs Of Allah: We rehearse them To thee in Truth; And Allah means No injustice to any Of His creatures.

    109. To Allah belongs all That is in the heavens And on earth; to Him Do all questions Go back (for decision).

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  159. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Bukhari 8.578, 580;

    The Prophet said, "I am your predecessor at the lake-Fount."

    The prophet said, "I am your predecessor at the Lake-Fount, and some of you will be brought in front of me till: I will see them and then they will be taken away from me and I will say, 'O Lord, my companions!' It will be said, 'You do not know what they did after you had left.'

    Prophet said Meet me at the distination, abundance.

    Q. 33:21; prophet best example for who believe in G'D

    "Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful patteren of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah.

    Here is a prophet a leader of the Faith community, he's such a leader that G'D wants the whole world of faith to know that they have no better leader than Muhammad and how does he tell them that? He is the best Example for those who believe in G'D and the last day, didn't say for Muslims only for any who believe in G'D and the Last Day. If you're truly believer in religion here's the excellent model for you and he's enough for the whole humanity kaafaten len nas; enough for all people.

    So here is the model leader for the Faith community but he's also a leader of works the world is comming to the point where they're gonna have to meet him soon as the leader of the Faith community but before they're going to see him as the leader of the works.

    Day of judgement

    The day of Deen is very close in this life, its on us now you're living in the Day of Religion. Doesn't mean you're not going to have the Qiyamah, talking about the Day of Religion that some may confuse with the Day of Qiyamah.

    Lot of things take place in Day of Religion its a long Day when it comes it lasts eternally almost because___________when its gone the Qiyamah is just one of those things that takes place somewhere | The Eve of that Day.


  160. This is a discussion concerning leadership and the future of our community. We see that the obvious choice is before us. But we must be fair to those that have some other thoughts on the matter. If there is some other person(s) that you see as qualified than we should hear from those that have this information.

    You should put forth their names and let us discuss this openly as we have and are discussing who we think is best qualified to be the voice of The Community of Imam Mohammed.

    We are not giving out titles nor are will seeking to elect a Pope or some other Authoritarian figure over us, that can be seen as confining us. We are looking at introducing the world to the face of our community in the best form after the model of Prophet Muhammed and Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    I believe with all my heart and soul that this is what Imam W. Deen Mohammed would want from us.

    Mr. Smith

  161. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    I just found this forum, having been directed to it only recently by a sincere sister from Atlanta, GA, whose opinions I value and highly favor. One that could boast (if it was in her nature to do so) of consistently strong support for the leadership of our Imam W.D.Mohammed, which would date back (literally) to his official beginnings. Although I, like the Imam's wife sister Kadijjah Siddeeq-Mohammad, am not one who seeks to speak in public, I too felt compelled to participate after reading the postings of so many believers.

    I can also identify with M. Madyum(though that name does ring somewhat familiar) in saying that I don't know many names of those posting here. So, when I saw the name E. Abdulmalik Mohammed as an actual poster, and the response of familiarity that followed the mention of his name by many, I knew that I was among those that had been exposed to the Imam's teachings.

    I agree with bro. Hashim...I too think it is important that Imam Abdulmalik post to the forum his thoughts and opinions for us, I.W.D.M's students to hear. As I stated, I was surprised to see Imam Abdulmalik's name, but speaking honestly, I to have often wondered where he was, not seeing his name listed anywhere or, of having heard of his active participation in our association for so long a period. My curiosity wasn't born from an insecure need to ridicule or defame the name of a believer. Far from it. I too am one who enjoyed hearing him speak during the period he was the Imam's National Spokesperson. In fact, right before the passing of the Imam (and not long afterward), I asked a brother (that's a mutual friend) what ever became of him. I know the reason that Imam Abdulmalik gave him for his absence, and I (like the Imam) stay out of private business and have NEVER been known (nor do I seek) to enter into another's home without invitation. I agree with you brother Hashim, the Imam (to my knowledge) never publically expressed any displeasure he'd had with Imam Abdulmalik. In fact, he was'nt the first of those close to the Imam in high positions, to leave and not be seen again on the same national level. Imam Naser Ahmed did the samething. The main difference being between them; once Imam Ahmed had a handle on what he needed to focus on (dental school), he once again was visiably among those that actively gave support (Labor day convention in Chicago, speaking engagements, etc.). Again, I don't say any of this to lambaste or defame. In fact, what I ask (for my edification and for others with questions) is a way to defend. My limited knowledge of Imam Abdulmalik, a request such as this would be considered a welcomed one. I say these things bro Hashim because your proposal is a public one, with implications that (assuredly) would be discussed and debated to a much greater degree outside this forum if it gains momentum.

    I also disagree that there aren't strong leaders around that STILL are (and always have been) ardent, active supporters of the Imam's working within our association. Several Imam's are visible and accessible (Imam Pasha from Harlem, N.Y., Imam Mikal Saahir from Indianapolis, Imam FurQan Muhammad in Atlanta, Imam Ilyas Muhammed of Nashville, Imam Qasim Ahmed, the above mentioned Imam Naser Ahmed and one who I ALWAYS saw by Imam Mohammad's side, his father-in-law Imam Siddeeq. There are many, many more. I just couldn't call any other names forward at this late hour. I apologize to all those that I failed to mention).

    I do appreciate the discussions taking place on this (and other) forums concerning the legacy left behind, based on what we-the students-do with the volumes of knowledge the Imam provided for and blessed us with, during the 33 years of his leadership. I will, as many others, be frequenting the forum much in the days, weeks and months ahead. I pray for G'D's blessings and grace on all of the believers and all his creation as well.

    Dwayne Cole
    Nashville, Tn.

  162. The names mentioned in my previous post were'nt being tossed up for nomination. I typed those simply to refute the notion that strong, consistant leadership (always in step with the Imam's lead) didn't exist.

    Dwayne Cole

  163. ASA, my sister's and brother's.....

    Our beloved Imam W.D.M Mohammed's physical life was taken back in September, now it is almost one month shy from it being a year.
    I mentioned this to say that during the whole year there has been a struggle to see who best fit's the role to represent our community, when it comes to who we think understands the language of our Imam. Meanwhile, those who we think and believe are wrongful leaders has moved forward (made action), do you see the picture that has been painted? Even those amongst them or not who have other agendas other than the true direction in which he has lead us too have, made some sort of steps to move forward. NO, I do not personally agree with their agendas but if we understand that we have the best; how could this be? We should have advanced through our conversations and efforts (collectively) that would help to make a powerful difference in our communities. It seems as tho we have been traveling too and fro and that is very dangerous as the world continues to evolve and re-shape itself. WE HAVE THE BEST in the language and direction, ALLAH sent the MERCY, now that he is physically gone, you are still lost?
    I think no one is moving on here because you are waiting for the true representation to come, that is not good, again the world has moved on now from a year ago, do what can be done and that individual will appear. As the old saying goes....when the student is ready, the teacher will somewhere the students have not ready. Steps must be taken to get to the next step!!!
    Discussions are good only if the action follows them, have any been made here....................

    Your sister in faith,

  164. Marshelle SultanahAugust 10, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    Sister Q.S.,

    ASA. You may have just posted to this blog after reading it for some time, or you may have located it for the first time, so you should be careful not to presume or assume about what believers have done or not done to move this community forward. You, like I, have no idea what people are doing in their individual lives or communities, so it is best not to assume they are doing nothing. Quite frankly, the conversation that we are having is an example of something, isn't it? Else would you be here or created it yourself to provide a voice for the people?

    To say that you don't agree with the agenda put forth by those who seek to move the community backward while recognizing they are moving is absurd and polluted. If I don't recognize your work to be good and wholesome, the logic follows that you can't be progressing not because I disagree, but because my own common sense tells me otherwise. If I didn't have common sense, I know someone who does--our teacher Imam Mohammed advised that we not support those who do not have our best interest at heart. How can I then say, "At least they are doing something." That's not intelligent, and this community of Imam Mohammed must be intelligent after all we have been given.

    To Brother Dwayne, throughout this blog, we have been clear that all Imams are not dressed down pimps. We know this very well, but we know from our leader's own mouth that there were very few who actually followed and made manifest his leadership. We cannot deny this having seen it with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears. We, though I should say I to denote speaking for myself, but believing this is the idea of those regularly contributing or not, do not want the believers to be taken from the pattern that worked so well for us under the leadership of Imam Mohammed. We won't accept that, and will fight it at every turn. ASA.

  165. ASA,

    To sister Sultanah. I agree with your sentiment and submit to you, the Imam's mentioned in my previous post (along with several others in our association) cannot be proven to have ever done anything-in language or deed-contrary to the teachings of Imam W.D. Mohammad, by anyone posting to or reading this blog (yourself included).

    Dwayne Cole

  166. ASA,

    I also agree with you sister Q.Sharif. Discussion (even spirited debate) that manifests some tangible, qualitative, positive work from true followers, is the best (and only) way to show support and/or appreciation for the dedictaion and many sacrifices the Imam made for us during his lifetime and beyond.

    Dwayne Cole

  167. Marshelle SultanahAugust 10, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Brother Dwayne, if you look online for the comments of the one you say was always by Imam Mohammed's side, you will see that his comments about the Imam's meeting in Louisville are similar in theme to my own in response to your first post. ASA.

  168. ASA sister Marshelle,

    We're on the same posts were not meant to come off as disagreement. If they did I apologize. I am aware of all that Imam Siddeeq has posted...I have the family blog bookmarked. I think all sober minded within our association see things similarly (from conversations I've had with many I'd say that's the case).

    Bro Dwayne

  169. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 33.40; Prophet Muhammad Seal of prophets

    "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but (he is) the Apostle of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.

    Bukhari 4:734,5; Last stone in building

    The Prophet said, "My similitude in comparison with other Prophets is that of a man who has built a house completely and excellently except for a place of one brick. When the people enter the house, they admire its beauty and say: `But for the place of this brick (how splended the house will be)!

    Luke 20.17-18; cornerstone builder

    "And he beheld them, and said, What is this that is written, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner? [18] Whosoever shall fall upon that shall be broken; but on whosoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

    Isaih 28.16: rejected stone

    "Therefore thus saith the Lord G'D, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

    Psalms 118.22; rejected stone

    The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.

    What we need to know is that what Muhammad is he said there was a building and G'D has sent Messengers before him to contribute to the completion of that building and when he came along one block was missing and he said of himself that he is that last block.

    He was the last part to be put in that construction that was not complete and he is so important, if its just a block I could imagine a brick being missed from the side of the chimney and it wouldn't necessarily be that important but if the cornerstone is missing in the language of the masons of old it would be a tragic loss for the whole construction.

    And its not a accident that Muhammad the prophet placed the stone in the cloth and then invited men to join him to represent mankind doing the job, not just a man, one man, mankind is doing the job before even G'D called him, before he went up on the mountain.

    Q. 3.64; Raise not Lords from among self

    "Say: "O people of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you; that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not from among ourselves lords an patrons other than Allah. "If then they turn back say: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah's will)."

    He is that man we know it, now the works to do, what are the works you have to do? if you're going to call the people to believe in the Lord that is not white, black brown, European, not African, not Asian, not anybody from us. Agree oh men that you will not raise up from yourselves lords to the disrespect for G'D, so what lord you gonna call them to brother? You're calling them to have faith to believe in your lord people or the Lord that is not European, not Arican Asian not anybody from biological life, but the one Who exist in the heavens and earth everywhere and lives eternally, neither sleeps nor slumbers, no fatigre touches him.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  170. Concerning persons in roles of leadership

    questions by Imam Earl Abdul-Malik Mohammed
    February 29, 2000

    Question: The person you nominated, what combination of things did you see
    as value in those persons for this function?

    Answer: I tried to name persons that would reflect the anatomy, for want of
    a better description, of the body of our community as a working body. There
    are some that are like the heart. Some are like the brain in the community.
    Some are like the feet and legs. Some are like the hands, the right hand.
    Some are like the eyes. Some are like the tongue. Some are like bones. Some
    are like flesh.

    Its very important to have a body like this registering the important needs
    of the community, to assist in family life, social work and family
    counseling. We need legal advice for how to handle issues like properties for the
    local gathering, ownership, trusts, ets. We need lawyers. We need
    psychiatrist to advise us how to deal with certian persons we have to work with. We
    have to work with them because they have so much good ability but we have to
    take all of this other stuff. So how should we deal with them? We need
    accountants, people that know about business management. It would be good to have
    a travel agent. We need a medical doctor. I hope one day in a sizable
    gathering, a Masjid or Center, there will be a member who is a registered nurse
    on staff. And we shouldn't seek these kinds of persons based on what we
    heard their knowledge is or what their formal training is. We should seek them
    based upon what we know their proven ability is. We need more atention to
    the sick and widows in our community who have lost their husbands and are
    alone. They are carrying a lot of burden. So we need more attention to that.

    Once this body is put in place and it is accepted by the community, and
    that's the way it should be accepted. We shouldn't just appoint these people.
    At the convention or somewhere, a big gathering, we should do a sample and
    see if there is strong support to give these persons this particular
    importance, because it is important. They are going to be subject to listen to what
    is coming from the whole community, all of those different areas. So they
    have a great importance. And those people who have been given this importance,
    we should know that the support for them is very strong in the national

    ...So that's what we mean by facilitating. A body to facilitate Shura from
    the smallest issue up to the biggest issue. And most of the issues the local
    people are qualified to handle. 95% of their concerns won't come up. And
    if they are not qualified than a good professional group of people or a more
    educated body of people, they should be looking at the ignorance in the
    community and coming up with some suggestions so that they won't be ignorant.
    That's the biggest problem we have is ignorance. The biggest problem we have
    is ignorance."

    Bro Dwayne

  171. Marshelle SultanahAugust 11, 2009 at 8:34 PM


    Yes, truth stands clear from error; the truth of the Imam's words will move us forward if we only listen. In a snapshot, he has given us the basis for the development of the Community of Imam Mohammed. The pattern has already been designed. We have to follow the logic of our beloved teacher. ASA.

  172. ASA
    Sister Marshelle
    I know you misunderstood my post. It was an analogy. Yes, sister I was here since its conception...
    Life is always evolving whether you are on the side of righteousness or not. Those who I do not agree with are making steps (action) that is a part of life, good or bad, it’s happening. That’s why the saying goes; there is a cause and effect, you can make a decision to do something right or wrong but you will get the effect of it. You are right about me not knowing personally what individual and or communities are doing. But that is a problem because if you have the same interest you should come together, Allah says: where ever you are he will bring you together…. Does that not address your action as well as your mind, and your spirit!
    Birds of a feather flock together, or you attract what you are, these are just some of the examples that show us a sense of togetherness in some form of positive and productive action. Imam Mohammed said that he would like to see hospitals, banks, schools and etc. rise from amongst our communities, if we have the best it should be present, if it’s not present it is because we are not flocking together, our minds are not alike, we are only what we attract and so forth and so on.
    I am no genius but I know what it means to build community life; not just sharing of knowledge and who should be this or that but the show of work, the schools should be tangible, the banks should be tangible, and etc. This will say that we are truly following the legacy and leadership of our Imam. The language should spread like an epidemic through these various avenues, that each community will be known whether I am here in Philadelphia and your in Texas, the world will know that somehow our communities are the same, this is what I am referring too.
    With this forum it should be updates on progress being made in each ones individual community, it should show us building together and sharing our resources and ideas (plans of actions) based on creating our schools, hospitals, banks and etc.. Don’t you agree! Your common sense should mean more than, basic understanding but it also should mean that we have an idea about something and that idea should draws us together to make it happen, yours and mind should meet. With that we make a great difference in action because we understand something, the fabric of our being. We understand the life example of our Prophet and the language of our Imam.
    Thank you brother Dwayne for understanding my comment and I pray we all can fulfill our own personal legacies of productivity.
    So I end with this……. Let us move forward in action based on the needs of our communities, the life and role of our Prophet and the Legacy and Language of Imam W.D Mohammed!
    I pray what I have said is pleasing to All Mighty ALLAH!

    Sister in Faith

  173. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Q. 6.108; Mock not their G'D least they mock yours

    "Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings. In the end will they return to their Lord and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did.

    Q.16.125; Argue ways best

    "Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious; for thy Lord knoweth best who have strayed from His Path and who receive guidance.

    Q.29.46; Argue not except by excellence

    "And dispute ye not with the People of the Book except with means better (than mere disputations) unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say "We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam)."

    Preach what you know of this Lord that distinguishes Him clearly from a biological body. You don't have to attack the idea in Christianity of Jesus being son of G'D just preach clearly what Allah has revealed in the Qur'an, then they will know without you telling them not to believe in a biological body as G'D they will know not to do it and they will be so happy and grateful to G'D and you that you assisted them on the way.

    That's a universal call you need to take out of your bag that you carry to the rostrum all that local crap that aint no good but for a small situation on the earth and pick up the great eternal help that G'D give in His Word and in His messenger, pick it up and put the universal truth in your bag and walk proudly with it, knowing that no man can put you to shame. Put it (Qur'an) on the table it will speak for you. I didn't want our brother to stay for this session here he would have walked out a nobody or either a Muslim walked out a nobody and fit for nothing, this knocks the brains out of falsehood and you didn't want to kill him. Want him to come in on the carpet of ease.

    As for our works its to build community life, why were so consumed, so excited and so willing to give all ore time, energy, labor for the Hon. E. Muhammad, why? Because that man though he did not have clarity and didn't have the right religion he sure enough had the right destiny for man as a social creature. G'D created man to be a social creature means that he has to live with his family, neighbors, citizens, be a part of an order that's extending the circles and boundaries of his life for him so that he can live outside of the small worlds of a house in the big dimensions of a country and finally in the universal world.

    When you address that need in man you gonna awake something in him tha nobody else that others that didn't address that, didn't touch.

    Spirit need body

    Church calling us to love Jesus and to have faith,... be born again they're talking to a spirit and aint offering no body for that spirit to live in. The spirit was created to live in a body now G'D gave me this spirit that's in this flesh body, me, this person and this spirit in my flesh body want to have a bigger dimension for me to live in; and want me to have a part in the up keep of that bigger dimension like I have a very special part in this small dimension I call my flesh.


  174. Marshelle SultanahAugust 12, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    I did not misunderstand your post. I read it with the same demeanor as I read others. I commented on what you said. I won't quote it because it is here for all to read. What you said was that the people here {the blog} have made no action, that we are only conversating. You were talking about this forum as you stated "here." There is no misunderstanding in that; my response remains the same. You don't know what other people are or are not doing, so it is best not to assume they are doing nothing. In fact, the best charity or good deed is that which is unknown said by our Prophet (PBUH). Knowing that, would it stand to reason that we should not be critical of efforts that we are unaware of? I rather imagine things are happening around us, and when the ideas or plans have been solidified and well-thought out, then they will be brought to the public eyes. For example, if I had a concept for a car that was to come out in a few years, would I publicize that initially? No. Why not? I would want to build a prototype to make sure my concept is doable, safe, efficient, etc. I would want to protect my idea in its infancy so that I could see it develop into maturity. I would not be rash and just throw something together. It would have to be right so that it can withstand the criticism it may receive and strong enough to live beyond me because it should benefit more than me. I understand the silence when considering this. So, dear sister, we should withhold our thoughts of inactivity when not having all of the facts.

    We have schools, Sister Clara Mohammed Schools. I think we can agree that we need to work on a universal plan to make them schools of excellence. I understand that there are a group of educators who have met at least once to address that. I hope they continue.

    Banks and hospitals are in our future. I don't know that we have had either in our community as I am a young person. But I have no history of such. Perhaps someone on the blog can address that. This concept was popular during the time of The Honorable Elijah Mohammed, but predates him with other African American figures. But you won't judge us too harshly some eleven months after the death of the Mujeddid if we don't have these, right?

    We are together, right here on this blog. Like minds are supporting and encouraging one another. The people are coming here to find their voice. When the Mujeddid passed, we were not consulted about what to do, what direction to take, what path to follow. We weren't invited to open discourse. We were given a plan that we don't accept. The architects of this blog saw the need for the people to weigh in on this very important conversation and came up with this blog. I thank them because it gave us a very public interest and opportunity to develop our community. This is something. It is a very important tool to our ability to speak without fear of reprimand, harm, or intimidation because we know those techniques have been used to beat the people down by unscrupulous individuals in the past. Everyone is welcome here. We are not afraid of discussion; it is our right and our responsibility to move the community forward.

    Structures are important to our community. We want them. We need them. They are coming. What is here right now is the conversation and drive that is moving through the people because of what they have here. Have you heard them talking about it? Before people can act, they have to think about how they will act, yes?

    If someone is doing the wrong thing, if their actions will cause undue harm to others, I cannot see progress in that. I cannot say they are making some progress however negative. An individual may choose to sell drugs to support his/her family but the harm undoes the intention. The plan proposed for our community is harmful; thus, I cannot see that as an act of moving forward.
    Obviously, you don't have to agree with me. We can disagree respectfully. The beauty of this moment is that we have a space to do so on this forum. As Salaam Alaikum.

  175. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    As we continue with this presentation from the Imam lets take another brief moment and consider this.

    Surah 4: Al Nisa

    26. Allah doth wish To make clear to you And show you The ordinances of those Before you; and (He Doth wish to) turn to you (In Mercy); and Allah Is All-Knowing, All Wise.

    27. Allah doth wish To turn to you, But the wish of those Who follow their lusts Is that ye should turn Away (from Him)-Far, far away.

    28. Allah doth wish To lighten your (difficulties): For man was created Weak (in flesh).

    29. O ye who believe! Eat not up your property Among yourselves in vanities; But let there be amongst you Traffic and trade By mutual good will: Nor kill (or destroy) Yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you most merciful!

    30. If any do that in rancour and injustice-Soon shall We cast them Into the Fire: and easy It is for Allah.

    31. If ye (but) eschew The most heinous Of the things Which ye are forbidden to do. We shall expel Out of you All the evil in you, And Admit you to a Gate Of great honour.

    32. And in nowise covet Those things in which Allah Hath bestowed His gifts More freely on some of you Than on others: to men Is allotted what they earn. And to women what they earn: But ask Allah of His bounty. For Allah hath full knowledge Of all things.

    33. To (benefit) every one, We have appointed Shares and heirs To propery left by parents and relatives. To those, also, to whom Your right hand was pledged, Give their due portion. For truly Allah is witness To all things.

  176. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    Community responsibility

    So a man offer me a chance to come out into a bigger dimension say we want to have this block under our control, neighborhood you gonna get some men to follow you buddy, men understand that and men need that, their souls need that, they know what you're talking about when you're talking about getting living that's the Jewish expression for territory or space in which to live and express yourself in, yourself.


    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  177. Those who criticize must admit to there own souls that the dialogue here is as refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. We will have differences but we all want to preserve our Islamic community and the tradition of excellence in leadership!! The Jews as a community could be in bitter opposition with each other for what ever reason but will live next door to each other and work together to preserve the Jewish way.

    Our role here is similar to the movie the “Matrix”. The last people on earth were from a place called Zion. Most of the people of Zion were unaware of the threats that faced there very existence. Aware or unaware, it didn’t stop the many predators from trying to eradicate them from the face of the earth!! Only those familiar with the oracle (revelation) were prepared to defeat the predators!!

    Exellent point sister Sultanah.
    Peace be unto all.

  178. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    We are close to concluding this discussion by the Imam, before we do lets reflect on statements made by him leading up to this presentation.

    Changed from spiritual to material

    So the emphasis changed from a spiritual community to a business minded community and then after that change I came into the picture. There was no more change of emphasis until I came into the picture, when I came into the picture we went to language to tackle language and to bring a new language environment that would make it possible for us to move out into the world of people, of huuman beings praise be to Allah an Allah blessed us to be successful, we've done that.

    Language environment to another

    We have successfully moved from one language environment that was designed to contain us until we could get help into another language environment that was designed to get us out of that prison into the normal world, and we thank Allah that we succeeded.

    Qur'an sunnah and Understanding

    I heard an Imam right in my own presence, he talking to the brothers more than one have done this, we thank you brother Imam for bringing us the Qur'an and the sunnah so I said is that all I brought I want to tell him there are African Americans around here with Qur'an and sunnah they have been around here longer than the Nation of Islam African American Ahmadiyyahs, African American Moorish Americans science Temple, if they want Qur'an and sunnah they can have it.

    Many have had Qur'an and sunnah how come they weren't able to do what you did? Now let me tell you, if you put down what I gave you to assist you to get the Qur'an and the sunnah you'll be just like those Ahamdiyyahs and those African Americans and Moorish Americans you won't be going anywhere. Number one G'D won't like it that you reject the help that brought you to the Qur'an and sunnah and number two you'll be left without the great help so you won't be of no more effect in the world than those Ahmadiyyah and others that say they got the Qur'an, so its for your good not me that I'm telling you this.

    Because if I just gave you the Qur'an and Muhammad the Prophet life history and told you go to it if that's all I did then you have to explain to me cause I'm confused cause I had the Qur'an too as a young man and my father had books in his lbrary that he had welcomed us to use in the history of our Prophet Muhammad and I was giong into both and I didn't come to what we came to.

    So if that did it without anything else you leaving me in confusion. I don't know how it happened, I'm talking to those that try to say they don't know how it happened.


  179. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    WDM brought Tools and Vision

    No I came out with tools that nobody had before and a vision that nobody had before and I began to work with those tools to get you to move in the direction of the vision and with the Mercy and Help of G'D Whose Mercy gave me those tools and that vision we are where we are today.

    Now as I talk to you don't just think, oh I heard that before, just as you read the Qur'an before and it didn't move you, the way you move now you'll hear a thing that I say and say I heard that before; I'm not a prophet I don't want to be called reformer, I don't want to called Mujedid I don't want to be called anything but what you call yourself.

    Finale of events

    Whatever is prophet for you that's all I want, we're living in a new time we're living in a time that really is a finale, the closing the climaxing of events that bring us to the horizon of the world that Allah sent His prophets and messengers to work for.

    Just now we're to that time that point in our life history on this earth that we're giong to realize the world that Allah missioned all of His servants to work for.

    Muhammad's Day

    So in this new world who is the Leader? Muhammad the Prophet he is definitely the leadeer, the last, the seal of the Prophets, Muhammad the Prophet this his day.

    Not 1000 yrs ago not 1300 yrs ago no today is the Muhammad ibn Abdullah's day and his day is the day that all the prophets wanted to see all of the prophets were blessed with a help to bring them towards the day of Muhammad the Prophet and the world is shaping, being shaped for Muhammad, for his leadership.

    Whether they know the Qur'an or are acquainted with the Qur'an or his sunnah or not, they are going to be in the world of Muhammad and benefiting form the world of Muhammad. This is what I realize, I see, and I know this, there is no guess, I'm not confused, I'm not seeing this in part and I need something else to make it final, no I'm seeing it in completiion, I need nothing else it is final.

    I don't lie to you, I'm a straight man yes, so this is what I see Muhammad the Prophet's day.

    So I know I'm no big guy, I'm a small guy, I'm no prophet I know I'm not but anyone who can see with light of Muhammad's day if people are not careful they would think he might be G'D; that's how much brighter Muhammad's day is than those days that are behind. If I want to I could get a big following saying that I'm G'D incarnate, G'D in the flesh, I could get a big following they would believe it.


  180. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:


    I live in my own body, its here to express me this hand aint doing nothing on its own unless its doing it for me, the life inside this body, uses this body for expression and G'D made you as a spirit, as a spirit your life goes beyond the boundaries of your flesh; not just oh you're talking obout felling? No. You, what are you essentially?

    You're body, mind and spirit, your spirit goes outside of you, we're not only talking about a spirit in some separate entity or context separate from your body and your mind. I'm talking about your mind that is composite, your spirit contains your flesh interest, mind inerests and your spirit's interest all in one entity; a spiritual entity.

    So when you feel bad your spirit may want to come away from what your feeling that's out there or then your spirit may be feeling bad because of something in here and it wants to go away from this stuff in here out there, right? And your spirit when it goes out there your mind goes with it and your material interest goes with it your whole life brother has mobility outside of your limited biological framework.

    Identity Body protects life

    That's what man has to understand about his identity. Don't identify man with his physical form picture only that man was just put there so that would be a protection for his life, his expression goes beyond his flesh, his interest goes beyond his flesh, he lives in a bigger dimension than the biological dimension.


    If you just live in biological dimension you're not human that's what make you human you must live in a dimension bigger than your biological or flesh form. You get a wife your interest goes to her and you're living with her mentally, materially, spiritually with her in every way. If you're not living with her materially why you brought her a box of candy tonight to go to bed with her and get what you want?

    Yor brought some chocolates to get some cookies. I know that your life that's shared with her is more than spirit, its spirit its mental its material its everything.

    Body Land material for expression

    So here is the G'D Grreat Architect of the universe has designed a human creature biological flesh and blood creature who actually is not contained in his own body and he must have a body to contain him so he wants all the time to get more and more living space so he can have bodies, structures to put his life in and to see his life having bigger and better expression, Ummah, community that's what G'D wanted us to have He created us for community.

    We must have community life in our charge so that brother John, Abdullah and sisters.


  181. ASA,

    What is progress? What is advancement? How do we progress and advance? And for what purpose do we strive for these? Let us consider these things and find what has been stated in the Quran and by Imam Mohammed.

    If you treat a open cut with a contaminated utensil you may stop the bleeding for a moment or close the cut for a moment, but the person may still die because of infection. So in the best case it is better to treat the wound first with a clean, sterilized/pure cloth or utensil or substance. Yes, we need to work in the best way we can individually. We also need to work as a community to establish our schools, banks, hospitals, imams etc. As I look in the past and to the future i see more than ever the need for people of like minds, spirits and hearts and visions be together. It doesn't take a lot of them. I, also see the need to identify the Iago's of our community. I was watching the movie Othello recently which is based on a Shakespearean play. Othello was played by Lawrence Fishburne. The behavior of Iago is an old characteristic of some people. To put it lightly Iago deceived Othello and acted as if he was his devoted friend and advisor. He devised a plan that at the end Othello word kill his pure and innocent wife and himself. Iago's wife exposed him after she realized and found out how treacherous he was. Othello was in such a state of mental confusion under the onslaughts of Iago, he could not see straight or progess. His mind constantly wrestling with the false suggestions and actions Iago was dealing him.
    While watching this movie i thought maybe Othello would not have been so confused if he trusted and listened to his pure, innocent, loving and devoted wife. Iago's behavior was motivated by jealousy,want of power and a loss of conscious. So, what i think we need to pay attention to is the pure, innocent,loving, devoted and intelligent believers in our homes and communities. These qualities can carry over into our visions and establishments. Maybe we can learn from some of the past and take the best into the future of our community.


  182. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum;

    This session by the Imam with this entry is concluded and I like you have benefited tremendously.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You


    Q. 91.7-10; Soul enlightenment

    "By the Soul and the proportion and order Given to it;

    Q. 61.10; Shall I lead you to a bargain

    "O ye who believe! shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous Penalty?

    The soul can become defective, distorted, warped, ill-formed if the wrong thing get in the soul can be destroyed by the world. But if we can keep the soul pure, unadulterated in the human form that G'D made for it this soul will keep signaling to our mind, our intellect our duties our responsibilities and will keep pressuring us until we fulfill our part of the bargain with G'D, commercial bargain that you'll be so pleased with, fulfill your obligation to G'D.

    Substrata Expression

    Q. 15.26,28; Sounding clay

    26. We created man from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape;

    28. Behold thy Lord said to the angels: "I am about to create man from sounding clay from mud moulded into shape;

    Q. 55.1-4;

    1. (Allah) Most Gracious!

    2. It is He Who has taught the Qur'an.

    3. He has created man:

    4. He has taught him speech (and Intelligince)

    We're living as conscious beings G'D created us before we even became conscious of ourselves and on that level for, out of the need to have language I'm giving some language, on that level let us say that's substrata expression, so here is in our soul before we're even conscious of ourselves we're on an existence we may call substrata level of expression where expression is not controlled by me like I'm in my sleep I'm not in control of what I'm doing. And then G'D want us to come out of that substrata level into a conscious level of expression.

    Q. 3.103; Brink of fire

    "And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you) and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favor on you; for ye were enmies and He joined your hearts in love so that by His grace ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of fire and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His signs clear to you: that ye may be guided?

    All of these are conscious strata the 5th on the unity of mankind, expression denonstrating to the world that muslims acknowledges and promotes the unit of all people there's not superiority for black or white.

    G'D says He found you on the pit of the brink of fire and in so doing we became brothers.


    Allah(swt): His servant Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.

  183. As'Salaamu'Alykum

    I hope I am not being rude or disrespectful when I say that I have yet to get my question concerning our Brother, dr. Delaney W. Karriem answered. Maybe I am over reaching in this but I would like to know where is dr. Delaney W. Karriem's Voice in this discussion?

    I like others were drawn to this blog because of what I saw written by dr. Delaney W. Karriem (FIRST) and I stay because of the focus that I see that is being clearly expressed by these fine contributors. But I am not satisfied that we get help and then we never hear from that helping voice again. I think it unfair to the innocent hearts of the believers that see good in what is being said and the tremendous help that that person is offering and then all of a sudden you never hear from them again.

    It is like losing our leader all over again. I don't say that dr. Delaney W. Karriem is our leader but I say that he has the best explanation of what is going on and the plan to deal with these things; better than any that I have seen. I say and it would be a shame to not hear from that one again in this confusing time that we live in.

    All the negative that was spread about this brother has not stopped this great movement and we seem to go on as if we haven't noticed that he hasn't said a word for some time now. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. What I do know is that this blog has helped me to stand tall in our community. Stand like I never stood before. I owe it my respect and my loyalty to not let others come and try to destroy the efforts being made here.

    Does anyone know how to contact dr. Delaney W. Karriem? I tried using the email address that was left on this blog and I got no response. Maybe I typed it in, in error but I would like to hear from him. Wouldn't you all?

    M. Madyun

  184. Marshelle SultanahAugust 13, 2009 at 10:21 PM


    I remember dr. Karriem saying in earlier responses that he did not want to be the focus here, but envisioned that the people would find their way here, and we would hear less from him. It seems he is trying to help us develop ino the leaders our community needs. Maybe we will hear from him again personally, but in many ways, we hear from him all the time--through each other.

  185. ASA

    I agree. The voice of dr. Delaney is being heard. If he (dr. Delaney W. Karriem) was to be seen as a symbol of what is best in us as it has been implied, than wouldn't his voice, his insight be best heard through some one that we trust?

    We trust each other hear, we know that there are those that want to come here and disrupt what we are doing by throwing mockery at it, but we are here still. I suggest you take a few deep breaths and push on as we are getting to where we are suppose to be.

    Personally, I look to hear from Imam AbdulMalik Mohammed. I know that we know and trust him with the message and direction that our leader was giving to us.

    I am glad to have the opportunity to contribute to this discussion and to the leading voice in our community at this time. I recently heard a lecture "Juneteenth" I think it was called in which our late leader said,

    "...So if you can't (referring to managing the world or the life of community) If you don't have the mental ingenuity the mental excitement to do what we're doing, then at least have the mental excitement and ingenuity to do what we ask you to do..."

    "...There is nobody here that can't contribute to this great work; all of us can make a meaningful contribution to this great work. No matter how uneducated you are if you still have your sanity, if you're sane you can make a real contribution to this great work..."

    "...But you can't do it looking at yourself looking in the mirror waiting to see that there isn't anybody but you. You got to put this vision of community in front of you and see that there IS somebody doing the work of creating this VISION or Making This VISION Know to us..."

    I see this Blog as opening up the avenue for us to contribute to this great work, but G'd has blessed this community with those that have great vision for our continued future. Our life is not over we've only just begun.

    Ali K.

  186. Our efforts here are producing tangible results. Look at how this message has reached you. Look at how it has affected you. How it has inspired you to not be satisfied with just anything that calls itself leadership. Look at how it inspires in you the desire to do something REAL.

    C. A. Numan

  187. dr. Delaney W. KarriemAugust 14, 2009 at 1:31 AM

    Dearly beloved people I greet you in the arabic and Qur'anic language, as-Salaam AlaiKum.

    Let us be honest and clear. Much has been accomplished here. High level, intelligent and responsible discussion about community concerns. Was this not the prayer of our leader? The matter was never in the hands of those so-called leaders. 'Dorothy' always had the answer. She didn't need the 'wizard.'

    Keep to the focus and emphasis of our leader. Do not be afraid to engage his sentiments, to put them in motion. Permission from the newly formed 'Mosque cares' does not replace what is needed. We did not ask permission to invite you to consider this discussion and yet it has become the most important, useful, helpful discussion in our community. Why? Because the people are free and respected in the true Islamic tradition - the one lost to most but found by our leader and taught to us, his people. Just like there is only one pure arabic tongue (fusha), I care nothing of the general dialects of arabic and neither did Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH). Thus we care nothing of pettiness here, nor stupidity, nor idle threats, nor disruptive tactics, nor misdirection techniques, nor criticism that is unproductive.

    I personally commend the leaders and teachers and commentators and scholars and regular common brothers and sisters who have made a contribution here. This, perhaps for the first time, is the discussion of THE community. As time goes on its numbers will increase, its focus will continue to develop. Serious decisions affecting the lives of the Believers will be rendered here between serious minds with pure hearts and honorable intent. I personally condemn the fakery and cowardice of the leaders who hide and criticize and withdraw. They are nothing and they mean harm to the people because they cannot control them. They privately hated our leader because his moral courage dwarfed them. They could not fool me and they cannot fool you.

    I heard Imam Abdulmalik Mohammed say often (yes I knew him and appreciated him) "their voices (the Imams) collectively do not approach and are not heard without the voice of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. It is he that provides sound not them, no matter the their volume."

    We say, "long live Mohammed" and we mean our Prophet (PBUH) and we mean the legacy of the late Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and we mean the intent of his teacher Mr. W.F. Muhammad, and we mean the one that reconciled it all for us in his life, his language, his example. He will always be our leader and we are his product, his people if we stay true to him and his way.

    My parting words to you are that we are sincere in our love and faith in Allah, the Most High and that we are Muslims in the finest and most elevated understanding of the tradition of Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH). We declare ourselves now and always the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

  188. As Salaam Alaykum

    Dear Discussion Moderator,

    It would be greatly appreciated if the quotations from the Imam were cited as to date, context, etc.

    The format seems to be from Ramadan sessions (maybe), based on the published booklets edited by Imam N. Ahmed and others, over the years, but one cannot be quite sure.

    This is mildly disturbing to many readers of this excellent forum, however, as we are not even one year away from the Imam's passing from among us, and even though we have documentation of the majority of the body of his work, it is important that we insure that there is accuracy in attribution.

    Need I mention how much faulty Ahadith were attributed to the Holy Prophet (Prayers and Peace Be Upon Him?)

    Respectfully Yours in the Path of Allah,

    Agieb Bilal

  189. ASA

    As we draw closer to the time for what we have come to know as our National Convention, I would like to call our attention to what can be seen as the most important part of the Convention, which was and is The Address given by Imam W. Deen Mohammed on the State of the Muslim Community, in particular the Community of Imam Mohammed.

    I don't know how well things have been thought out in regards to what image those that are putting this Convention together want to put before the world as an image of leadership and a voice of direction but that Platform that they are using is a sacred one.

    Those that they have chosen to stand before the people have already shown that they do not have the Moral Courage to stand for what is right and best for our community's interest.

    This is not some small game that is being played. These things that are being done in the Name of The Community have grave consequences and long lasting ramifications for what direction our voice is suppose to be leading Al-Islam and the world.

    Yes, Imam W. Deen Mohammed's focus and voice was and is leading Al-Islam and the World. We are his heirs and have a great responsibility to continue what our leader has established.

    I understand that you may be his biological children or his wife or in-law or ex or some close associate of his. If you are not doing what is best for the community which he loved than you do not love him. You that want to inherit the rights of his material legacy that his knowledge will bring in from sells, if that is your aim only than you are far from his true heirs. Those that want that the public get his message and not hinder people from having access to that knowledge you are his true heirs.

    How can you take one idea that helped to form him and say that this is the staple of his leadership i.e. Moral Courage? You have set limits on your father on our teacher on our leader. Is that all he stood for?

    Would you place before the well meaning people persons that would care little about the individual in the community and more about their own personal advancement in the public eye? Our late leader appreciated in many of those around him their aggressive nature but he did not approve of individuals having a bully nature in order to have their way. We cannot permit this as an Image of leadership.

    We all have to find our own place in this great work.

    Adam P. Ford

  190. As'Salaamu'Alykum

    I am so glad to hear from you again! At the same time after reading the responses and your post I understand your absents from us. I am glad to have this opportunity to say thank you for what you and those that have contributed to this blog have done for our community's spirit and my spirit.

    Thank You!

    I will continue to study here and grow in strength, courage and appreciation for the language and leadership of Imam Warithu Deen Mohammed. More than anything I will take the spirit that I find here and put it to use for our community as I have been doing.

    What you said about Dorothy really opened my eyes to the fact that we all have the ability to be leaders and have something to offer to this community. I am sadden to see you go but I understand why now.

    Again, Thank You!

    M. Madyun

  191. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    There is a lot to be said inlight of what has been delivered here recently a whole lot. Rihgt now time is of the essence we shouldn't be dismayed the best has yet to come this is a promise we intend to keep. My grandmother G'D bless her soul use to say absents makes the heart grow fonder and latter WD Mohammed came along he said at times it can make you wonder. So with that we hold on, keep on keeping on, never give up.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  192. Peace To You All!

    I have been patient with Those in Charge of the Newly Formed "Mosque Cares". I have not received a response from them as was promised, so I will continue our efforts to establish an Online Library.

    We will proceed with respect for the law and rights of inheritance. But we will not wait any longer. As was stated A Domain Name has already been secured and the website is now under construction. We are asking you the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed to assist us in this effort as it is our history and who can tell it better than those that lived it.

    We want those that can assist us with this project to make themselves known to us either here on this blog or through the email address

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank You



    Bro. Hashim,

    Legally speaking, if I were you, I would retract that I am seeking "monetary" funds to support a library of intellect property that doesn't belong to myself. It shouldn't be a problem to establish a library but by doing so, my brother, USE YOUR OWN FUNDS and don't seek help from the public because it becomes income to you and then you are forced to pay taxes when you aren't affiliated with a non-profit 501c-3. What you state on this blog will be held against you. There are those sitting back and waiting. Please take heed and don't seek funds for support. There are many free online libraries on the web with free membership to gain access to literature and so forth. You should do further research and see the results of unauthorized use of one's intellectual property for a profit. Last but not least, there is a Imam in Texas and Miami that are still waiting for the "ok" to reproduce the works of Imam Mohammed for our community and not for profit. We should patiently presevere in all of our efforts.

  194. Peace To You All!

    Thank you S. Nashid, I agree with your advice and I do Formally with draw my request for funds to support the Online Library.


  195. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    This entire community is under the watchful eye of many the One that counts is Allah and those that trust Him.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  196. As-Salaamu-Alaikum.
    It was good to hear from our dear brother, dr. Delaney Karriem once again. I stated in my post dated August 5 (in reference to the desire of many for Imam Earl Abdulmalik to come forward as the leader of our community) that we must each do what we are capable of doing, small or large, and be partners in leadership rather than simply dependents of a leader. We have the tools to carry out the great responsibility set before us, this discussion blog is one of them, and the on-line library will be another as it will allow us to reference the wealth of Imam Mohammed's teachings.We are on the path to success. We are Dorothy and are headed home!

  197. It is clear to me that those producing programs on behalf of the leadership and community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed should consult with, seek advice from and offer the opportunity to speak to the public, to, Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed.

    Those others that have been mentioned here while having produced quality work in our community do not seem to have the confidence of the people. We all have roles and responsibilities for the advancement of this association and the general community, The role of Leader in my opinion goes to Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed, and this I believe is what our leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed intended.

    When I talk about this with others, it causes me great discomfort when I hear people say that Imam W. Deen Mohammed is the leader as if I am saying anything different. Imam W. Deen Mohammed is the leader as is the Qur'an and the Model Human Being Muhammed the Prophet, He is the leader.

    So when I say to myself and to others after today that I see Imam E. AbdulMalik Mohammed as the Leader, I am saying I follow the logic that Prophet Muhammed established with the Qur’an and that Imam W. Deen Mohammed exhibited to us. When I hear the voice of Imam AbdulMalik Mohammed I hear the voice Of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    Mr. Smith

  198. Peace To You All!

    I don't normally respond to post so quickly, but Mr. Smith I agree with you 100%.

    I was having a conversation with a brother that has contributed to this blog on several occasions; we were talking about what holds us back as a community.

    One thing that I believe that holds us back, that came as a result of missed communication is a subtle fear that resides in our subconscious mind. Fears of offending others that we think know something.

    In the time of The Nation of Islam under the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, with the limited knowledge that we had of religion, we did not fear hurting the feelings of others that stood against us helping our people to make a better life for themselves. Now that we have this wonderful insight into religion for Our Leader and Teacher Imam W. Deen Mohammed, many seem afraid to stand with this knowledge and help to make things clear.

    This is our obligation our duty to humanity.

    I too have no hesitation in calling Imam Earl AbdulMalik Mohammed Leader and recognizing him as the representative voice of the Community of Imam Mohammed.

    If those that are in charge of these public events are not sensitive enough to consult with him, when I saw sensitive I mean aware of the needs of the community, than we need to speak louder and with more clarity.


  199. Allan Said As-Salaam Alaikum:

    We too hesitate to speak out freely on this blog for fear of reprisals by some of the regulars who post here. That's been our experince here especially when it sounded like we're opposing their idea so we're not making this up, and our reaction was none in most part for fear of sounding direspectful or being wrongfully accused of defending oneself and or disrupting the progress here.

    Why is this being mentioned now? We believe we can make the most progress when we can be honest forthright with our idea not exact however similar to others. We must do this to develop ourselves.

    Thank You Peace Be Unto You