Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leadership Is in The Resourceful People

"...We must see the Qur'an and scripture preceding it as we were taught to see it by our leader. In quoting and translating it he said, "it is a discussion on what went before and a conclusion to that discussion."

We have been taught by our leader that it was reported that Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, may Allah reward her and be pleased with her said, "if you want to know him, he is the Qur'an living amongst us." It is necessary to note here that Imam W. Deen Mohammed informed us where to look for answers. It was not essential for him to sit at the feet of the ulema and find scholarly truths so as to impress ourselves with scholarly questions and answers. It fell to Imam W. Deen Mohammed to protect humanity and thus it has fallen to us in his line.

Our first obligation is to work for the best possible human life for all with the Qur'an as our leader and guide. Knowing that we are of the uneducated in the schemes of the world and thus unscathed by its deceptions, G'd guided us with the pure and direct message. Often Imam Mohammed would quote and translate, "and take from it the best thereof." And he would quote and translate, "you are the best community brought out for the good of all people."

What he emphasized is our guidance. How many remember him saying, "leadership is in our resourceful people."

The logic for leadership in the Qur'an for our people is that which uniquely qualified us, all of us, for leadership - "that He would raise a people, loving G'd and He loving them and loving the Messenger and not fearing the criticism of any criticizer."

Because he was guided, so are we if we follow him. He told us to "throw out useless knowledge and remake the world."

If we accept where Imam W. Deen Mohammed placed emphasis then we will know that 1) the Qur'an is our leader, 2) that the siraat (vertical path shared by all humanity) is higher than the sunnah (tradition), 3) that the defenders of humanity are its leaders, and that 4) we are within the reasoning of Islamic faith upon the tradition (millat) of Abraham to struggle within our own minds and experiences with G'd's help to relieve our own suffering and build a great establishment of faith.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed taught us that. Not an imam from Arabia or Persia or India or Harvey or Oakland or Atlanta or Dallas or Norfolk.

Leadership is in us by siraat (the vertical path) granted and protected by Allah, the Most High, and taught to us by the one Allah chose to lead us out of the darkness of the fujur through the first door and the veils of darkness into the sunnah of establishments.

The matter for leadership is left to the people, not to any imams with meetings in louisville. It is left to the students of the Qur'an as Imam W. Deen Mohammed explained it and where he placed emphasis. It is left to a person or persons who convince us that they are working in that logic. It is left to those who defend the people's innocence and intelligence. It is left to those who keep the shroud of Imam Mohammed clean and pure by exercising strength and firmness when they encounter weakness and inferior knowledge."

- dr. Delaney W. Karriem

(Exerpt from Interview with dr. Delaney W. Karriem)

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Updated Focus of Our Discussion"

Dearly beloved people, I say unto you all Peace!

With your indulgence I would like to change the focus of this discussion from leadership to community building. This would include but is not limited to a discussion of leadership. Our discussion must focus all of those pertinent matters Imam W. Deen Mohammed established as most essential.

To begin it is important to say that leadership for the most part has failed this community. They were completely unprepared to go forward after the Imam's passing. There are many reasons for this but most importantly none of those that are claiming leadership now had an open, frank discussion with the Imam on the subject. They did not have any questions to ask him about the time after him. They were cowardly in their approach to this subject and now we, this community, are headless.

This blog has succeeded in establishing a spirit for progress. This must be maintained. Also, the contributors to this blog have emphatically thrown off and made the argument to remain free of a 'preacher' class as leaders. The principle of an 'educated' or 'learned' class that remain in the classroom of Imam W. Deen Mohammed must replace the preachers immediately.

Imam Mohammed's unselfishness, innocence and pure intent are lost on these persons needing our support and calling themselves our Imams. Not one of them is regarded by our country's establishment or the responsible leadership in the world as worth any attention. We do not deserve their frivolity and pettiness, or their political mutual admiration network.

We need and intend with this blog to build a national and international group of followers and students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed that will lead this community into its future.

We will not remain in this pitiful state.

We declare ourselves Muslims in the best tradition of Muhammed the Prophet. We further explain and introduce ourselves as being led and established upon that path by our leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed and from the line of Muslim African American leadership and tradition. This is who we are and who we will be. We stand upon our faith in G'd and revealed knowledge and declare ourselves the community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

dr. Delaney W. Karriem

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Statement #2: Question Presented by M. Madyun

"Are there unique and identifiable actions or skills in our presentation of Al-Islam and or Islamic knowledge that will place us at the forefront of the Islamic world?

If so what are they and how does the average person in the community of believers access them in order to identify with this leadership role? What are the things that distinguish our community and how does the common person anchor themselves in the role of leadership without having to feel that they need to give a speech or something or have a title?

I hope that this was clear and I look forward to reading all of your answers as it has helped me tremendously."