Saturday, April 4, 2009

Statement #2: Question Presented by M. Madyun

"Are there unique and identifiable actions or skills in our presentation of Al-Islam and or Islamic knowledge that will place us at the forefront of the Islamic world?

If so what are they and how does the average person in the community of believers access them in order to identify with this leadership role? What are the things that distinguish our community and how does the common person anchor themselves in the role of leadership without having to feel that they need to give a speech or something or have a title?

I hope that this was clear and I look forward to reading all of your answers as it has helped me tremendously."


  1. As'Salaamu'Alykum

    I am truly honored that dr. Delaney W. Karriem would choose my question as a focus of discussion on this most wonderful Blog. I look forward to reading the answers and the conversation that comes as a response to this post.

  2. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum: Let's glimpse at a statement by our Leader IWDM. "ONE STONE WAS MISSING THE CORNER STONE THE HEART OF MANKIND. MAN CONSTRUCTED HIS BUILDING, AND LEFT OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT STONE. THE BLACK STONE DEAD TO THE BODY HEAT. THE HEART IS DEAD NO LONGER HUNGERING FOR HIS LIFE. ONLY HUNGERING FOR G'D AND NOT ITSELF,AND NOW THE HEART BECOMES THE CORNER-STONE. THE HEART IS THE SEAT OF DESIRE AND APPETITE. THE HEART STRAINS, THE BRAIN CAN'T HANDLE IT, CAN'T GIVE IT ; THE HEART WHAT IT WANTS. AS THE HEART STRAIN, THE BRAIN IS ILLUMINATED-THE BLACKNESS OF PRESTINE NATURE" When we speak to people or persons, we should speak to their personal value collectively and individually as a whole. Allah has always been shaping us, and He is still shaping us.Allah has given every one us something of his spirit,and He has and still is shaping his spirit in us. Thank You, Peace Be Unto You.

  3. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum, Excuse me; the comment previous to this,pristine is misspelled.Because of it's focus and importance,lets define it. Pristine: 1 a. Remainging in a pure state; uncurrupted by civilization. b. Remaining free from dirt or decay, clean. 2.Of, relating to or typical of the earliest time or condition: Primitive or original. (Note: THE AMERICAN HERITAGE COLLEGE DICTIONARY; RECOMMENDED BY IMWDM) Thank You, Peace Be Unto You

  4. Madyun's posted statement is actually comprised of many questions that are very direct. The process by which we endeavor to answer them as well as the answers themselves are equally important to our leadership development interests. I'd like to begin by commenting on the first two. Many of us have already witnessed certain events that can aid us in coming into an understanding of how the unique and identifiable application and presentation of Islamic knowledge by Imam W.Deen Mohammed were recongized as being triumphant over the inferior expressions and application of Islamic knowledge. This recognition has come in many forms such as an audiences reaction to the Imam's words, a humble gesture of solidarity from the spiritual leadership of another faith community, language and tone changes in the rhetoric of national and international leadership, and yes, recognition from scholarly voices in the Muslim world. I believe that being in the forefront of the Islamic world is not the goal, but it will be a bi-product of the application of the same skills and presentation of Al-Islam that will place this community in the forefront of the communities of the world itself. The skills that are necessary begin with developing the correct sensitivities/concerns. The correct sensitivities will nuture the correct disposition, and the correct disposition (towards life and life's aspirations) will cause us to pursue a variety of educational and technical advancements in a purposeful way. The presentation is two-fold. One being dawah that consistenlty emphasizes moral excellence and our comittment to improving human life in society with the Quran and Prophet Mohammed's guidance and two, an establishment that represents the manifestation of the aforementioned expression and beliefs.

    "In my soul is not a hunger just to be called a Muslim and accepted by other Muslims, there's a hunger in my soul to be called an excellent human person responsible for himself, his family, his dependents, his neighborhood, his neighbor, his neighborhood and the whole of humanity." -Imam W. Deen Mohammed 5-14-2000

    The average person in the community of believers accesses the skills by making a conscious decision to have his or her perception influenced by Imam Mohammed's logic through examining what issues were priority for him, how he chose to address them, and what knowledge he used to support his conclusions. In other words, establishing your own convictions upon sound faith and increasing your reasoning ability. This life long endeavor will be your method of identification.

    Peace to all.

  5. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum: Thank you brother for the help, Im with you for sure. When we say how were to impact on society. We first convey who we are as a sign. The language of my grand-parents from the south before they came north was. Son! what's your soul purpose in life? Or get to the heart of the matter. I know they were speaking form that pristine soul, "the corner stone". This is what the world is witnessing today. In it's fullness regards to impact. Don't under estimate our publics. They see and understand more than we think. They may not be convinced, however I must admit they have faith. Yes they're looking to the leader's of the faith. I remember the Imam saying to his listening audience April 16, 2005 "Keeping the Promise" pleasure is the number one intrest for the people. They inter higher learning, and they achieve. They're intrest; to satisfy the carnal nature, as opposed to lifting themselves to higher ideals. G'D must be the number one pleasure. Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  6. As Salaam Alaykum Honorable People,

    Sūrah, 17:70, in Qur’ānic prayer language, Allāh (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى) has explained that He has already honored Adam’s sons; and Prophet Muhammed (ﺼﻠﻰ ﷲ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻮ ﺴﻠﻢ) has explained that none of you are believers until you love for your brother what you love for yourself. Adams’s sons could be understood as a metaphor for creation being that we have been created from preexisting matter. That leads me to think that we must have the same interest for creation that we have for ourselves; we must be regardful enough not to abuse creation in anyway. When we come across creation that have been neglected or people who have been corrupted this is an opportunity to demonstrate that we care enough to do whatever it takes to restore any aspect of creation to its natural pristine pattern of excellence. When property in the community is in ruins, this is an opportunity to remake it into something noteworthy of our dignity not wanting to ignore the filth and rubble within our eyesight. I recall times in the Nation of Islam’s infancy; mature adults would take responsibility working on blighted property turning it into strip malls for business development that housed a school, restaurants, clothing stores, barbershops and other beneficial uses. I remember finding my way into the noble company of brothers and sisters that inspired me to overcome an addiction to drugs and criminal behavior; I remember days when love for your brother (creation) what you love for self meant doing something for self without hesitation or reservation. Where has the love gone, do we love for one another what we love? Do we love for our community what we love for ourselves enough to remake it into a healthy viable place to raise our youth, to care for our respected elders, to demonstrate that we will never miss an opportunity to redeem anyone or anything that is being neglected, that we will never allow ourselves to be deaf, dumb and blind to the needs of others in this wonderful world.

    Best regards,
    Jibril Abdulhafeez

  7. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:
    {Imam WD Mohammed commentary on Servant's of Allah}

    What is typical of the hauman being; It is required of us to give what we receive. A real human being will not receive and receive and not give. this requirement in us leads us to acknowledge G'D. How did I get all of this? I to thank somebody for all of this, he keeps searching. He says G'D, thank and that's the spirit and attitude that makes him a good servant of the lord. He reaches a point in that realization where everything he does, he went to doing it knowing G'D is pleased with it. When running the family or household, in caring for it. Working on the job, helping the men in the neighborhood, or even playing on a team. He reaches a point in that kind of progression where he wants everything first accepted by G'D. That's a wonderful creature, that's the creature that excell, he really becomes the hero. That's the prophet's of God, they are our best heroes. We believe in this religion that man is a creature for service. When he accept's himself as that, he's to find his pleasure,and his happiness in rendering service to G'D. The prophet's rose above the confines of they're time, and knowledge because they served the lord most high with that kind of devotion. Man cannot have true happiness or pleassure until he serve G'D. Man has been made the servant of G'D because Muhammad the prophet {peace Be upon Him} is the servant of G'D. We call every human being the servant of G'D. Allah says in His holy Book; you are the abd u Allah, the servant's of Allah. Allah instrucded the proghet to speak to my servant's.
    Thank You Peace Be Upon You

  8. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum:
    Excuse me I have to make these corrections that I overlooked when I the comment previous to this. The third sentence, fourth line; I want to thank somebody for all of this. And the fouth sentence, fifth line; He says G'D, thank G'D and that's the spirit. And the last sentence; Allah instructed the prophet to speak to my servant's. Thank You For Your patients ASA

  9. ASA

    What sets us apart from all others in Religion not just in Al-Islam, is our language and our logic. Our late leader Imam Mohammed told us that the Qur'an was revealed to give us Hiqmah, which he translated as rules of logic.

    He did not just say that this word means rules of logic to capture your mind; this is what many of the imams in our association do. He told us its meaning and went to work to demonstrate how to use rules of logic. He established an open dialog with us so that we could benefit from the discussion of how logic is to be used in understanding religious matters and world affairs.

    Those in our community that make progress for themselves have done more than simply repeat the words of our late leader, they have sought to internalize the method of using good common sense and engaging importance issues with the rules of logic found in the open discourse of Imam Mohammed.

    I believe that if persons would study not just what Imam Mohammed said but also what he did as a leader they would find themselves in unique positions to help and serve this community in ways that the unqualified leaders can't.

    Ali K.

  10. Allan said As-salaam Alaikum:
    "Ascension cosmic figure" Imam WDM commentary
    The Seven Levels; Muhammad the Prophet in His ascension greeted each Prophet As-Salaam Alaikum.
    The Prophet said! the prayers and peace on him ; the relationship between myself and all the other Prophets Is a man who built a building and, the building was perfect, in all it's structure and symmetry. And the people would go around the building looking how beautiful and perfect it was. And they would come to a place seeing one brick missing, and saying how perfect it would be if it had not missing this one brick. And the Prophet said I am that brick. He makes that building perfect and complete. Which should be taken on two levels. The Prophet says I've been given the Qur'an and something like it. Explicit and Implied. (1) Adam: Matter holding possibilties in the matter;
    (2} Christ Jesus & John: Spirit in the matter. Jesus; positive and affirm, John; negative and denounce, there are two spirits, his spirit and G'D spirit.
    (3) Joseph: Human psyche, having great potential. Knowledge arriving without five senses. he's credited because of his intuitive self. He receives direction for society and for the whole world. The influence of G'D moved upon the face of the water, the psyche of man, the mysterious part of the mind. Let there be light, Joseph represents the psyche. Joseph and Jesus is tied together. Jesus in the the gospel is called the son of Joseph, and the son of G'D. How is Jesus before Joseph? first in the ascension before Joseph. But in the Book it's said that He is born out of due season. Sometimes in some cases the ascension doesn't have to happen in that order that it is given. That's the order G'D made it. The one that's above can give help to the one below. And bring the one below up, and sometimes the one below can give help to the one above. And it enables the one above to come alive in his plain. So it can happen both ways, you can go upstairs or downstairs. Jacob saw a latter ascending up into the heavens. He saw angels going up and comming down. Joseph is on third plain. These are natural properties of human matter or human creation.
    (4)Idris: Represents a type in all people Idris means study, lessons, knowledge for human society. Universal and cultural it is benefiting from intuitive knowledge, power of the soul. Writing perseves culture it is the beginning of it. It go's on for the future generations. So that future generations will have a culture
    (5) Arron: You can go a trip an errand; Arron he was accused of being one that erred. When the people built of errected a calf. Arrons response; do not grab me by the hair of my beard, I am at fault running my mouth, and was not obeying. Subject to err is on the fifth level. Take care of five before, five take care you. Habit will take care, it will take the sense out of the form, or mold. Take them from the nature G'D wants them in,or in them. However then the very sense given to you to help you can become your undoing, or give you trouble. Bone; logical connection the fith level, valley of the dead. Bone comming together, culture evolves. Logic clothed the bone with flesh (education).
    (6) Moses - Education, Intellect that teaches for particular need or nation.
    (7) Ibrahim - Intellect, Interaction with Physical matter. Pregnating the matter to serve human life. Edify human life giving construction to it, represents the focus for keeping the knowledge whole. The heart, Intellect, spirit, universality he fullfilled his debt to G'D. The upright knowledge that preserves what is universal,he broke with his nation. The Prophet greeted in his ascension up through the level father Adam to show his relationship to his relationship to his brothers until he got to Abraham-father Then he led in prayer all of them; his two fathers all of them. Even Christ Jesus he led in prayer. Each one added in the building of the construction as a contribution. Man does not sin by the nature given to him by G'D. He sin by the nature given to him by the errant world. Muhammad put Adam back in his proper place and the dignity in the construction of the house. He put me and you and the children of Adam back that G'D said He honored, all of them everyone, children and sons of Adam. See now why he leads the seven in prayer. He's the last, He's the leader of mankind. Who's the leader? Who was the first in the lead in human history? The history of the development of mans intellect, his emotional nature and everything in civilization. Muhammad He's the last one the leader. He is the aim that all of them had. He is the object that all of them were seeking. That is completeness, not just perfection. They all were perfect in their creation, but not complete.
    Muhammad is the universal application.
    Thank You Peace Be Unto You

  11. The overwhelming distinguishing factor for our community was the Imam's presence among us. He chose to devote himself to the mission of personally guiding the development, and shining the light on the necessities for establishing our Muslim community life. In addition, he never disconnected himself from the ethos of the African American people and reminded us that improving the collective condition of the African American people would also be a catalyst for inspiring tremendous hope and change for communities desiring to reach standards of excellence around the world. With or without our allegiance the world recognized him as our leader and the spokesman for our souls because we shared an inseparable connection. Although, many of our mosques, centers, and Imams may not always be reflective our leaders aspirations or legacy; there is still a foundation that exists that is comprised of unique cultural, intellectual, linguistic, and spiritual expressions that are authentic to our experience. This foundation is however, as dr. Delaney stated, "at risk" and must continue to evolve along with our pursuit of material establishment.

    Not unlike the common citizen of any nation, the common person in our community anchors themselves in the role of leadership through having faith, disciplined interests that are in accord with ethical behavior, and devotion to their craft. Such discipline and devotion will allow a person to have an above average performance in their field. For us that means first strengthening our faith in Al-Islam, strengthening our appreciation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and his many contributions, and developing a skill set. Our Imam once told us, in so many words If you want to ensure your success and your ability to compete, make yourself an invaluable resource. Speeches and titles don't establish leadership. Speeches are given when intelligent people recognize you have something to contribute. Legitimate titles are created and assigned based on one's performance. No matter how frustrating it may be, we must not allow environments and persons that are unwilling to recognize our individual worth to cause us to conform to their deficient leadership paradigm.

    Peace to all

  12. Allan said As-Salaam Alaikum: Belief In G'D -
    Imam W.D. Mohammed explained, In order to be able to work safely with any concept. You have to see it in it's reality. Every concept is formed from the cosmic concept. It is the cosmic concept that gives birth to every other concept. Every animal, every plant, every human being, everybody, every stone every crystal forms in the context of the cosmic world. Your narrow picture of your identity makes you very small. Allah says, "O man think not that your reality is bigger than the external reality." He patteren mans life and his reality on the patteren and order of the universe. You have a universal discipline in your nature and being. It is that universal discipline that accounts for your well-being. If you lose those universal disciplines, you will lose your well being...We need to know the role of matter, cosmic reality, in order to appreciate man...We need to turn the race on, we need to turn the masses of African American people on to this kind of thinking, and appreciation of image, of self view, of self identity. Where we Identify ourselves not in the White mans history first, we identify ourselves In G'S handiwork first...Human influences are favored by cosmic influences. It is cosmic influences. It is cosmic influence that gives real muscles, purpose, etc. to human influence. Our religion teaches us to identify as a member in the body universe... Man according to G'D vision of man, man was a cosmic man from the beginning...Man gets his sense of perfect order...Man benefitted from the perfect working, order and courses of the heavenly bodies. (Los Angeles Lecture by, IWDM 11-15-87)

  13. As'Salaamu'Alykum

    dr. Delaney, can you answer my question? I do not want to become confused with all this chatter coming from people speaking in riddles.

    I don't know if it true or not that dr. Delaney is AbdulMalik, it doesn't matter to me, what does matter is that I am not mislead in my pursuit of understanding my role and responsibility as a conscious contributor to the development of our community. To do that I must have clear knowledge of what Imam W. Deen Mohammed meant.

    I see dr. Delaney W. Karriem as a person that has been more than prophetic in his appeal to the community calling us to engage in the actual decision making process for our future.

    I was and am still encouraged by the fact that you (dr. Delany W. Karreim) choose to post my question as a focus for discussion here on this Blog. I am also encouraged to the point that I am talking to others about the happenings in this community and have not only seen that this conversation influences the right minded to act, that are within our association but those that are not in our community structure seem to gravitate towards this spirit that is being expressed through the well meaning contributors of this blog.

    Again I ask dr. Delaney W. Karriem to answer my question. If he is not available to answer I am willing to accept any one of the brothers that did interviews with Hashim and Hashim as well.

    I would like to see more of that type discussion as those interviews touched on some questions that I also had. My last question, Is Hashim the only person allowed to conduit Interviews on this blog or can any person give an interview with someone else? I know Hashim said that dr. Delaney asked him to, but can others that have questions that they can't ask Imam W. Deen Mohammed have an outlet to have those questions answered?

  14. Peace To You All!

    As discussed in my comments on statement #1 I do believe that there are things that we can do to help us focus our life better and become more respected as a cohesive community. These things can be done and should be done by the individual that says they are students of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    What are these things that we should be doing? They are acting in accords with the knowledge of the religion that was taught to us by our late leader Imam Mohammed as a collective whole. By doing this we are identified not only in language but in the demonstration of the religion based in knowledge.

    An example: Imam W. Deen Mohammed taught us that we should while sitting in Jalzah in the ritual prayer extend the fore finger while saying "I bear witness that there is no G'd But G'd he has no partners" and to extend the middle finger along with the fore finger while saying "and I bear witness that Muhammed is the slave servant and Messenger"

    There is more to what I have just said here and it is explained in detail by Imam Mohammed as to the meaning and why we as his students perform this act. There are other things according to the wisdom that Imam Mohammed gave us that sets us apart from others in knowledge in this religion. I believe that if the individuals would commonly and practically practice these things based on knowledge not just following ritual we as a community would become more enriched.

    At this moment I am only talking rituals, and to my knowledge Imam Mohammed did not emphasis rituals over understand and logic skills. The reason that I am talking about the rituals is that is what identifies us as Muslims in the Islamic world and in the world of Religion. If we follow our leader in religion then our acts in ritual should conform to what we saw and heard explained by our leader and teacher.

    Islamic education or understanding why we are doing what we are doing is a must for the conscience Believer. WE must have a true connection with the ideas that established Islamic life for Muhammed the Prophet and the community of believers that supported that life. The rituals are simply to say that you have placed yourself under a discipline that reflects a knowledge body.

    If you where to walk into a Masjid where all the members while standing in prayer had their hands at their sides, if you where a student of islamic history you would say that they are a part of such and so's school of thought. Those acts identify that they have accepted the ideas and understanding that comes from performing the discipline in a certain way adhering to a singular school of thought.

    Most Muslims, if asked why do you do this or that in your ritual or what is this ritual a sign of, they would most likely not be able to give you an answer. But if you should ask a student of Imam Mohammed that same question you should walk away from that conversation enlightened as to the process of building community life and the awareness of ones responsibility to be a part of its growth.

    This I think is what makes us the leaders in the Islamic world and in the world in general. It was and is the correct understanding of what our prophet brought that enlightened the world again to its shared responsibility to advance human intelligence and moral life and produce for the future a cultured existence.

    This is what Imam Mohammed required of us. This is why I am promoting the Idea of an Online Library where we can have access to the knowledge of what the Mujeddid taught us concerning the rituals and any number of subjects. We need that those subject matters be easily accessible and connect in a way that shows us how to clearly see and gauge our progress in building community life following the wisdom of the Imam W. Deen Mohammed.


  15. AS SALAAM ALAY... OH I MEAN DEARLY BELOVED PEOPLE I SAY UNTO YOU ALL ( all of my soon to be obedient innocent blind followers) PEACE.


  17. You forgot to include the manipulator Hashim and the other various split personalities emanating from his mind.

  18. As-Salaam-Aliakum

    Even though it was a negative this last post called my attention back to this very important question asked but M. Madyun. I was looking over the answers given to these questions and my attention was drawn to one set of answers or one poster in particular. Catylst. His answers seems to satisfy something deep in my soul for what I have been searching for in trying to find an understanding of how to put things together.

    I would like to hear more from Catlyst on this subject if possible. I think that we all could benefit from his presentation.

    I don't know Hashim but it seems to me that he has nothing but the best interest of the community in mind through what I can observe of his postings. I know that Allah will make manifest everyone's true intentions in time and if He or any other person here is as the anonymous poster has suggested they will be shown to us for what they really are.

    Sa'id Muhammed

  19. As-Salaam-Aliakum

    I'm not use to coming directly to this Website; I usually wait on the emails that I have become accustomed to seeing in my inbox. I have grown to love and appreciation reading the comments that are posted to this forum. As I said in my last post I was reminded of this very important question and as I read over the responses to it, the answers from Catlyst stood out in my mind.

    I haven't read any posts by that person in some time now, so I am not sure if he or she will respond to this question that I have that stems from their answer to Statement #2.

    My question simply this, you said,

    “I believe that being in the forefront of the Islamic world is not the goal, but it will be a bi-product of the application of the same skills and presentation of Al-Islam that will place this community in the forefront of the communities of the world itself. The skills that are necessary begin with developing the correct sensitivities/concerns."

    Can you please explain what you mean by sensitivities and concerns and in your estimation what are the CORRECT sensitivities?

    I will tell you what I am getting from what you are saying; please let me know if I am in the ball park.

    I know a lawyer friend of mine and she likes to watch the News and the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. But she only likes to watch programs that deal with animal behavior and when she watches the News she only likes to watch the weather and sports scores or what happened in the games no matter the sport. I asked her why does she only like watching those programs, she said to me that she enjoys watching other programs but those types of programs help her to identify with her profession. I asked well why only the weather and sports scores, she said well I want to know how I should dress for court and I want to know what the guys will be talking about so that it helps me in my negotiations for deals in the court room.

    She said, "I want to be sensitive to what they are talking about", those were her exact words to me.

    I am wanting to relate this conversation that I had with my Lawyer friend with what you are saying in your comment about Al-Islam and being in the forefront of world communities as a bi-product of having or acting upon some skill set.

    You gave some help in your other response, but could you elaborate on what things Imam Mohammed was concerned with and sensitive to when observing things in order to help guide the people?

    Sa'id Muhammed

  20. As Salaam Alaikum,

    Dear Brother Sa'id, welcome to this discourse. We appreciate the time you put to read and inquire about matters of importance to our community. I would like to tell you that the current conversation is under the title "Leadership is in the Resourcefulness of the People. If you move your page up, you will see Blog Archive. Click on November. That is where we are blogging now. Copy your questions there; you will get generous responses. The brothers and sisters never hesitate. I look forward to answering you there. Thank you.

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