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Leadership Is in The Resourceful People

"...We must see the Qur'an and scripture preceding it as we were taught to see it by our leader. In quoting and translating it he said, "it is a discussion on what went before and a conclusion to that discussion."

We have been taught by our leader that it was reported that Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, may Allah reward her and be pleased with her said, "if you want to know him, he is the Qur'an living amongst us." It is necessary to note here that Imam W. Deen Mohammed informed us where to look for answers. It was not essential for him to sit at the feet of the ulema and find scholarly truths so as to impress ourselves with scholarly questions and answers. It fell to Imam W. Deen Mohammed to protect humanity and thus it has fallen to us in his line.

Our first obligation is to work for the best possible human life for all with the Qur'an as our leader and guide. Knowing that we are of the uneducated in the schemes of the world and thus unscathed by its deceptions, G'd guided us with the pure and direct message. Often Imam Mohammed would quote and translate, "and take from it the best thereof." And he would quote and translate, "you are the best community brought out for the good of all people."
What he emphasized is our guidance. How many remember him saying, "leadership is in our resourceful people."

The logic for leadership in the Qur'an for our people is that which uniquely qualified us, all of us, for leadership - "that He would raise a people, loving G'd and He loving them and loving the Messenger and not fearing the criticism of any criticizer."
Because he was guided, so are we if we follow him. He told us to "throw out useless knowledge and remake the world."

If we accept where Imam W. Deen Mohammed placed emphasis then we will know that 1) the Qur'an is our leader, 2) that the siraat (vertical path shared by all humanity) is higher than the sunnah (tradition), 3) that the defenders of humanity are its leaders, and that 4) we are within the reasoning of Islamic faith upon the tradition (millat) of Abraham to struggle within our own minds and experiences with G'd's help to relieve our own suffering and build a great establishment of faith.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed taught us that. Not an imam from Arabia or Persia or India or Harvey or Oakland or Atlanta or Dallas or Norfolk.
Leadership is in us by siraat (the vertical path) granted and protected by Allah, the Most High, and taught to us by the one Allah chose to lead us out of the darkness of the fujur through the first door and the veils of darkness into the sunnah of establishments.

The matter for leadership is left to the people, not to any imams with meetings in louisville. It is left to the students of the Qur'an as Imam W. Deen Mohammed explained it and where he placed emphasis. It is left to a person or persons who convince us that they are working in that logic. It is left to those who defend the people's innocence and intelligence. It is left to those who keep the shroud of Imam Mohammed clean and pure by exercising strength and firmness when they encounter weakness and inferior knowledge."

- dr. Delaney W. Karriem

(Exerpt from Interview with dr. Delaney W. Karriem)


  1. Marshelle SultanahMay 15, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    I was just on the radio broadcast, and the conversation turned to the youth in our community who are absent and fading. We begin to discuss how a great deal of our youth have not been given the opportunity to lead. This is a subject that is very close to my heart as a young person who wanted so much to work in this community but found no opening until now. This is the plight for many of us, and it is devastating our community and social order. I was inspired to write this poem. I hope it encourages change.


    I think it must have been the day Sister Annie died,
    May Allah bless and keep her and give her Paradise,
    Those who came to wash her were elderly and moving slow,
    I remember thinking, who will do this for them when its their time to go?
    Because I looked around the room and no one did I see,
    That had the same age, passion, and motivation as me,
    Now, I do love my dear elders and learn as much from them as I can,
    But the reality is upon us, the opinion of the youngster is not in much demand.
    Our masjids are graying and there is no youth in them to replace.
    What will become of our community? We’re supposed to be the benefits to our race.
    How could this have happened? What caused this to be?
    While I hate to admit it, the truth is it was a failure to decree,
    To decree that we appreciate our youth and encourage them to thrive,
    As assets to our community, but instead most of them we drive,
    Away, afraid to take, listen to, or follow their lead,
    And as a result, we only see them come to complete some ritualistic deeds.
    We do not offer them, an equal place at the table,
    We only appeal to them when we are not able,
    To purchase a new roof or maybe a pretty rug,
    But never has our expectations of them risen above, this.

    We are told to get an education, and our success will be fixed.
    But seldom were we told that this was our inheritance!
    That long when you are gone, we must carry on this work,
    When did we teach and empower them that this is the Book,
    That will guide this community to our destined place,
    And it was Imam Mohammed who helped us see our natural place.
    So I feel rather neglected, and troubled by this pose,
    How can I be a value in the world, and my own community sits in repose?
    And let all my talent, energy, and efforts essentially go to waste,
    Meanwhile the community is fading and gaining a distaste,
    In the mind and heart of that young person who sees she or he has no place.

    To grow and be valued as the ones to continue the fight,
    Instead what we have is young professional Muslim flight,
    Running away from this attitude that we have seen for far too long,
    So now I charge you—what are you going to do to keep our young people home?
    What will you do to stop this bleed?
    You had better do something, or we will cease to be.

    I think it must have been the day Sister Annie died,
    That my young soul grew tired and just begin to cry,
    And those tears are flowing in each and every one of us,
    Will you offer a solution or let things continue to be as such?

  2. ASA

    As I sat listening to this past Bilalian Speaks Radio Program 5-16-2010, The thought came to my mind as one of the callers began to describe the mistreatment of Bilal both by the companions of the Prophet and by those that influence Media and how we should see The Harold of The Prophet and Messenger of G'd, That a similar treatment was done to the Harold of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    I understand why Bilal Ibn Rabah moved to Syria and lived out the rest of his life in what seemed to be an exile. There was no real support for him in the land from which he was given the job of holding and managing the treasures. He was given that job by the Prophet and Messenger of G'd. He was the Treasurer for the whole of the Islamic World. Yet, he was not viewed with respect from the leadership and from among the citizenry of those in the Holy Land.

    We must correct that presentation. We must bring honor back to the role of the Harold and Treasurer of Islam.

    In a word WE are Bilal.

    Adam P. Ford

  3. As-Salaam-Alaikum
    A question was asked recently “What job did the Honorable Elijah Mohammed have before he became the leader of the Nation of Islam?” The answer is, he did not have a job.

    This question was asked in response to a concern someone had regarding what they considered as their lack of experience in taking on a certain task to assist with the upcoming Leadership Summit.

    African-American history, and the history of man in general is replete with the accounts of men and women who have taken on the responsibility to change troubling and unpleasant conditions and situations and to create great opportunities. Their seeming lack of experience in no way hindered them from doing what was regarded as virtually impossible.

    I am referencing individuals who were driven by their sincerity, honesty, and their unselfishness to aid and assist in works that served the common good. They were not seeking fame, glory, or riches but were driven by a calling to do what was right, just, and good, (G’d inspired) and because of this, their seeming lack of experience proved rather insignificant in the final outcome of their great achievements.

    Each of us who contributes to this blog, and each of us who reads it is capable of performing some task or tasks for which our previous training, experience, education or expertise has not equipped us. It will be our sincerity, our honesty, and our unselfish desire to see the vision of our leader, Imam W.D. Mohammed (a truly G’d inspired man) come to fruition. We have far more information at our disposal to offset anything we may lack in most areas of knowledge and information than did our predecessors.

    As we stay the course toward the goal of realizing what Allah (SWT) has extended to us “Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good” then He, Himself, will send aid from quarters we can little imagine.

  4. Was running with the family Saturday evening so I caught the radio program on my iPod later. The sisters brought up so many issues, so many concerns. I think Hashim was correct that most often the sisters are seeing community issues that perhaps the brothers, especially the "leaders" are not. But I wonder if any of the sisters will indulge me with some considerations :

    We (the brothers really) often speak of dawah in terms of going out and "preaching" what we say is the religion. I think the best dawah is our example. So to that end, what are we, Muslim women-especially us students of IWDM- doing to set ourselves apart from other women in the community? Are we providing leadership for ourselves, for our daughters that is a reflection of Thinking Women? How are we doing with applying the dictates of the Quran in this frayed society?

    About two weeks ago we had a discussion about "roles". The Bilalian spoke strongly and our out-of-the-country caller gave some valuable Imam inspired tafseer. I was wondering how the sisters felt about the realm of "roles" in our community. I can say that Imam Mohammed's teaching laid the foundation for me in terms of my value as female, balance, role and responsibility, and wifehood/motherhood. How do we see ourselves, our contribution, as we attempt to build the community that the Imam laid out for us?
    Makéda A.

  5. Peace to all,

    One of the ways I intend to make my contribution to this very enlightening avenue of expression is by by showing how the comments of our great leader can be given practical application or expression. For example our leader put great emphasis on us developing community life, he also said we are not a people unless and until we have what other people have. Other people have ways of providing good quality foods at reasonable prices for their respective communities.
    We all buy food daily/weekly/monthly etc. If we find ways to pool our resources we can provide for ourselves like others are doing. I have along with a few other believers have been trying to get a food buying effort started and its sad but we get very little support. A few years ago we began a collective food buying effort and one of the things it did was brought families closer together. One of the best ways to know each other is by working with each other. Working together would enhance the social bonds and at the same time foster greater economic strength. Hope we can get some ideas of how we could promote this idea locally and nationally.
    In closing I'll say this. All the great ideas we express, without a good solid material foundation would be held in suspension. Peace to all.

  6. Marshelle SultanahMay 30, 2010 at 8:38 AM


    Sister Makeda, you have asked a very pertinent question, rather questions as sisters must also work towards establishing community life. Imam Mohammed said that "the soul will never rest until it has established community life." Well, that soul, that initiative, that spirit to work for something greater than oneself, must exist for all of us. Too often, sisters have quietly accepted to work solely in the kitchen or as greeters/ushers. While there is no harm nor wrong in that, we have to see that as one job not the only job. We should feel free to make suggestions and act to improve conditions in the community. If we see a need and can fulfill it, we should do so. Imam Mohammed valued all of us and sought assistance and suggestions from like-minded people. In our tradition, women have always been valuable as partners in our success; hence, Sister Clara Mohammed Schools. Sister Clara took a stance on education and we supported her and continue to do so in essence as we continue to promote and support SCMS.

    As you mentioned, Imam Mohammed has helped all of us understand not only what our roles are but also what contribution we should make and that is to seek what is best for the people. That creed is not defined by gender.

    I too believe that the best dawah is to lead by example and each day, I attempt to do exactly that. I approach my role as a leader in my field with that perspective in mind, and it works. I have noted changes in approach and mindset as a result of my influence, Praise be to Allah. I don't say this to bring attention to me; no, I only mention this to reiterate what I said earlier--we must all make a contribution to the great work that lies ahead. That means we must be vocal and visible workers in the community. We should hear you on the conference calls, on the radio broadcasts, and read your thoughts here on the blog. Sisters have much to offer towards our success. I encourage you all to make your contribution.

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    Dear Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed:

    Over the past year, I have had the privilege and honor of working with and getting to know a handful of Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s strongest supporters. While some of their names may not garner national recognition, I have witnessed their dedication to the vision of community life that Our Leader presented.

    What brought us together was the blog Community of Imam Mohammed Discussion. It was started shortly after the passing of Imam Mohammed in 2008. There’s much to be said regarding the blog’s effect on the community, but that is not my purpose in writing this open letter.

    As I continued to participate in the online discussion, I began to think of ways in which many of the concerns that were being voiced could be addressed in a public manner where everyone was free to participate. To make a long story short, after consulting with other blog participants, the initial idea evolved into the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed Leadership Summit, which will be held on October 29-30, 2010 in Charlotte, NC.

    A person or persons operating under the name dr. Delaney W. Karriem started the blog and for lack of a better term, an element of controversy has surrounded this name and the strategy behind it. Critics claim that by not revealing his/her real identity, dr. Karriem is somehow being untruthful or is hiding his/her true motivations. Many people suspect that Imam E. Abdulmalik Mohammed is dr. Delaney but for whatever reasons will not come forward. Needless to say, this is troubling to many.

    But let us, for a moment, examine the strategies of the wise. There are many authors who had great positive effects on the cultures of their people yet they used what is referred to as pen names (or, nom de plume in Latin). Even today, there are powerful filmmakers whose signatures are on major films even though the general public is unaware. These people have a culture, which carries certain symbols and ideas enabling them to recognize each another and each other’s work. It also serves as a protection. Shouldn’t we, as a new people, have within our control unique strategies and cultural expressions that enable us to see each other and each other’s work without necessarily seeing each other?

    I have not seen nor am I aware of any proof of who dr. Delaney W. Karriem is or whether or not his presence was the doing of one or several persons. I do not know if his “real identity” will ever be known. I do not know if the strategy that was used to create the blog was the best strategy.


  10. (...CONTINUED)

    What I do know is this: every major figure in our community, whether they admit to it or not, has been given focus by the blog. I do know that when I read what so many have written on the blog, including dr. Karriem, that I am required to respond quickly and without hesitation; that to remain silent and indecisive constitutes the worst form of personal cowardice. I do know the voice of Our Imam. And I do know that that voice has survived the physical body of Wallace D. Mohammed.

    Now that the planning of the summit is underway and is gaining more awareness, slowly the specter controversy is looming. And again, Imam Abdulmalik Mohammed seems to be the focus, or more accurately, his reputation is. I do not profess to know him deeply. I’ve heard him speak a few times, paid special attention to Imam Mohammed’s comments regarding his work on behalf of our community and became familiar with some of that work myself.

    I will not repeat all the negative things that I’ve heard said about Imam Abdulmalik. I only ask you to think deeply about what you yourself have seen of him, not what you heard or have heard repeated.

    Have you ever witnessed him speak or act against the interest of our community? Have you ever witnessed conduct on his behalf that would bring shame to our legacy? Have you ever witnessed Imam W. Deen Mohammed condemn him or steer the community away from any influence that he may have had. And to whom was Imam Mohammed referring to as his “partner”?

    If we are honest with ourselves, we will see that deep within our hearts, we have embraced Imam Abdulmalik Mohammed as our brother in this work, yet we feel defenseless against the continuous onslaught of rumors and lies that are the Shaytan’s scheme to create mistrust and apathy, the vile spawns of doubt.

    We should not speculate on private matters, especially when we are not witness. Our focus is on that which Imam Mohammed pointed to and we should accept and support anyone who expresses that same concern through his or her efforts.


  11. (...CONTINUED)

    No man or woman is perfect. No man or woman is without flaws. I have made it clear that I do not know Imam Abdulmalik on a very personal basis. But I will say this, based upon what I have seen with my own TWO eyes, as long as there is breath left in his lungs, Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed is a supporter, defender and preserver of the vision of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and that he has never and will never stop working to fulfill his obligation in obeying the vision of Our Leader.

    Now, controversy will try and shape my words to present the idea that the Summit’s agenda is to elect a new leader for this community. That is not so. We are beyond that. You do not need me or anyone else telling you who best represents you. And we sure as heck don’t need to elect someone to lead us. My purpose in writing this letter is to fight Shaytan’s scheme to smear and destroy the supporters of our purpose, which is the Human Purpose.

    The Summit is a great work, and a worthy effort. I ask that you pass this message on to others. I look forward to our coming together in October to discuss major issues and hear the perspective of our best minds in order to formulate strategies.

    Jummah preaching and suspicion based upon hearsay will deliver us to a life devoid of material dignity. I’ve seen how rumor spreading and backbiting has, for all practical purposes, destroyed the community here in California. Our future is vanishing before our eyes. I’m 25 years old and it seems as though every center I visit feels like a home for the elderly with a few young people there just visiting. Pardon my French, but this shit has got to stop.


    Ibrahim El-Amin
    Riverside, CA

  12. ASA,

    I find it pleasing and inspirng accepting the idea that we are Bilal. It is a title, a vision and a work that requires strenuous work and devotion. It is an example of leadership and the preservation and restoration of leadership. We must identify the African American man and women as an exceptional people within the human race. That identity is crucial. Human beings created by the Creator, The Sovereign. The people wanted to dismiss Bilal in his position based on skin color and societal positon. Even then they did not heed the fact that Bilal was put into his position by Prophet Mohammed and that Mohammed the Prophet received inspiration from The Creator concerning Bilal.
    We look to see the station of Bilal within our individual selves, our families, our community and the world.

    What is our call about?


    to be con't.

  13. Peace To You All!

    As I was doing some research on the articles and news media that came out directly after Imam W. Deen Mohammed's passing, I came across a few news blogs and a few Television Broadcasts that Named Imam W. Deen Mohammed "America's Imam"

    It would surpise most to think that America recognized an IMAM... Very interesting.

    My question to the many is, If "America" had an Imam, and they recognized an Islamic authority, then it stands to reason that "America" is looking to recognize the best we have as its Imam.

    Who is acting with that in mind on that level, that goes beyond local concerns and building or Masjid politics? Local Leaders, it seems don't have the strategy to manage their local centers, much less the concerns of World Government.


  14. Marshelle SultanahJune 24, 2010 at 8:23 PM

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    I was reminded of this letter as I read and thought about Imam Hashim's comments. This letter was written to the American public in 2001, I believe. It is still posted to the internet. Why? I like to believe that it rings true everyday and no one could see any error in its logic. It's titled "An Open Letter to the American Public." I have changed not one punctuation mark. The one who wrote this is a friend to the Community of Imam Mohammed. I find no wrong or deception in these words.

    "We are all part of a changing America, in most ways improving because of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Infinitely more reflective and conscious of each other, genuinely more interested, thoughtful, and careful, we are realizing the importance of our diversity and the sanctity of our oneness. What we share as Americans, without losing our distinctions, is love for the cherished life our shores guarantee: Freedom, Justice, Equality. Opportunity as one Nation under G-d, we all give our lives to see these principles endure and function for our children and their children. I, as a Muslim American follower of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, hold firmly to this.
    Nevertheless, the questions that abound must be answered satisfactorily and truthfully: What is Islam? Who are the Muslims? Why do they hate us? If their religion is one of peace, why are they so violent? How is Islam compatible with democracy? What place do Muslims have in America? Why are Muslims intolerant of other faiths? Are American Muslims funded by foreign groups? Are American Muslims the enemy? Why isn’t more emphasis placed on peace rather than war in Islam? Is Islam an American faith? What is the truth about Islam? What is the truth about American Muslims? There is Judge Hassan El-Amin, the first and only Muslim to serve as a judge in the state of Maryland. There is also Captain Rasheed Muhammad, the first Muslim military chaplain in U.S. History. Both are followers of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. The first native born American Muslim to be a member of an United States Olympic Team is Shareef Abdur-Rahim, a follower of Imam W Deen Mohammed and an NBA all-star with the Atlanta Hawks who was educated in a Muslim American school named for Imam Mohammed’s mother. And when the question is asked who speaks for Islam in America upon the religious obligation of serving this Nation’s strength and beauty, there is no doubt in the mind of former boxing great and American cultural icon Muhammad Ali, because Imam W Deen Mohammed is also his leader."

  15. Marshelle SultanahJune 24, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    "An Open Letter to the American Public" contin.

    "When our Nation mourned with the people of New York City in Yankee Stadium, it was Imam Izak-El Pasha. Leader of Harlem’s Malcolm Shabazz Mosque, another follower of Imam Mohammed, who was asked to represent Islam and Muslims by New York Mayor - Rudy Giuliani. And when President George W. Bush declared from the Islamic Center of Washington that terrorism is not the face of Islam after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack, the Muslim religious leader speaking in support of the President was Imam Yusuf Saleem, the National Director of Education for Muslims in association with the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. The nearly three million Muslim Americans following Imam W. Deen Mohammed have had an independent history and evolution in the international community of Islam. Descended from Africa and slavery in America, we have never known another home. Our American identity was never assumed, it was understood, even when our human worth and citizenship was provisionally denied us by law. With the facts of African American history widely known, it must be underscored that we have evolved from Mike Wallace’s 1959 portrayal of the Black Muslims as The hate that hate produced into an organic religious community cherishing for all others as ourselves: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The quality of our American lives is characterized by a singular and mainstream Islamic religious devotion that we interpret to demand conscious awareness of and responsibility for our citizenship. This is most profoundly expressed in our cardinal commitment to family and neighbors, both of which for us, like most Americans, are predominantly Christian and Jewish. The simple fact is that we are Muslim Americans serving G-d and country, and we believe that we have been prepared to lead all Muslims in America to a model Islamic community life. This means that as our country grows into its future, we will be here always serving its good interests. These are truthful answers for a few of the above questions. But for a lasting satisfaction, dear America, in this one of our most important hours, we are obliged to consider W. Deen Mohammed.

    Sincerely, Imam E. Abdulmalik Mohammed"

  16. "The nearly three million Muslim Americans following Imam W. Deen Mohammed" - Letter above!


    We must be realistic when quantifying our numbers and know we are dividing our numbers with these recent efforts in our community.. We must be Unified!

  17. Marshelle SultanahJune 30, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    What? Perhaps instead of being overly critical and suspicious (Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that sometimes suspicion is a sin) you should establish a working effort to actually count the number of people who identify with the Community of Imam Mohammed. That would be a respectable contribution. I would venture to say that number is probably more than that since that letter was written in 2001. When are you going to get to work on that?

    I do hope everyone notes that your dubious comment is the only contribution you have because you couldn't argue with the logic in that letter that's nine years old.

    These recent efforts? Be clear and upfront. I really hate when people try to hide their true feelings and efforts. Say what you mean. You speak of unity while you are trying to undermine an effort that you could not conceive of nor have the courage to participate in openly developing. Please. Such tactics are just pathetic and meant to distract people from a noble and growing effort. We are not interested. However, if you want to talk about how you can help develop the Community of Imam Mohammed, welcome. Peace.

  18. Marshelle SultanahJuly 1, 2010 at 5:24 PM


    Please plan to join us on the radio broadcasts: The Community of Imam Mohammed Leadership Initiative and Bilalian Speaks every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm and 6:00 pm respectively. You can call in at (347) 857-3460 and/or listen online at
    July 3-4, 2010, Abdulmalik Mohammed will be on the program. Please plan to be a part of our discussions about our community.

  19. ASA,

    If after reading this article, you are not inspired to recognize your greatness, to embrace your destiny, than you are dead, and all things dead must be moved from the sight and senses of the living. I was not born when this article was written, yet my soul, my DNA stood up as it recognized the lineage and destiny that is mine. I want it and will do all in my power to realize it. If our people in recent history were able to accomplish this in their efforts to establish community life, what is our problem as they had less resources and opportunities then we enjoy today? We can accomplish what we will. We have the blueprint; now let's materialize it.

    Time Magazine
    Friday, Mar. 07, 1969

    The Original Black Capitalists

    In recent years, the militant Black Muslim movement has been saddled with a falsely fierce image. Fear of the sect was magnified four years ago when Malcolm X, a New York adherent turned apostate, was murdered. Many viewed the killing as Muslim vengeance. The sect's aura of violence was enhanced by the fiery rhetoric of the organization's leader, Elijah Muhammad, who often castigated Caucasians as "white devils."
    Despite this fearsome facade, however, the Muslims have always been the bourgeoisie of the black militant movement. Today, the sect's 39 years of dogged adherence to the notion of "build black, buy black" is paying dividends.
    The Muslims have become the nation's leading exponents of "black capitalism" — a Nixonian term that they despise.
    Indeed, Muhammad, now 71, seems to have mellowed. Instead of inflaming Muslim passions, Muhammad (born Elijah Poole) is busily investing Muslim money. His energies are totally concentrated on building a Muslim-owned financial empire that some day, he predicts, will lead to a separate, self-sufficient "Black Islam nation" within the continental United States.

    South Side Holdings.

    While investment has always been a basic tenet of the movement, Muhammad says: "We didn't have the money to go into business until now." Last year the Muslims sank an estimated $6,000,000 in businesses and real estate, two-thirds of it in Chicago, where the sect is based. Says Muhammad: "Our goal this year is ten times that amount." Few black businessmen believe that they will achieve this figure, but even if they double their investment next year, it will be a remarkable performance.
    In Chicago's South Side ghetto, the organization owns a warehouse, apartment houses, two bakeries, a clothing store, two restaurants and two supermarkets where produce is sold bearing the sect's "Your" label. Much of the produce comes from a 1,000-acre Muslim-owned farm in Cassopolis, Mich., which has dairy cows and 10,000 laying hens. Another 1,400-acre Muslim farm is located in Albany, Ga. Says Muhammad-"What we have in mind is to purchase, wherever we can, better farm lands for our people, where they can grow their own food. We are scouting the Southwest for land."

  20. Lovely Service.

    In Cleveland, the sect owns a string of stores with interesting names, among them "The Shabazz Kosher Market," "The Kaaba Haberdashery" and "Omar's Ice Cream Parlor." In Washington, D.C., where the movement has been active for 30 years, the Muslims own a bakery, a barber shop, a restaurant, a cleaning establishment and a printing office.
    In the past, most funds have come from the members themselves, who contribute up to 10% of their annual income. Now the Muslims are looking for other sources of income and are trying to negotiate a $20 million loan from various banks. Some of this money will be used for additional business investment, and one-third of it will be spent to "revitalize" the 47 schools the sect operates across the country, notably the 37-year-old University of Islam in Washington.
    In running their enterprises, the Muslims pay as much attention to efficiency as to ideology. While they always try to place a member in a Muslim-owned business, they will not hesitate to hire non-Muslims for key positions in which technical skills are needed.
    As a result, the businesses run smoothly. The two restaurants in Chicago, for example, offer service that is better than average for the area, and their standard of cleanliness is considerably higher than that of most. Even this does not satisfy the fastidious Muslims. "Forgive us for any past disservice in these two establishments," said a recent ad in the Muslim newspaper Muhammad Speaks. "Soon we will have the proper laborers who will give you proper and lovely service."

    Find this article at:,9171,839764,00.html

  21. I haven't written on here in sometime. I do come to this site if not daily at least 3 times a week to listen in on the Radio Broadcast. I am very moved by the sentiments posted in the article above this post on the blog.

    It got me to thinking about our life and what it took to get it started and what it will take to move our life forward.

    I was listening to a lecture on YouTube by Our Late Leader Imam W, Deen Mohammed. He used a term that struck my conscious because I had not thought of it before in the way that he described it. He was talking about Man as Lord and How the Jewish people see themselves or at least their religious leaders as Lord in the term Rabbi...

    Here is where I am going with this. The whole people understand that it is through language whether it be symbols spoken or written word it is how they progress in the word. It is those that control the language in the environment are the ones controlling the destiny of the people in that environment. They know this and they have their Religious Devotion down to a science, where they are reminding themselves that they see themselves as the ones to manage the language environment of the world. They say it is their special ones with special mental gifts that they charge with designing and arranging the language for all people.

    They act as one. They know how to respond to situations without breaking rank or breaking their code that if broken would allow others to see their scheme. They have put in place a great satire and have assigned the families of the world roles to play and have worked plots and plans to make sure that the people follow the script that they produce.

    They control great sums of wealth, not by their hard work but through the manipulation of language.

    Our leader and teacher taught us these things not for amusement or for table talk. If we would have the strength to actualize what he shared with us of how the world functions we could have “Some of this Earth…”

    I see the local leaders as to afraid to put their life at risk to realize any plan that is not helping to secure them. They, in my eyes, are not fit to lead. They have failed their lessons and have failed this community. Allah is preparing this community for a revival and a reviver. Yes a reviver. "What! You think we need a Reviver so soon after the passing of Imam W. Deen Mohammed?" The short answer to that is, YES!!! Because the community has falling asleep, unconscious and needs someone to wake it up again to hear the voice of our Late Leader, His True Voice.

    Allah is Sending a Reviver! He is among us but not the one that you think.

    C. A. Numan

  22. I received this in my email - titled Earl Abdul Malik Fraud Charges.. any truth to this?

  23. Ramadan Mubarak,

    I received this in my email - titled Earl Abdul Malik Fraud Charges.. any truth to this? Who do i contact to find out?


  24. Open Letter.....
    David K. Hasan, President of National Muslim Business Council (NMBC), Appeals for Support for The Mosque Cares 2010 Annual Muslim Convention and Ramadan Session

    Dear Believers, As-Salaamu-Alaikum. I hope that all of you are planning to attend the 2010 Annual Muslim Convention.

    This year's Ramadan Session is being combined with the Annual Muslim Convention for the last year, as in 2011 Ramadan and the Convention dates will not overlap. Our Leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, stated himself that for 2009 he would have liked to see the two events combined.

    I would like to appeal especially to the business persons to support this year's Convention and Ramadan Session by registering, buying booth space, and helping to sponsor some of the activities taking place during the Convention.

    We know our Leader, may Allah be pleased with him, worked tirelessly for over 30 plus years to see that we have the dignity and respect we deserve as Muslims in America. None of us can deny that he has given his life for the Pleasure of Allah (SWT) to see the Qur'an and the Life of the Prophet (PBUH) be established.

    Not only did he demonstrate this, but he has given us his tafseer and his understanding. In doing this, many of us have made tremendous progress by going back to school to earn a degree, becoming a chaplain for the institutions, becoming a businessman or woman, a teacher or running for public office.

    We are obligated to uphold the legacy and vision of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, when it comes to community life. Allah (SWT) says in the Qur'an 17:35: "Give full measure when you measure, and weigh with a balance that is straight. That is most fitting and advantageous in the final determination."

    "The first requirement for a Muslim community is to provide that community with its daily essential needs to the best of its ability or to the maximum of its capability. In my opinion, as a Muslim community, we have not done that, though it is one of the things required of us in our religion," said Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    "It is a number one obligation on the part of Muslims to establish business operations that will serve the common needs of a community, such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etcetera." (Imam W. Deen Mohammed - Living A Balanced Life)
    Brothers and sisters, do not get complacent simply because the Imam is not with us physically. He has given us enough knowledge and information that we will have for thousands of years to come, if we would use it and apply it toward our lives.

    "It is not good for an Imam to come out on Friday (Jumuah) and Sunday with his khutbah (lecture) and then go back and the people not see him anymore until the next Friday. This is especially so, if he is not working on a job or if he does not have a business to run.

    "Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) didn't regard those who only devoted themselves to ritualistic and spiritual devotion with the same regard as those who were devoted spiritually, as well as working to help build the foundation of the community. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a man who did both." (Imam W. Deen Mohammed - Living A Balanced Life)

    I have worked with the Imam personally for over a decade with CPC and economic development. I have witnessed first-hand his love for his people, African Americans, and the Muslim community-at-large.

    The National Muslim Business Conference was established by our Leader to be held every year three to four months before the Annual Muslim Convention, in an effort to promote economic development among our people. I am asking you, as a believer, as a brother, that we should not let any of his initiatives fall by the wayside as a result of any internal differences.

    Thank you, and may Allah bless you. I will see you all at the 2010 Annual Muslim Convention and Ramadan Session this Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 2 - 6, 2010, in Somerset, N.J.

  25. ASA

    Sincere, Honest and True to nature thinking on the matters at hand are what is required of us. When I read the Open letter posted here on the Blog I am inspired and thankful that others are truly engaged in the logic that will save this community from utter ruin.

    The statements made by our dear brother are what are needed in this community by the leaders. If we would think more along the lines of establishing a sound business life we would be less worried about the trails of others. We would be too busy thinking about how to invest our hard earned success in new and inviting ways. We would indeed have something to offer our youth as an Inheritance.

    As we enter into this blessed month of Ramadan in this Year 2 AWDM we must not allow our light to be extinguished from the earth. There is a need for revival as C.A Numan said. There is a need for a Reviver. There is still a need for Guardians of our Social History. You may not like some of these Guardians' methods, but if not for their methods you would not be able to stand safely in your elevated state of mind.

    Ask yourself, those that want to judge personal matters, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? What have you done to advance this community? What have you done receive recognition by the people to either be favored or despised? What have you done that if made known would put you out of the context of being useful to society? What have you done that cannot be forgiven by The One True G-d?

    In the eyes of the Puritanical there is never a justification for acting out of the order of social norms. But if they would use that since of judgment on themselves they would realize that as a follower of W. D. Farad, The Honorable Elijah Mohammed and Imam W. Deen Mohammed their whole life is outside of social norms. That is what gives us strength and power.

    What do I mean? Our beginning was within a Satire a lived out Myth. We were outside all social norms... and you could not tell us that we were doing anything wrong. We were given an Idea once followed we became empowered the normal life of an African American was no longer a burden on us.

    I will get straight to the point. This Letter tells us what Imam Mohammed told us. Establish Big Things. That will require courage. Do you have what it takes?

    Adam P. Ford

  26. With G'ds Name

    Truth stands out clear from falsehood.
    (Qur'an 2:256)

    Peace be upon you and a blessed month of fasting to all.

    InshaAllah we use Ramadan to seek truth and clarity.

    I have several questions that need to be discussed and answered to the intentions of the organizers and Leaders of this effort, before I commit to giving money and selecting a National spokesperson or Imam at this summit which falls on the birthday of our leader Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.(ra)

  27. ASA and Ramadan Mubarak,

    Please, by all means, present your questions; we are happy to answer them. I should remind you, however, that the Leadership Summit is not designed to select a spokesperson or Imam. That is a falsehood that has taken a life of its own. The Leadership Summit is an opportunity for the people, the common citizen like you and I, to voice our concern, hopes, and desire for our community in a public forum. We have identified several areas, via a survey that was made available online and local town hall meetings, that the people want to address. For example, business development was an area of concern. Again, we are not selecting nor promoting a leader. We are, however, promoting and asking for sober and balanced leadership to move us closer to the community life we all desire, so please be clear about that. You can help us by expressing this truth to all you engage in discourse with concerning the Summit. Thank you and may Allah bless our good efforts.

  28. ASA & Ramadan Mubarrak,

    I’m looking at this issue of the Mosque being built near the site of ground zero and what I find to be most troubling is not the degree of vitriol spouted by bigots and racists. Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s strategy and manner in working to establish our life is what we should take into consideration when weighing matters such as these.

    While it may be legally permissible to construct a mosque near the site of ground zero, we must ask ourselves how does such an effort dignify or advance our life as a people? What message does it send? Most importantly, what influences are shaping it?

    We are a unique people with a unique history and a unique expression of Islam that differs from all others. We did not come into Islam in the same manner as the other nations and peoples of the world. Allah blessed one from among our ranks with the vision and chose him to lead us into Islam. This being so, we are the only people to receive Islam in the same manner that Muhammad the Prophet and his people received it. Such a fact should be regarded as a sign from Allah that what he has given us is sufficient.

    It is my personal opinion that this effort to construct the mosque near ground zero is an attempt by some to thumb their nose at the west and in particular, our great nation. Further, I contend that if Imam Mohammed was here physically, or more importantly, if his community were perceived as having leadership following in his example, this issue would not be on the table.

    This is a special time in which we as a people are being tested by outside influences that wish to form us in their likeness whether culturally, spiritually or intellectually. Unfortunately, too many of our leaders are failing in their task to stave off such advances by maintaining the utmost fidelity to the focus of our leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    We support our nation’s laws and the rights extended to her citizens by the constitution. However, we also recognize our mission to exercise those rights with wisdom and in a manner that speaks to our excellence as the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed and as a people of thought and dignity.

  29. ASA & Ramadan Mubarrak

    Via Facebook, I’ve gotten some interesting responses to my last message, posted above. I would like to ask a question that I think is very important to this whole issue: What degree of emphasis, either through his words or actions, did Imam W. Deen Mohammed place on matters such as these?

    Our charge as his students is to be builders of a distinct society, shapers of its culture, and defenders of its innocence. Tabloid issues like these are a distraction. These issues have no substantial relevance to our establishment as a distinct community and the preservation of our history, customs, and cultural identity.

    How intelligent do we look being outraged over this TV furor when our community couldn’t afford to put a hot dog stand on Manhattan Real E$tate?

    We love our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world and we want to see the best for our life as well as theirs. But in cases such as these, their philosophy on how to establish an Islamic life does NOT coincide with ours. Their strategies and emphasis was shaped by their history as a unique people or peoples. The same goes for us.

    This is not an attack on their way of life. The purpose here is to make certain things very clear. Members of the same family can have love and concern for each other, but each member also has a particular set of concerns for his or her individual life, which are not always congruous with those of others.

    Everyone reading this has at least one family member you wouldn’t trust with important matters, even though they may be good people who would never intentionally do you harm.

    In each of their respective times as our leader, Professor Farad Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Imam W. Deen Mohammed saw to it that this community not be absorbed into the interests and expressions of others. At each stage of this progression of our leadership powerful strategies were used to achieve this goal.

    We should identify like concerns with other communities and work to build relationships based upon those shared concerns but we shouldn’t follow anyone’s lead. If you look at the condition of the Islamic world today, it is clear why the American public fears and does not trust the Islamic influence as presented in the Middle East and ostensibly represented by the immigrant communities.

    Neither the Media nor the U.S. Government is to blame for the overridingly negative picture of Muslims in the world. The Muslim world is to blame because they severed their connection to Muhammad the Prophet when they witnessed our enslavement and did nothing to stop it. They've been going downhill ever since.

    Allah has now chosen our community and its leadership to be the example for them. But we cannot fulfill this destiny by being mouthpieces. We must devote our full energy and intelligence to solving those problems that confront the vitality of our life and the presentation of our leadership standard.

  30. As-Salaamu-Alaikum-Wa-Rahmatullah!

    Ramadan Mubarrack!

    Imam Ibrahim, your comments are right on point! I see that on several online forums and emails many of our people are circulating a video by MSNBC host Keith Olberman who spoke on this issue. Since when did we look to him for clarification on matters such as these? Unfortunately, we as a community often times look for defenders among those identified as the political left in this country, but as the Quran instructs us, we should not take for protectors those outside of our interests.

    Mr. Olbermann has some fine points but Imam W. Deen Mohammed is leader of this community for now and all times. Another tragedy is that our leaders are not demonstrating the same sensitivity for the issues you put forth. If through their words and actions they put more energy into ensuring the preservation of our cultural identity we would be lightyears ahead. Instead, they spend most of their time worrying about Abdulmalik Mohammed and devising ways to shut him up. This set of priorities says a lot about their character and their lack of qualification for serious leadership.

    Since this topic is something that you and others are putting some emphasis on, I have a question for you (perhaps a few more).

    How should we go about building structures to preserve our cultural identity and what aspect of our culture is presently in most need of such structures?

    Thank you,

    Wali Mohammed


    Here are my concerns and questions.

    1. Who is dr. Delaney W. Karriem? Is this Abdul Malik? and why are alias necessary? We know Delaney was a name given to Master Fard Muhammad.

    2. Why did you select the Birthday of our leader for the summit? Is to pull on the emotional strings of the Believers? In order to have a date for the establishment of a new national organization and leader on the same day as the birthday of Imam W Deen Mohammed?

    3. Why promote a leader (AbdulMalik) that Imam W D Mohammed demoted from his position as a National Spokesperson because of Fraud Charges.

    4. What is Abdul Malik response to the Fraud charges, are they real.

    5. What is the real intention of the group? Is it to establish a sect like the Nation of Islam did after Imam W D Mohammed assumed leadership.

    I appreciate a clear and truthful response.

    A R Muhammad

  32. also in one of the broadcast it was said that a call went out to all the Imams to join your effort and only Abdul Malik responded. Where ws this call made (date, broadcast?) or email. can I and the group get a copy of this call that was made.

  33. finally, please don't say you are not promoting a specific leader..this is a lie... when Abdul Malik was on the broadcast, Ibrahim interrupted Bilalian several times trying to get Abdul Malik voice on.. this looks like promotion to me.

  34. Bro. A R Muhammad:

    It is clear from the nature of your questions that you have neither the desire nor the spirit to support this effort.

    None of your questions indicate a genuine interest in addressing the most important concerns and focus of this online dialogue, the radio program, or the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed Leadership Summit.

    With all of the important matters that have been outline in each of these venues, your questions are steadfastly focused on controversy and scandal.

    Such triviality is aimed either at starting an argument or getting attention of which you will receive neither. If you want to address the issues we are discussing, then we welcome your participation. But if you have an axe to grind with Abdulmalik Mohammed, then seek Allah’s help. We have far more important matters to attend to.

    With that, I will ask again for Ibrahim’s response to my earlier question, which is as follows:

    How should we go about building structures to preserve our cultural identity and what aspect of our culture is presently in most need of such structures?

    - Wali Mohammed

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. ASA & Ramadan Mubarrak,

    Thank you for your question Brother Wali. I hope that my response can be of some assistance. At the outset, it is important to consider what we mean when using the word ‘structure.’

    Most would take that to indicate some kind of physical building. That is true but it also has a deeper meaning. Wikipedia has a very useful definition of the word:

    “...a fundamental if sometimes intangible notion referring to the recognition, observation, nature, and stability of patterns and relationships of entities.”

    The key words in this definition are ‘nature’ and ‘stability.’ What we are in most need of as the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is stability in our focus as builders of society, which is the natural right of all human beings. Such a vision needs to be stabilized in our collective thinking, aspirations, and strategies. At the moment, much of our attention is focused on matters outside of this fundamental obligation.

    But leaving it there is a little too vague. Let me give an example of what I mean by stability.

    How much of our national dialogue is geared toward a serious discussion on how to build an economy? Or how to establish our cultural expression in film, music, and literature? Or how to correct errors in our educational system?

    The deficit of attention on these matters is an indication that we are not in clear understanding of what our role is or of where to begin in fulfilling that role. Such a position is unsustainable. Without clear direction on these specific issues any entity is bound to collapse.

    In order to avoid such catastrophe, all parties (both the leadership and the common people) must be on equal footing in their capacity to communicate. Too many of our meetings, both nationally and locally consist of sitting under a speaker and listening to a khutbah. This rigid, one-way avenue of communication will not provide us with the necessary clarity to build a viable and lasting society.

    Only in conditions where the flow of information moves in both directions will we be able to stabilize our strengths and put our weaknesses into their proper context.

    Lastly, we should begin to identify and provide public access to persons who are qualified or demonstrate an interest in these vital areas. In that way, communication can achieve a higher level of utility because of an increase in specialized knowledge and concern.

  37. Thank you for your answer, which I found very insightful. It is a little broad in terms of it's implications. Could you be more specific?

  38. I’m not entirely sure of what you mean. Specific in terms of what?

  39. In terms of how we proceed to create the stability you describe. You write about the importance of communication but how does this manifest itself on a day-to-day basis? It is such a big issue. How would you apply it to the everyday life of the believer? How could they work to achieve this goal?

  40. I understand what you mean now.

    I would first say that we should begin to see ourselves as independent of any authority figure positioning itself before us. I don’t mean to suggest that we base our efforts in antagonism toward any particular entity, but we must have the courage to tackle important issues without feeling an obligation to explain or justify ourselves.

    Second, I would suggest that the common believer open and expand conversations such as this with those who are of a similar mindset.

    Lastly, and this is perhaps most important, we should expand our perception of Imam W. Deen Mohammed. We cannot fully appreciate the role he plays in our lives without studying him in the context of other builders of society and the circumstances they were faced with. Too often, we constrict our view of him as a leader like the Pope or Dalai Lama, or as someone who liberated our minds from oppressive thinking and taught us how to read and understand scripture.

    It is true that he serves all of these functions, but in order to understand another equally important aspect of his leadership, we should study and develop an appreciation for how other societies were built and what strategies and language their leaders used in the construction AND preservation of that society.

    In short, Imam Mohammed should be further considered in light of and in comparison to the architects of human civilization’s greatest achievements. The circumstances that produced his leadership should be given similar consideration in relation to the circumstances that produced history’s most profound events.

    A light is of no use if we simply stare at the bulb. Light has to be directed a certain way and set in relation to something in order for us to receive its benefits. By developing an understanding for how the great civilizations were built and preserved we can secure a fuller appreciation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed that will in turn illuminate our task as society builders.

  41. You raise some interesting points. I remember Imam Mohammed speaking directly to young people once and telling them to study the rise and fall of civilizations. Having a perspective on history definitely clarifies what we need to be aware of so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure the survival of our culture.

    Considering all of what we've discussed so far, what would you identify as specific obstacles or challenges to the task of preserving our cultural identity? And also, what would you point to as being our first priority as a people in terms of overcoming these challenges?

  42. I'll point to an example of something we can easily see with our eyes. And that is the encroachment of outside influences on our dress; Arab influences to be specific. Influences such as these have intensified since the passing of Imam Mohammed and we should be appropriately sensitive to this.

    Clothing is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of any culture and is the first aspect of one’s identity that is presented to the world. The manner in which the body is adorned has a profound effect upon the psychology of a person or people. For instance, part of the reason why the mistreatment of women is so tolerable in the Islamic world is because the manner in which women are forced to dress robs them of their individual identity and demeans their worth as human beings.

    Here in America, we can point to various examples of how clothing reflects and impacts upon the psychological, sociological and spiritual development (or regression) of certain groups. As is true with any culture, our dress–especially among our women—should reflect the cultural identity and history that produced us.

    No doubt, we may exhibit certain similarities to other cultures and such similarities should be celebrated. But it is a gross mistake to copy or reflect others in such a way so as to obscure our identity as a distinct and vital ethnic group who posses a unique mindset and approach to Islam.

    Encouragement should be given to the clothing designers of our community to draw upon our own history and shaping influences to create an aesthetic that is unique to who we are and speaks to our worth as a distinct community in the family of Muslims. The spirit of Islam encourages and demands this of societies.

    Another challenge that presents itself is in what we emphasize as priorities for our attention and effort. As Imam Mohammed pointed out time and again, most of our leaders are not in line with his vision and direction. This is abundantly clear when we look at the degree of emphasis many of them placed on the concept of “leadership is local.” True, Imam Mohammed removed the yoke of centralized control over resources and valued the independence and vitality of local areas. But we should ask certain questions whenever the argument of “leadership is local” is injected into a conversation on national leadership:

    1. Throughout his time here on Earth, what degree of emphasis did Imam Mohammed place on language such as this?

    2. To whom did he present such language and what was the context of the conversation?

    3. What course of action or inaction does such language imply?

    4. Where in the example of Muhammad the Prophet or in the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed do we see a precedent that sets this idea as the guiding principle for which we address the sacred matter of leadership?



    Our importance as a community is not served with a philosophy as inconclusive and insipid as “leadership is local.” We should take heed of the fact that simply by the nature of his concerns Imam W. Deen Mohammed placed a tremendous task on all of us. A few in the leadership of our community accepted this task. Many others saw it as a burden and it is these who are presently before us pushing the notion of “leadership is local.” Their scheme is to prevent the emergence of any other leader or leaders that will create a similar circumstance whereby the task sits plainly before the people who can then determine where to lend support.


    A statement has been written in the Muslim Journal to clarify the position of those who oppose our efforts and refuse any and all support to the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed Leadership Summit in Charlotte, NC. The writer asserts that this effort will “divide, confuse and exploit” the emotional state of our community and that it is designed to secure personal benefits for its planners whose “idleness and useless talk” have fostered “delusions of grandeur.”

    The planning and very nature of the Leadership Summit is a matter of public record that is clear for all to see and make an informed judgment on. Its goals and intentions are clearly articulated on the official website Charlotte, North Carolina was chosen as the site of the summit primarily because it was a city very much liked by Imam W. Deen Mohammed while he was alive and for a brief time he maintained an office there. It is beyond our control if persons are offended at our reasoning.

    It would not make sense to claim support where no support exists. We invite any who oppose our work, as well as any who have sincere concerns to directly discuss our points of view as men and women of intelligence. To this end, we have provided our contact information below. We speak for many others across the country whose months of hard work were committed without desire for compensation.

    If Allah so intends that only one person attends the summit, then it will have been a success. We have and will continue to welcome participation from all who sincerely value this effort. We are in full understanding of the opposition to it.

    Ibrahim El-Amin

    Moreno Valley, CA

    Hashim Mohammed-Abdullah

    Philadelphia, PA

  45. ASA
    Ramadan Mubarak!

    Very interesting that this Ramadan has produced an onslaught of conditions and situations that are a true test to the hearts and minds of those who are conscious followers of our Late Leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed. While these things may, in their presentation seem innocent and straight forward they are a diminishing of the value of our late Leader's Worth and Strength.

    I am referring to these so-called Ramadan Sessions that are popping up all over the country.

    The Ramadan Sessions as conducted by our Late Leader were and are SPECIAL!!! They cannot be conducted by any other than Imam W. Deen Mohammed. Why? Because He was the one with the Vision for the Community and could show us how to apply the wisdom of Al-Islam as presented by Muhammed the Prophet in order to establish our true human identity and a true tangible existence on and in this earth.

    He was the one that was showing us how to grasp logic and use the unique advantage of our social conditioning to bring about a new life on and in this earth. A new life that would be the leader for the rest of humanity. A new life that would bring about a new social order and place us at the forefront as the Moral Authority in the world.

    I don't see that happening in these other SO_CALLED Ramadan Sessions. I see and hear so-called Leaders talking about Arabic and looking at Imam W. Deen Mohammed's transcripts like a Moth would a Flame or a bright light. There are consequences for looking at the light directly and not using the light for what it is intended to be used for which is to shine on all the dark places and provide guidance so that you can do your work.

    The consequence is blindness.

    There are those that have acting out of innocence and a since of wanting to maintain the life and identity of the community. But they have acted alongside those that mean the community no earthly good and want a spotlight on themselves. They do this by calling their late night meetings in their local mosques RAMADAN SESSIONS... this is very disrespectful to the memory of what we know as the RAMADAN SESSIONS that we shared with our Late Leader. They should rename their meetings something else and allow the Honor that goes along with the Name RAMADAN SESSION remain with our Late Leader.

    Ali K.

  46. As-Salaamu-Alaikum!

    It has now been two years since the passing of our late leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed. I mention this not to play on sentiments but to raise questions regarding our situation as a nationally and globally recognized community.

    When he was here physically, Imam Mohammed and his work stood as the embodiment of our potential. In his absence, it is the focus and conduct of our most visible figures that serve as our representation before the world. Their visibility is determined by our willingness to attend their seminars, distribute their tapes, and generally pay attention to them.

    Whether these individuals accept it or not, their presentation is regarded by friend and foe as an indication of where we are headed. If that focus centers on being wizards of the Arabic language governed by concepts such as “leadership is local”, then what can be reasonably expected of us other than local concerns and Arabic acrobatics?

    Our importance as a people does not end with the concerns of any particular locale, region, or state. Anyone intent on rehearsing this idea, whether innocently or not, is in direct opposition to the leadership of Imam Mohammed and the vitality and success of this community.

    We must address this and other issues head on, as individuals, as local communities, and as a people. The situation with which we are faced is an OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities are valuable only to the extent one is prepared to act.

    Let us examine carefully all of the ideas that are being presented, keeping in mind a clear understanding of what will best serve our efforts to be established as a people, not simply as a hodgepodge local led communities.

    - Wali Mohammed

  47. ASA!

    Wali’s comments are right on. With respect, I’d like to expand upon them somewhat.

    If we look at the issue of economic development, as it is most often discussed within our association, a major misconception or at least a limited understanding of the issue persists. Our vision should not be limited to local businesses but should encompass the creation and advancement of entire industries.

    While businesses serve the needs of the local community and contribute to its healthy existence, industrial establishment suggests a much more comprehensive influence and control over our life as a people. Industries provide careers, foster innovation and serve entire markets. Imam Mohammed consistently used the language of industry and thereby tasked us with having a broad vision of leadership.

    The concept of “leadership is local”, as it is currently presented, is antithetical to this vision and represents a clear recipe for disaster. It undermines our value as a people by suggesting that the most important aspect of our life extend no further than the city limits. Further, it outlines no strategy whatsoever for achieving the destiny that Allah, through Imam Mohammed, prepared us for.

    Our strength and independence as a people depends largely in part upon our interdependence as local communities. That interdependence is symbolized by our collective recognition of leadership and its representation, and is further solidified by the manner in which the total needs of our life are serviced.

    A simple vision of local business, or local leadership, cannot satisfy these needs. It takes industry and a scope of understanding that dwarfs the one currently plaguing most of our national figures.

  48. As Salaam Alaikum,

    During Eid, I heard the Summit in NC is Canceled...

    I think this was the right move to make considering the drama around it. InshaAllah we all can have local tributes on the Imam's birthday instead of a summit that will not produce anything, but more dissent and talk.

    Abdur Rahman

  49. Abdur Rahman, Obviously you are sent here to be a devil. To try and cause confusion with your questions and unfounded statements.

    In spite of that we welcome all challenges. It is clear to me that when persons like you and other leaders in our community start trying to derail an effort that is intended to help our community It speaks volumes to the ears of the conscious believer. It says that what we are doing has GREAT Value. It is Truly significate.

    Why else would you all fight so hard against this effort? Why not continue what you are doing and say nothing. If it has no meaning as you all would lead us to believe then why say anything at all? Let us do our work as you are doing your work and let us see what happens.

    Why are you so afraid of a group of relatively unknow people calling the community to a meeting to speak about the condition of the community of Imam Mohammed and the need for leadership?

    If Imam Mohammed told this one Imam to tell everybody that Leadership is Local why is he and others going around acting on our behalf without our knowledge or our approval? Let them stay at home and work in their place.

    I will tell you why you all cry out in pain at this work... YOU KNOW IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. You are afraid of not having some seat of authority when the people decide.

    You want things to remain as they are so that you can remain as you are. Feeding off the community.

    This community is not your meal ticket. It is the key to human salvation.

    Mr. Smith

  50. As Salaam Alaikum,

    For the past year or so, there has been a national effort to centralize and define the expectations for student education in the USA and her territories. This effort is commonly referred to as the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Governors and state boards of education have embraced this approach as key to the development and progress of our children and hence, our society. As I watch and participate in this effort, I often contemplate what effort our school system--Sister Clara Mohammed Schools-- is making in this direction. Am I even correct to refer to our situation as a system? Probably not because in a system there must be unified policies and procedures as well as an understanding of that which is greater than self. While the rest of the country moves to adopt common core standards, what effort in this direction does the SCMS make to solidify sound educational practices that can be seen in any and every school bearing witness to this association? If there is no such effort, why not? If we are progressing as a community as some have suggested, surely we have set a similar plan in motion. I do not suggest that we rush to embrace common core standards because it is the "thing" of the moment. We know that our unique history and story must be reflected in the curriculum and emphasis we place. As an example, what literature by our leader Imam W.D. Mohammed has been adopted by SCMS in connection with a well-defined educational program from K-12? These are questions that we should all contemplate and act upon in the best interest of our community, and in particular for our children who must carry this torch for years to come.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Where are we? We are looking at the doggy bone attached to a string not thinking about why the string is there. We are being lead along with the rest of the public because our leaders have left the logic of our Imam to teach Arabic 101.

    Wake Up!

    Adam P. Ford

  53. ASA,

    The Community of W.Deen Mohammed is one community. It is all those who follow the leadership, logic, vision, and direction of Imam Mohammed. Our faith and intellect must be free to advance in our few local blocks and move beyond that into society and the world. Imam Mohammed said, if you stick with what i have given you, you will be successful.


  54. ASA,
    I was rereading the history of the time after the passing of Prophet Mohammed(saws). Al Islam had been greatly successful during the time of the Prophet. It had spread successfully in Arabia, Africa, Asia, Europe, throughout the world. Under the leadership of Prophet Mohammed his followers were happy and successful.Even the enemies of Al Islam,that had been around from the beginning, found it difficult to freely disrupt the people. After the passing of Prophet Mohammed(saws)things began to change. In my opinion they changed because of leaders personal agendas, egos, glory, power, rulership, lack of faith,a dilution of Mohammed's teaching and leadership
    principles. Allegiance to powerful personality types misled the followers of Mohammed. Even misguided sentiments and affection created acts of irrational passion.Those who did not and never wanted Al Islam felt free to have divide and conquer campaigns. A type of disconnect developed.
    Think about what happened when Imam Mohammed first changed the name of the Nation of Islam to The World Community of Islam in the West and brought to us true Al Islam, The Holy Quran,The Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed, the demystification of the teachings of W.D.Fard, the correct perception of Allah and a language for our community that would make us successful and give us a heighten sense of perception.The Hon. Elijah Muhammed and W.D.Fard pointed us in the direction of Imam Mohammed. And there were those who oppossed that direction, openly and behind closed doors.
    Now in Oct. 2010, the Community of Imam W.Deen Mohammed is faced with the tasks, the work of advancing and maintaining the work,language,perception, direction and faith of what started with Prophet Mohammed and sees us here with Imam W.D.Mohammed.
    As stated by a friend, we must learn from the mistakes of our past history.
    Imam W. D.Mohammed has said if you follow the Quran and the Sunnah and stick with what i have given you, you will be successful.


  55. ASA,
    let us reread the open letter by David Hassan and the post by Adam Ford. Both were posted on Aug. 12, 2010


  56. ASA,
    I was watching a football game. What would happen if the team decided they didn't need a quarterback? What would happen to the teams' advancement down the field? How would they add points? What would happen if the defensive team was dismantled? Who would defend the forward progress of the team and defend the points acquired? What would happen if their was only a defensive coach, an offensive coach, a special teams coach, a kicking coach, etc, and no team coach? or vice versa? The intricate coordination of movement requires local communication and independence along with mutual consent with the direction and vision of the focused goal or representation of all the parts. You may call that representation the Head Coach, The Pilot, The Elders, etc. Whatever the case all parts must work together. Work together for a specific goal. That goal must be identified so that all concerned will know what to contribute to make the goal a reality. The football game is won based on each player doing their job in their positon to the best of their ability and training. Teams pick the best of the best to be their individual leaders and their team leaders(coaches). They waste no time in this and they are constantly evaluating. Our community is much greater than a football team. Maybe we need to look at that.



  57. Marshelle SultanahOctober 10, 2010 at 3:54 PM


    What a great analogy! What you have written, and its implications are very clear. The Leadership Summit on October 29-30, 2010, is an opportunity to work on this and other issues. I hope to see you and other like-minded believers there.

  58. ASA,

    I think the Leadership Summit in Charlotte, N.C. at the Hilton Hotel,Hilton Charlotte at University Place, on Oct. 29-30,2010, is not intended to replace our community's national convention. I think it is intended to address serious matters in a serious way. Issues that have not been addressed in the past 2 years. Imam Mohammed said at one convention that we should come together at our convention to address the serious matters that face our commnity. That says to me that we need to come together from our local communties as one unit, to address issues that affect us as one community. To develop a strategy for the benefit and protection of all. I think that the Leadership Summit's intention is to help in identifying the needs and strategy needed to reach the goal. The faithful and intelligent minds coming together to provide a sort of intelligensia, for lack of a better word, for our community. We need men such Bro.Mubashir to be able to come together with like minds, male and female, to develop immediate and long term educational goals for our schools. Why are we not using at least a compiled educational tool, from the language of Imam Mohammed for our Clara Mohammed Schools nationally? Why haven't our local leaders reached out or sought out advice from the Atlanta Schools? What can the Clara Mohammed School in Atlanta provide in the way of advice to our local communities so we don't have to "reinvent the wheel"? Why do we still move to Atlanta so that our children can go to a Mohammed School? Business, business, business. We want and need good business plans and business men and women. More business. These are just a couple of very important areas. I am not even sure if we show a dvd by Imam Mohammed at least once a week in our middle and high schools and have discussion afterwards. Do we have at least monthly gatherings for our youth in our local Mosque?
    Let us come together locally and nationally to discuss and work on these issues. Of course you should come to the Leadership Summit if you can. But, if you can not, remember that the serious matters that face our community as a whole must be addressed.
    Again, Imam Mohammed said if you follow The Quran, the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed and what I have given you, you will be successful.



  59. ASA,
    The Community of W.D.M. Leadership Summit, will be held Oct. 29-30, 2010 in Charlotte, N.C., at the Hilton Charlotte University Place, 8629 JM Keynes Drive, 28262.
    You may reserve a room by calling 704-547-7444 or 1-800-Hiltons. To get a discounted rate by 10/15/10 you can give the code "CIWDM". For additional info visit,

    The youth of our community are encouraged to come. Your voice needs to be heard. All are invited and encouraged to come. Let us be clear in our commitment to the language and vision of Imam W.Deen Mohammed. Let us be clear in our leadership in the world. Let us be clear that we are one community and are united in love, faith, knowledge and the advancement of humanity.



  60. If the Religious World can accept... and when I say religious world I mean all those that say they follow divine inspiration and holy scripture The Jews Christians and the Muslims If they can accept that a people were in bondage and called on G-d to save them and free them and that G-d answered their cries... They (the religious world) should accept that that G-d has seen the condition of the so-called Black Man in American (Bilalians) and has he heard their cries and has responded to their condition and has sent them a deliverer.... If they don't accept that then they can take those religious scriptures and use them as Toilet Paper, because they would mean nothing if that G-d would not answer the call of those people so thoroughly broken and dismembered as a human life.... IWDM
    Thoughts to reflect on.

  61. So now the Leadership Summit has been held, and it was a good thing. Does that mean the work is done? We can pack up our computers and move on? Is the work done? No, the work is not done until we realize for our people the plan that Allah has promised us. Now begins the work to make this happen. That work will not be easy, short, or welcome, but still it is necessary. I challenge you to look at one of the four areas addressed at the summit: business development, education, our cultural expression, and the preservation and promotion of the knowledge body of Imam Mohammed--how are these areas being discussed, planned, and implemented in our community locally and nationally? If you are not having a conversation in the community about these and/or other areas of concern, why not, and what are you going to do about it? Once you have talked about it, what are you now going to do about it? We have to do more than talk. What are you prepared to do? This path requires hard work and commitment, but to see it realized will be worth all the pain and drain. Be at peace. ASA.

  62. It is a bizarre irony that Mr. Vernon Fareed is calling for an “investigation” into the private affairs of others and has solicited the support of his colleagues in the mutual admiration society for this inquiry.

    It remains to be seen how far they will go, but if Mr. Fareed fancies himself a Joe McCarthy or J. Edgar Hoover, then he’d do well to remember what became of them both.

    That his colleagues did not roundly condemn his actions is a clear indication that this body of barn bosses values the satisfaction of their egos over the dignity of this community.

  63. THINK!!!

    This is the longest period on Record in which the African American expression has gone without a Recognizable Leader for its Ethos, Since the Emergence of such figures as Fredrick Bailey AKA Fredrick Douglas (anyone that knows the history of the Last name Bailey knows what I am pointing to.) Until the passing of Wallace D. Mohammed we have had a Leader to direct the life of the whole people. It has been 2 years going on 3 years that this community (The Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed) is without a Leader for its public face and direction. If we are the body that represents leadership for the whole African-American race and we are, then it is a requirement that Leadership RISE from this group as the representative of the Bilalian Ethos and a guide for the fulfillment of human destiny.


  64. ASA.
    What is the matter? What is it that is clouding the vision by which we see the progess aand future of the community of W.D. Mohammed? I say vision first because vision is our ability to see and the ability to see is based on faith. Our faith then , if it is correct, springs us into correct knowledge. Faith and wisdom. But first our vision has to be correct. We must first receive our vision from Allah's will. And what will help us in this endeavor for our soul as a community? It is what W.D.Mohammed has brought to the African-American or Bilalian Soul.
    A soul- sense. Elijah Muhammad used to say 'rise you mighty nation, you can accomplish what you will'. Maybe our individual and collective will power is gone or weak. Maybe we no longer tap into our inner strength collectively or as an individual for self preservation or advancement. Rather maybe we have retained the mentality of Jonah in the big ship and the belly of the whale. Should we remember that we as a people were enslaved with a deliberate plan of action for us as individuals and as a group? Should we remember that the human and civil rights we obtained were an individual and group effort? The push was for individual and collective dignity. And to establish that dignity we had to establish ourselves educationally, economically and morally. Looking back at least one hundred years, most of our homes had established themselves in the doing of what was good and right, to ourselves, families and neighbors. Our foreparents push was on good education and economic establishment. So we came a long way on the faith of the day and we pushed for knowledge that would give us human dignity. But, their vision was not just for the one it was for the whole. The whole soul of the African-American people. So that when we looked at each other we were pleased and when the world looked at us we were respected and honored because of our ability to triumph over extreme circumstances. Our individual and group sight envisioned contributing to something to the soul of humanity. Three older Bilalians all near 100 years old, taught me something recently.
    1. Once the male and female roles within the family are twisted in an unnatural manner the children and society suffer.
    2.That it is important to keep our collective identity to be successful.
    3.When we produce our own material necessities of life we make our life happier and that everything thing comes out of the earth and this material universe, so we must have some of it and engage its production.
    4. You will not be continually successful without G'd consciousness.
    5. Look out for your neighbor and do good.
    These three people, 2 female and one male, are African- Americans-Bilalians with 3rd grad educations. They are Christians by definition. They own houses and land and respond to the true needs of others.
    Maybe we need to have a conference of the of the old and the young. Maybe we will see as one through both of their eyes.


  65. It was official at midnight on January 1, 1863. President Abraham Lincoln had signed what was considered the final copy of the Emancipation Proclamation which set in motion the divine plan to free African Americans from bondage. While a preliminary draft was released to the public on September 22, 1862, this was it. There are accounts of men, women, and children crying, fainting, singing, dancing, praying, and delivering speeches about what that moment meant not only to those who were present to experience it but also for those who were to come -- us.
    While the Emancipation Proclamation did not end slavery nor provide freedom for every African American in bondage initially, it was the beginning. Frederick Douglass is quoted as saying about this moment, “it was a worthy celebration of the first step on the part of the nation in its departure from the thraldom [sic] of the ages.” President Lincoln recognized the limited power the Proclamation offered. As it was, it only granted freedom to those living in Confederate areas that were rebelling against the Union, and its validity relied heavily on Union military success. However, by inviting enslaved people to take up arms and fight against the Confederacy for freedom, it would force the issue of emancipation in a way that the actual Proclamation could not. Our ancestors answered this call—more than 185, 000 free and enslaved African Americans fought to secure their freedom and consequently, ours.
    What the Emancipation Proclamation could not complete was finished by the Thirteenth Amendment that closed the open wound of slavery. On January 31, 1865, Congress passed the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery in the United States and her territories. It was ratified by state legislatures on December 6, 1865. President Lincoln is quoted as saying about the 13th Amendment, “This amendment is a King's cure for all the evils. It winds the whole thing up.”

    Happy Emancipation Day

    Happy Jubilee

    Happy Midnight Watch

    However it has been called throughout the ages, it is like the sweetness of honey to these lips. One hundred and forty-eight years later, I still rejoice as I encourage you to do as well. On this day, and everyday, we must remember our history. It is a very integral part to who we are as a people. It helps us to remember what our emphasis should be and how we should approach the world. We must remember the strength and faith of our ancestors who survived very horrific conditions so that we could exist today. It must have been a conscious decision to survive for those who would follow, for those who would live to see a better day. To see that need as being greater than one’s individual desires is a hallmark of our people that we should imitate. Praise be to G-d for giving us that DNA. Let us call on it to advance towards all that is good for humanity. And what is more qualified than this DNA that has experienced the lowest degradation to embrace and encourage humanity and dignity amongst all people?

  66. Happy Emancipation Day

    Happy Jubilee

    Happy Midnight Watch

    However it has been called throughout the ages, it is like the sweetness of spring water on a stifling day. One hundred and forty-eight years later, I rejoice as I encourage you to do as well. Let us remember our history through words, song, and embracing our traditions. We all have those family traditions that we recall and still practice today. Are you eating greens today? It is a long tradition in our community to eat greens and black eyed peas on Emancipation Day. It was believed that this would bring good luck and wealth. I can not comment on the truth of this belief, but certainly these are foods that are good for our bodies, and our souls. Our traditions help to identify us as a culturally relevant and unique people. Let us reinvest in those traditions that have helped us to grow and prosper. Let us reach back and reclaim those things that helped our ancestors develop the strength and wisdom that guided them. It is not a long stretch for these things are in our DNA. We did not just inherit Big Mama’s or Ma Dear’s eyes, but we also have her spirit. We did not just inherit Pa Pa’s nose, we also have his quiet dignity and strength. Praise be to G-d for giving us that DNA. Let us harness it to advance our belief in the excellence of the human being. We have many examples amongst our people who have given their words, their deeds, and even their lives to etch this belief in our every nerve and fiber.
    As we walk through this chapter of our lives, let us remember those whose footprints preceded ours and showed us the way. We walk where they were stationary; we run where they could only skip. Let us look at one another with the same hope, love, and longing in our eyes as they had for us. We will take their blueprint and remake the world! Let us begin by always remembering those brave souls who dreamed of us so long ago. Praise be to G-d for giving us that DNA. Let us call upon that energy to develop a community life that provides the best education, social development, and ingenuity as we have long practiced from Timbuktu to Tuskegee.

    Remember, and act with your DNA in mind. Happy Emancipation Day

    In an interview in 1868, Harriet Tubman related that she believed G-d had called her to help her people. She said, "Now do you suppose he wanted me to do this just for a day, or a week? No! the Lord who told me to take care of my people meant me to do it just so long as I live, and so I do what he told me to do."

    And so do I . . . . . . . . . .


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